Silibinin (plant)

Silibinin (plant)

"The silibinin-treated [cancer] cells that are unable to grow follow a differentiation pathway as evidenced by neuroendocrine-like morphology, elevated prostate tissue differentiation markers... and altered cell-cycle regulatory molecules."


A New Weapon to Fight

By Dale Kiefer

cientists recetitly uncovered a novel component of milk thistle that may
be a powerful new weapon for preventing and possibly even treating
prostate cancer.

This phytochemical, called isosilybin B, potently suppresses the growth and
runaway proliferation of human prostate cancer cells. Isosilybin B also
suppresses the activity of a genetic factor that is expressed in most human
cancers. Moreover, this potent phytonutrient inhibits the secretion of a pro-
tein that may contribute to prostate cancer progression and metastasis.
Importantly, isosilybin B is active against both hormone-dependent and
hormone-independent prostate cancers. Isosilybin B may thus offer the most
powerful protection against prostate malignancies of any phytonutrient yet
discovered. > > >

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