Yumeiho Therapy

Yumeiho Therapy

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Theory of YUMEIHO®

The theory of the YUMEIHO method is grounded on the fact, that over 95% of people have had incorrectly positioned pelvis since their birth. Most often it means, that one ilium is placed higher than the other. The limb on the higher ilium side is comparatively shorter. Blood circulation in this side is impaired what makes this side weaker. The longer leg, as a stronger and longer one, takes over more of the body weight. Such a situation causes fatigue of that leg. The hip joint slowly moves forward and towards the centre. The extremities become the same length, and even the leg which was previously longer now becomes shorter. The line running through ilia is not horizontal. The vertebral column inclines towards the shorter leg side. Silhouette moves the body weight in the other direction. The vertebral column bends and forms one arch entering a phase of functional scoliosis. The curve becomes greater because of the body weight. Inclination of the vertebral column in the other direction takes place and it causes a formation of a second arch above the first one. The formation of two arches of the vertebral column means that a phase of structural scoliosis has been entered. Intervertebral discs slip out because of improper load. Pressure exerted on a nerve causes pain and disturbances of activities of internal organs. Degeneration of the vertebral column joints proceeds and leads to degenerative changes. Almost all the muscles and joints do not function properly, what leads in consequence to irreversible changes.

The process of pathological changes described above shows, that the pelvis is the basis of the whole osteomuscular system. Its proper position plays the most important role. It should be remembered, that even the most professional chiropractic procedures will lead to betterment lasting only for a short period of time if the pelvis remains in its improper position.

On the ground of observations carried out by the ART centre since 1990, it has been ascertained that improper position of a mother's pelvis provokes the same abnormality of her child. Therefore a correction of a future mother's pelvis is very important, as well as an early correction of the pelvis position in a child.



R. Bortkiavichius - M.D. (Lithuania)

We are compelled to live in modern, highly - civilized society. We are also developing stress, and suffer shortage of exercise, and irritation like captive animals.

The possibility is very high that even people who think they have nothing to worry about concerning their health, and really enjoy good health, may have displaced hipbones. Surprisingly enough, regularly-formed hipbones are found in only one or less then one person out of every 1000 people. Most people have 1 or 2 centimeters of displacement in their hipbones. (Hips are literally the pivotal part of the body.)

Each part of human body, it lacking exercise, must obey the laws of nature. Otherwise it will weaken, degenerate and lower its functions, resulting in various diseases.

When hipbone displacements occur, what must be done‘.’ Nothing but correct the displaced hipbone and recover the balance of oae’s whole bone framework and muscles. The Natural Yumeiho Therapy, or Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy is a secret that brings displaced hipbones back to normal, revives the life force inherent in mankind, and then heals illnesses. It is a cause therapy. It differs from the symptomatic treatment that deals only with symptoms of diseases. However, diseases arise from imbalances in the body. It is more important than anything else to reinvigorate the natural healing power (life force) that strives to correct the imbalances. This eventually heals the diseases.

More precisely, the Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy is a remedy consisting of the Corrective Method and the Kneading Method. They are aimed principally at correcting the displacement in the whole bone framework, including the hipbones, Articulatio Coxae and the Vertebrae, by removing tension or stiffness in the whole muscles and their connective tissues so that they are softened to allow the joints to expend the fullest extent.

Diseases arise from imbalance in the body. Human body has a natural function that strives to correct the imbalance, and this is the self-healing power, or life force. This power, once lost, will make it impossible for a man to contain his disease, allowing symptoms like pains to surface. It becomes very important for him to bolster his reduced self-healing power somehow.

The Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy is the way to reawaken such power and improve its voltage, which leads to curing disease.