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Willard's Water

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In June of '97 the day after a walk in the Bellevue Greenbelt I experienced acute pain in my left leg and right side. Local medical diagnosis suggested that it was muscle strain due to the walk. Two weeks later, while in Montana visiting my summer home, the pain returned and while in the ER at the Kalispell Hospital, all the X-rays, and lab tests and poking about resulted in the diagnosis of a pinched sciatic nerve. The next morning the pain was totally gone so I was released; 36 hours later I was being driven to Bellevue's Overlake Hospital for diagnosis. After a full month of imaging and tests I was told I had aggressive growth Lymphoma, and if I did not start Chemotherapy I would be dead in 3 months or less. Because of my surprise and ignorance of cancer treatment I started chemotherapy the next day.

That same week I found a cancer support group led by the late Dr. Glen Warner. I launched into an intensive exploration of various cancer cures. By the time I had my second chemotherapy of six scheduled, I made the decision to quit because I was so sick and also one of the members of the support group had quit her chemotherapy and was feisty and thriving. The key to survival was an active and aggressive immune system which was the true healer of the disease that I allowed to develop in my body.

What Was the Therapy That I Adopted?

After much research of literature, Internet sources and consultation with open minded medical professionals, I adopted over the next month or so an integrated program of proven therapies which had been generally ignored by conventional allopathic medicine. These were combined with a broad range of nutritional supplements, minerals, lifestyle changes. Most important was a positive attitude - my willingness to change and take charge of my own fate. Exercise, meditation, music, QiGong, humor, and the recognition that our minds are far more powerful than we normally recognize.

First were some general dietary principles

1. No red meat

2. No fats, especially trans-fats, only flaxseed & cod liver oil

3. No dairy products (avoid commercial antibiotics, hormones)

4. Fresh juices from fruits & vegetables 32 oz daily (no tropical fruit, local fruit often less contaminated by handling & shipping)

5. No alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, or refined sugars

6. Meals mainly vegetables, grains, nuts, some fish & poultry

7. No processed or junk food & no soy products (later data)

8. Multiple vitamins, food supplements and anti-oxidants.

Specific Therapies

1. Vitamin C, 50,000 mg infusions weekly

2. Essiac Tea 2X daily, 1 hr before & after meals

3. Mushroom tea (5 types) 8oz 3X daily

4. Dr. Budwig's Blend of NF cottage cheese and Flaxseed oil 3X

5. Dr. Brandt's red grape therapy 1X

6. Dr. Vensel's puree of Asparagus 4 tbsp 3X daily

7. Oxygenated water (supersaturated)

8. Willard Water (catalytically altered to pass through intestinal wall easier than normal water, which enhances nutrient transfer)

9. Hydrazine sulphate for 4 wks (to starve cancer, but must not eat raisins, dairy products or take tranquilizers at the same time)

Adopted Life Style Patterns

1. Exercise, walking 30 minutes (build up as strength returned)

2. QiGong energy exercises and muscle movements

3. Meditation and Relaxation routines

4. Music and exposure to humor from books, audio & video

5. Enlisted support of friends and family members (use caution family members may insist that you use allopathic therapies only). By all means join an open-minded cancer support group.

6. Last but not least, aggressive detoxification by various means to rid blood, liver, lymphatic system, colon, of toxic residue.

Among useful supplements are:

Lecithin, Astragalus, COQ10, Selenium, Modified Citrus Pectin, MSM, B-Complex, B-12 shots, Marine Alginate, Assorted L-amino acids and those you select to fit into your own situation.

Why Did I Quit Chemotherapy?

I quit chemotherapy for the reason it made me too sick, it was destroying my immune system. I learned from my research that many qualified doctors: Moss, Levin, Abel and many others were convinced that it was not a valid method, despite the medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry's claim that chemo was the preferred treatment.

I learned later that Allen Levin, MD UCSF in his 1990 book The Healing of Cancer stated that chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon nor lung cancer.

Scientists at McGill Cancer Center questioned 118 lung cancer doctors as to whether they had faith in chemo: 67% would not use it on themselves. And 3/4 of these thought it was useless and too toxic.

A German, Dr. Ulrich Abel of the Heidelberg-Mannheim Institute spent years studying every major study and clinical trial on chemo reports from 350 medical centers worldwide. After several years of study Dr. Abel found that the overall world-wide "success" of chemotherapy was appalling. "There was simply no scientific evidence available anywhere that chemotherapy can extend in any appreciable way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic cancer." He further stated that chemotherapy is a scientific wasteland and that 80% of the chemo administered throughout the world is worthless, (neither the doctor nor the patient is willing to give it up).

