Alternative treatment of lyme disease


Lyme Disease and Rife Machines, by Bryan Rosner, is a
unique book that demonstrates what self-educated altemative
health experts can do, but the billion dollar medical industry
cannot or will not, do. An erudite balance between electro-
medical, mainstream and alternative approaches in dealing
with disease, the book is a profound piece of work that is
sure to educate many readers regardless of whether or not
one is interested in Lyme Disease.

The media, conventional health industry, and government
all in tow by big pharma, have successfully brainwashed many
of us into believing we are incapable of thinking for ourselves.
This devastating, paternal approach has squelched creativity
and self-empowerment among sick and healthy people alike.
The profitable system to control/hide symptoms of disease,
rather than restoring the body's ability to heal and eliminate
disease, has become the defining feature of modem,
conventional medicine in the United States and Canada.
Bryan's book is a refreshing departure. His innovative
methods for dealing with Lyme Disease are solidly based on
the following statement from the book: "Actively participate
in your healing journey - no one else will take responsibility
for your treatment campaign except you...a patient must be
empowered and proactive during treatment."

This book is a real validation of electro-medical treatment:
Ljrme Disease is the ultimate test as it is one of the most
difficult infections to eradicate. To date, this work provides
the clearest understanding regarding use of electromagnetic
therapies for this specific application. And, the book's
information also applies to many other health conditions
which Lyme Disease can stealthily mimic, such as Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis,

Depression, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, and more (a long
list is in Appendix A). Bryan's book, which separates the wheat
from the chaff, also includes extensive personal reports from
dozens of Lyme Disease sufferers who have used Rife
machines. Included also are instructions for accessing an
online Lyme/Rife discussion group (membership is free) with
over 1000 members.

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