Transfer Factor

Transfer Factor

"In 1949, Dr. H. Sherwood Lawrence made a revolutionary discovery while studying tuberculosis. He determined that an immune response could be transferred from a donor to a recipient by injecting an extract of leukocytes. He found that this extract contained a factor capable of transferring immunity. He named the substance transfer factor. In the fifty years since Lawrence's pioneering work, an estimated $40,000,000 has been spent on research, resulting in over 3,000 scientific papers documenting the benefits of transfer factors. The world's leading scientists and physicians have established the safety and remarkable immune system benefits of transfer factor. The processing methods that allow for large scale extraction of transfer factor have only recently been perfected and a commercial product has only been available within the last few years."


A revolutionary new approach to immune
Introduction to the immune system

Our health is directly influenced by our immune system. A balanced and healthy immune system is crucial for the body to defend against infections.

Today, however, many factors contribute to the general weakening of the body's defenses. Antibiotics have begun to fail as the resistance of many infectious strains multiplies. Diseases spread more easily due to the failure of government control of health codes, deterioration of water quality, and frequent international travel.

Fortunately, recent research has uncovered a natural agent that can increase our ability to fight disease by strengthening our immune system. This natural agent is found in colostrum.

Colostrum is the first milk produced by mothers for their newborns (in fact, this is the case for all mammals). Initial immunity is established quickly if the baby is allowed to nurse. Babies who are not breast-fed consistently show a greater susceptibility to infections and allergies.

Transfer factors

Transfer factor is the most exciting health discovery in recent decades. Transfer factors are small immune messenger molecules that are produced the higher organisms. Their role is to transfer immune recognition signals between immune cells and thereby assist in educating naive immune cells about a present or potential danger.

Colostrum is a rich source of transfer factors. The role of the transfer factors in colostrum is to help the baby's immune system recognize hostile pathogens. Colostrum acts as a kind "immunizing cocktail" for the newborn.

Most cow-milk allergies ill humans caused by the immunoglobulins found in colostrum. Transfer factors, on the other hand, are not allergenic. What this means is that transfer factors produced by a cow are just as effective in humans as they would be in another cow. This is an exciting turn of events for medicine and prompted Dr. Visa to quote in his paper, Transfer Factor in the Era of AIDS: "Transfer factor [has] an important role to play in modern medicine which, from AIDS to Ebola, faces the emergence of new viruses or the resurfacing of old pathologies such as tuberculosis."

Further, it has been shown that transfer factors are equally effective whether administered by injection or taken orally. It has also been shown that a long-term oral administration of transfer factor preparations is safe. Infants and the elderly are the two groups especially at risk for infections. Oral administration of transfer factor is convenient and easily accepted by these age groups.

Transfer factors have been successfully used to treat the following types of diseases: viral, fungal, neurological, parasitic, malignant diseases and autoimmune.

Introducing 4Life's Transfer Factor(TM)

Transfer Factor(TM) is a revolutionary new approach to immune function and disease treatment. It is the most exciting discovery to come along in decades, a superior way to fight disease.

This remarkable "patented" process allows us to extract pure, concentrated factors from colostrum. Therefore, it has no allergic substance, no milk proteins or lactose. It would take 45 grams (or 90 capsules) of bovine colostrum to equal three capsules of Transfer Factor(TM).

Transfer Factor(TM) is not a vitamin, mineral, herb, nor hormone. It is a sophisticated state-of-the-art way to protect ourselves and our families from the immune weakening effects of: pollution, nutrient depletion, stress, overuse of drugs, bacterial, viral, parasitic and fungal strains that threaten us daily.

This new product is the result of 50 years of research, costing US$40 million in discovery. 3,000 scientific papers have been written about it, and personal stories attest to its effectiveness. Transfer Factor(TM) poses no potential health hazards -- it contains nothing toxic, foreign or counter productive.

Transfer Factor(TM) is for everyone. Our children need to be pre-armed and this product is a benign, completely safe substance that can be readily added to formula or food. Our elderly people in nursing homes and hospitals also need this protection, as do people travelling to other countries. Anyone with a weak immune system that can cause the common cold, flu, bronchial problems. Anyone with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Clone's disease, MS, lupus, allergies, asthma. Anyone with viral infections, bacterial infections and parasitic infections can pre-arm themselves as well.

We are sicker than ever, because our immune system is failing and it is too weak in its defense mechanisms. Sometimes the immune system goes haywire and causes autoimmune disorders.
Once in a while a product comes along that offers a major contribution to stimulating the immune system and is the answer to a natural shortcut to better health. This product is Transfer Factor(TM).


Dawn has suffered from fibromyalgia and accompanying headaches for 17 years. Since taking a transfer factor, she had only had one headache.
Ruth was experiencing severe pain from a lower back fracture. Since using a transfer factor product, she does not need to take an anti-inflammatory with codeine.

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