This herbal product is claimed by its vendors to be a scientifically proven (in China) cure for bone cancer.

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Yucca Schidigera has been used by the native Indians for thousands of years. It is one of those marvelous plants that has been found to have natural healing properties. Today the healing properties of yucca are being further researched by scientists and doctors in universities and research institutes around the world.

Yucca has a high content of vitamins A and B-complex, a measure of vitamin C, and a high amount of calcium, potassium, phosphorous, iron, manganese, and copper. John W. Yale, PhD, a botanist in Porterville, California, made a special study and found that yucca contained a high potency of naturally occurring plant saponin ( a cleansing ingredient). The anti-stress property of this plant saponin may also account for yucca's health and medical applications.

Clinical research resulted in evidence that the saponin in yucca could not only reduce stress and swelling of joints in people, but could also lower the tendency to develop toxic wastes in the colon. At the National Arthritis Medical Clinic in Desert Hot Springs, California, Robert Bingham, M.D., and Bernard A. Bellow, M.D, leading yucca researches, devised tests to determine if yucca could be of benefit in the treatment of arthritis. According to their report published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition (Vol. 27, No. 2 and No. 3), sixty percent of the people who took the yucca supplement experienced diminished pain, swelling, and stiffness. There were no side effects. Furthermore, those who took the yucca extract supplement had lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and relief from intestinal toxicity.

The results reported above regarding the safety and effectiveness of yucca saponin in promoting a better intestinal flora and improvement in arthritis surely suggests its use in many other enterocolic diseases: acute, subacute and chronic.

Based on clinical experience, it is suggested that yucca should be placed in trial study for those patients who have chronic gall bladder disease, or who have had their gall bladder removed, and who also have a problem of high blood cholesterol to be excreted into the intestine in gall bladder disease, or after the gall bladder has been removed. This particular problem has plagued our population for many generations.

The most important health benefit of the yucca saponin is on the natural plant flora of the intestine. The intestinal flora, if under any stress, should be aided. Enemas and colonic irrigations cannot duplicate this. Considering the many enzymatic activities of the small and large intestines, which are in turn dependent upon the intestinal plant life to a greater or lesser extent, it is important for us to know the benefits that the yucca can bring. Clinical investigation with human subject resulted in evidence that steroid saponin could not only reduce stress and swelling but could also improved digestion and decrease the tendency to develop toxic waste in the colon.

The intestinal cleansing effect of yucca saponin was very obvious in the clinical applications in Hong Kong and China. In the clinical studies conducted in China under supervision of the Ministry of Health of China, YUCCALIVE ( yucca base product) was used together with CESSIAC (a cell and blood detoxifying product) in every case. The two products worked together to provide a complete cleansing to the body. The detoxified body then could have a chance to turn around and correct the health conditions.


Yucca is the major ingredient of YUCCALIVE. During the medicinal test in China, it was identified as the :king: ingredient of YUCCALIVE. Other ingredients are included to supplement and to enhance the medicinal effects of this "king" herb. YUCCALIVE was specially formulated so that work together in a synergistic manner to bring out the best benefits of their medicinal values.

Yucca Schidigera
Licorice Root
Fennel Seed
Clove Buds
Anise Seeds
Cinnamon Bark

The anti-stress property of yucca enables YUCCALIVE to cleanse the accumulated waste in our intestinal system in a very effective and efficient manner. This will gradually eliminate the constant contamination of our body system by the reabsorption of the petrifying waste on the lining of our intestines. It is believed that this constant contamination from our intestines is the major source of most of our chronic diseases.