VG-1000 (Govallo's Vaccine)

VG-1000 (Govallo's Vaccine)

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UK -- On the same day (Nov. 15, 1997) that the World Conference on Alternative Cancer Therapy was held, Prince Charles of England declared his support for "alternative medicine," recommending coverage of the same by the National Health Service (NHS).

And People Against Cancer (PAC) Founder Frank Wiewel from the US was on hand as conference opener with a challenging summation:

"Cancer incidence is up. Cancer mortality is up. And the cancer industry calls it `progress.'
"As we approach the turn of the century, the greatest enemy we face is not cancer but the medical monopoly. They live off cancer. They thrive on cancer. Today, there are more people living off the treatment of cancer than are dying from the disease.

"Cancer is big business -- with absolute power. And as one wise fellow once said, `absolute power corrupts absolutely.' And so it is in the `war on cancer.'

"Incredibly, in the face of abject failure in the `war on cancer,' the medical establishment has now declared a war on alternatives.

"The government organizations, the hospital organizations, the cancer charities, the organizations of cancer specialists, and the entire medical pharmaceutical industrial complex have come together to declare a `war on alternatives."'

Assessing the day, Wiewel wrote in the PAC publication Options:

"The controversial cancer researcher Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski had come to London.

"Dr. Jack Taylor had flown in from Chicago and Dr. Howard Bezozza from New York.

"Dr. John Clement had returned to his native England eager to tell his native countrymen about Immuno-Augmentative Therapy (IAT) and VG-1000, the Govallo Therapy, and his research in Freeport, Bahamas.
"Despite warnings from fellow physicians, Dr. Kingsley came to tell his fellow Brits about Vitamin C and hydrogen peroxide as treatments for cancer.

"Over a thousand people -- researchers, physicians, nurses, activists and people with cancer -- came by plane, train and bus to London from around the world to attend the World Conference on Alternative Cancer Therapy called `Surviving Cancer.'

"The British press, scrambling to do interviews with the presenters, were surprisingly sympathetic and well informed.
"There was not a quackbuster in sight.
"It was indeed an unprecedented day in the history of medicine."

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USA -- A human placenta-derived cancer therapy which has turned in impressive results in Russia is available in the West. though not in the United States.

It is Moscow immunologist Valentin I. Govallo's VG-1000 treatment, based on the idea that undermining the immune defenses of cancer itself is a more effective approach than simply strengthening the human immune system against malignancy.

According to Empirical Therapies Inc. in New York which has licensed VG-1OO0 therapy for use in the Bahamas and Mexico, more than 50 percent of 100 of Dr. Govallo's cancer patients treated between 1975 and 1996 have survived ten years' or longer with healthy immune systems.

A big plus, adds Center for Empirical Medicine Director Harris L. Coulter PhD, is the non-toxicity of the Govallo approach.
He said VG-1000 is most beneficial in the typical cancer "types" called carcinomas, and less beneficial in sarcomas and leukemias. Cancer patients previously treated with chemotherapy and radiation as well as those with advanced metastases also respond poorly to VG-1000, he added

VG-1000 is administered as out-patient injection therapy with costs of US $8,500 for initial therapy, necessary testing and nutritional evaluation, and US $1,500 for booster shots.