In 1986, Barbara Martin's doctor gave her six months to live if she didn't have surgery to remove her cancerous kidney.
She never had the surgery, did a complete overhaul Of her diet and lifestyle and today is healthy, attractive and 75 years young. She regularly shares her knowledge, recipes, stories and ideas in a Kelowna, B.C. paper, The Senior's Choice. She visited HANS to share her uplifting story.

"First of all, I changed my diet by eliminating all animal products, including dairy products. I used soy milk instead of cow's milk. I ate mostly fruits and vegetables and even broccoli for breakfast. It was hard at first since I was used to bacon and eggs. I also stopped using margarine and made my own spread from cashew butter. Also no coffee, just coffee substitutes and herbal teas."

According to Barbara, herbs played an important role in her recovery. She made poultices from the herb, horsetail, which she applied to her kidney area, and held the herb-soaked cloths in place with a plastic wrap around her middle. She left this horsetail poultice in place over night, let her body rest until noon and in the afternoon she applied a Swedish Bitters poultice which she wore for the entire afternoon.

Allergies to coffee and wheat were identified as main culprits in her ill health, which she subsequently avoided. As a substitute for coffee, she drank red clover tea, cranberry juice and parsley tea, the last two are especially beneficial for kidneys. Additionally, she supplemented with kelp and Kyolic garlic.

Although she doesn't eat organic fruits and vegetables, she washes the regular produce with a diluted mix of food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide before eating them. (1 oz. of H(2)0(2) in 11 oz of pure water, 10 minute soak for soft vegetables and 20 minutes for hard vegetables, then rinse in clear water).

Three years after embarking on her self-care program, her tumour, once the size of a grapefruit, had shrunk and was not causing discomfort. One of her doctors, who has since died from cancer, told her "I don't know what you're doing, but the turnout is shrinking."

Barbara visited many health care givers, including a colon therapist, a naturopath and a reflexologist.
She explains that her positive attitude is also what healed her. "I didn't like the word `cancer' and I refused to use it. When friends would ask me how I was, I'd tell them I was in need of prayer. I never accepted the fact that cancer is such a terrible thing and I believed there was something positive I could do.
"Negativity is a killer. When I started to feel bad, I would start to sing. Singing releases negativity and a merry heart does us good."

The important thing is to find the strength of will and discipline to follow a healing routine. It can be difficult, and I go off my diet once in a while when I eat out with friends.
"Keeping healthy is an ongoing project. Work on it."

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