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Jason Winters Tea

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A Second Chance

A cancerous tumor, wrapped around my carotid artery and attached to the wall of my jugular vein, resulted in a death sentence from my physician. I was given 90 days to live so I went home and climbed into bed. That was 22 years ago.

I had started reading various religious books and was surprised to find that the Bible mentions herbs for medicine 27 times. I later found out from the Archbishop of Canterbury that the herb referred to in the Bible was red clover, and it had been used for centuries to purity, the blood. It was the first herb I took in my desperate quest to rid myself of cancer.

I also read that Buddha told the Indian people to use herbalene (native to India) for their tumors. I didn't know they were aware of cancer 2,500 years ago, but that became the second herb I used.

The third I actually discovered while making movies during my career as a Hollywood stuntman. We hired hundreds of Mexicans and Native Americans as extras in westerns, and at coffee break they would cut down a cactus to make tea. They used two types: chaparral and Indian sage. It smelled terrible, but they said it was a blood purifier. (Chaparral is banned in Canada, but the alternative is to use Indian sage, known for its ability to cleanse the blood.)

It turns out these herbs have been used for centuries and are some of the best antioxidants in the world. Initially I drank the herbs separately in tea form. I didn't get any worse, but I didn't get any better either. When I no longer had the energy to make the three teas separately, I mixed all the herbs together in one pot and drank the mixture. Immediately, I felt life flowing back into my body. I brewed a gallon of the herbs and drank the tea. When my family returned home, they couldn't believe the change in my face. We wept.

I drank this mixture daily and the tumor shrank and disappeared in nine weeks. I returned to work. When I went back to the cancer clinic, they couldn't find a thing wrong with me, except that I was underweight.

A Scottish oncologist, Dr Pierce, asked if he could test the teas to see why they worked. Two weeks later he called and said, "I'm sorry to say those herbs didn't cure a thing." I retorted, "I'm better, aren't I?"

Dr Pierce said in biblical times, any one of those herbs would, and did, work to purify the blood so that natural immunity could work. But today the world is so polluted it takes the combined efforts of the herbs to purify the blood. He added: "All that happened is that it purified your blood and your body healed itself. The strangest thing, however, is that despite red clover and Indian sage being accepted worldwide as a health drink, it is when the herbalene is added that we notice a difference. The herbalene acts as a catalyst, making the other herbs 27 times stronger."

Life is in the blood, and if the blood is purified, then a person's natural immunity will have a chance to take over and fight disease. God placed certain purification herbs on each continent for this purpose, and no one knows this better than I do.

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By Sir Jason Winters