"Ukrain appears to halt cancer growth by interfering with oxygen respiration in cancer cells. Success rates with Ukrain in cancer are best in the early stages: 93% and 72% in Stages I and II, and 30% for advanced metastatic cancer. Laboratory testing to date indicates Ukrain can affect even cancers such as brain, lung and melanoma. This information comes from 10 year studies at the Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute in Vienna."


USA -- Some of the best-documented long-term recoveries from advanced cancer come from so-called "alternative" therapy -- and many of these from the swollen patient load of Douglas Brodie MD of Reno NV.
Dr. Brodie has probably spent as much time fighting off institutional attacks on his essentially non-toxic (and "non-mainstream") metabolic therapies as he has in treating patients. The fact he has had to do both over 2 1/2 decades and has been left standing is a tribute to the man.

Unlike a number of progressive physicians who have been too busy to put into writing their findings, successes and theories, Dr. Brodie took the time -- along with the ICHF's Mike Culbert as assistant writer -- to put it all together.
Hence, Cancer and Common Sense (White Bear Lake MN: Winning Publications, 191 pp., 1997) is exactly what brother physician (and comrade in the health-freedoms fight) James Privitera MD of California says it is:
"Must reading for everyone."

In 18 chapters, Dr. Brodie describes numerous instances of long-term healing in hopeless cancer cases abandoned by medical orthodoxy.

He also details some specifics in integrative/metabolic cancer protocols, including an update on laetrile (Vitamin B17); Ukrain and its herbal source, greater celandine; germanium; co-enzyme Q10; Carnivora; shark and bovine cartilage; DMSO; Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's antineoplastons: azelaic acid; the butyrates; hydrazine sulfate; live cell or cellular therapy; homeopathy; and energetic medicine.

But in describing the above, together with his long-running use of diet, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids, Dr. Brodie has not left out the harnessing of the mind, of attitudes of spirituality.
In this fast-paced book, Dr. Brodie also reviews his battles with institutional orthodoxy and the ideological/financial wellspring from which so much anti-alternative opposition flows.

His book is a clarion call for medical freedom of choice and a well-considered explanation of protocols he has assembled and used -- often in the face of personal and professional danger -- in his own War on Cancer, one infinitely more successful than the losing behemoth in Washington.
Article copyright Newsletter of the International Council for Health Freedom.
By Michael L. Culbert

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