In the book The Cancer Solution, by Robert Wilner, MD PhD, the author gives the following advice: "Find physicians with open minds and the courage of their convictions, The answers you seek should not be a doctor's opinion based on another opinion. It should be an opinion based upon clinical experience, observation and actual fact." History of therapies over time is most valuable in my own opinion.

Why I Quit Using Soy Products

A study in Biochemical Pharmacology Vol. 54 pp 1087+, published in 1997 indicts the soy bean as having anti-thyroid qualities. Despite this finding, the USA agribusiness behind the world's biggest money crop, promotes soy as a health food.

The three anti-nutrients are:

1. Phytic acid which binds up and prevents the absorption of minerals such as zinc, calcium, and magnesium needed by the body.

2. Trypsin inhibitors which cannot be refined out of the soy mash, and trypsin is an important enzyme in the digestive process.

3. lsoflavines, genistein, and daidzein; three phytochemicals that now have been shown to have anti-thyroid activity.

In the paper by Rao Diovi, Hebron Chang and Daniel Doerge of the National Center for Toxicology in Jefferson, Arkansas the authors report that:

"The widespread use of soy foods in food formulas and the significant consumption of soy products by people require a closer examination of the anti-thyroid action of soy. These three anti-nutrients are far more potentially damaging to the thyroid. The soybean and its products are considered goitrogenic and active in the development of autoimmune disorders." The paper in brief, concluded that soy products inhibit TPO-mediated thyroid hormone synthesis and is a potential thyroid carcinogen.

Dr. Mary Enig in the True Health articles, commented on the poor quality of soy as a food for humans and animals. Refining the soy does not remove the anti-nutrients, but it does denature the protein and destroys what little nutrition might have been in the soy bean. She states that "Soy should be properly and traditionally fermented and then only eaten as a condiment -- never as part of the main meal."

NOTE: (US producers of soy products use the steam process for preparing the soy for food and do not use fermentation methods.

And now a pointed comment from Robert Willner, MD, PhD author of The Cancer Solution: "the cancer establishment is a network of extremely powerful and wealthy companies whose members sit on the board of many nonprofit organizations. They literally control and direct all cancer research which to date has been a total disaster and failure."

And yet there are available, outstanding doctors who are offering new therapies and older therapies that are effective and are more successful than some of the mainstream methods promoted. Our task is to search for these and adopt them.

Books that Deal with then Healing Power of the Mind

Awakening Intuition -- Using Your Mind-Body Network for Insight and Healing by Mona Lisa Schultz, PhD, MD. Disease occurs in correlation with the brain's left and right hemispheres. Most right-handed women get cancer in their left breast during the premenopausal years. Post-menopausal women are more likely to get right breast cancer. Left-handed women get the exact opposite. Most men have bowel cancer in their left side. Most women have cancer in their right side.

Why People Don't Heal and How they Can by Caroline Myss, PhD. Her message is that spiritual energy and health are inseparable. She explains that human energy and the healing process is at a level of consciousness involving the body, mind and spirit.

Miracles of Mind -- Exploring Non-local Consciousness and Spiritual Healing by Drs. Russell Targ and Jane Katra. This is an explanation of the mind's power to transcend the limits of space and time linked to our capacity for healing.

The Secret Life of Your Cells by Robert B. Stone, PhD writing about Cleve Backster's research. This book describes the research on the feelings and ability of plant cells and our own individual disconnected human cells that have the ability to read our thoughts and emotions and to respond. This is a fascinating explanation of how our cells respond to our true emotions and do not respond to fake emotions. It is shifting traditional science's way of viewing past concepts of how cells function.

Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer by Kenneth R. Pelletier. A holistic approach to preventing stress disorders.

Ross Dedrickson

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Bellevue, Washington 98007 USA

Alternative Medicine Digest May 1996, (issue 12)

In an article entitled “Reversing Cancer Through Building Immune Health,” Dr Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., explains why our Real Willard Water is a part of the regimen he prescribes for his cancer patients. We’d urge you to get a copy of the magazine and read it it yourself. The entire magazine is worthwhile!


We have been amazed at the stories that come back from our customers. And we have many of our own. Some see benefits immediately, and others see more subtle benefits. One thing that most experience, is that they know the difference when they have not had their Willard Water.

With today’s ever-growing health problems and environmental toxins, we need to take control of our own health. With using Willard Water and CELLFOOD, absorption of nutrients is greatly enhanced. From our observations we would say that it has a way of balancing our systems, because it does something different for everyone.

Anyone who has used Willard Water for yourself or for other purposes and have anything that you can share, please let us know. Any information you can share will help others. Thank You