Seasilver (trace minerals)

Seasilver (trace minerals)

Chlorophyll—the green pigment vitalfor photosynthesis that is found in all plants-
is one of the best reasons to eat green veggies. While plants are a good source
of chlorophyll^ none are as richly endowed as freshwater microalgae, of which
spirulina and chlorella are the most popular and well researche

Supporting healing, delaying aging,
and significantly lowering cancer
risk, microalgae gently detoxify, quiet
inflammation, and activate cell renewal.
In addition., these superfoods contain a
powerhouse of essential nutrients: trace
minerals, iron, vitamins, essential fatty
acids, and highly absorbable amino acids.
The benefits for disease prevention
and health are phenomenal. These are
superfoods of the very best variety.

Use of spirulina—a blue-green algae found
in the warm waters of Mexico and Central
Africa—has a long history in Central
American and African cultures. NASA has
considered it for space travel, and the UN
recommends it as suitable food for children
living in poverty.
Like all microalgae, spirulina is packed full
of nutrition, but it is exceptionally rich in easily
digestible amino acids—making up more than 60 percent of total mass—and spirulina contains more beta
carotene than carrots.

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The article provides information on seven trace minerals that are good for human nutrition, including boron, chromium and manganese. Boron plays an important role in developing bone health and has been linked to a decreased risk of prostate cancer. Chromium has been determined to be vital in insulin function as it speeds up the metabolic processing of glucose. The recommended intake of these minerals is discussed.