Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic Therapy (IHT)

Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic Therapy (IHT)

"BioPulse [in Mexico, of course] only began using IHT in June, 1999. At the time this article is being written, they have used this therapy on thirty-two patients, with about thirty treatments each. Every patient treated has had their tumors substantially reduced or completely eliminated ... IHT involves intravenously introduced insulin to produces a state of profoundly lower blood sugar [cancer cells thrive on blood sugar]. This state lasts for a period of about an hour under careful clinical supervision. It is this hypoglycemic condition that changes the environment, in the body, to one in which cancer cells cannot survive."

Cancer Patient Tells Her Story

My name is Paula Cambell. In December 1998, at age 37, I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. I immediately had surgery and a Colon Resection.

February, the doctors recommended chemo as a precaution. Before I started chemo I had a base line Cat Scan, where they discovered a spot in between the liver and colon. The doctors still recommend chemo.

March/April, I took chemo. In May, I had another Cat Scan which found that the spot had grown to a tumor measuring 2 1/2 cm. The Doctors did a biopsy of the tumor, and again it was cancer. I stopped chemo. Chemo didn't work. Radiation wasn't an option because it was too close to the liver. The doctors would not remove the tumor until a treatment was found to kill the tumor first. From Nevada, Utah and California no one had any other treatments to offer me.
May/June/July, our family and I began searching for alternative treatments. On July 23rd I had another Cat Scan done and found the tumor had grown to 4 cm. We were devastated...Now what?

On July 24th Our family called with Wonderful News...They found Biopulse! We immediately called Biopulse and talked to the director of the clinic, Loran Swensen. On July 26th excited and filled with hope we were on our way to Mexico. We were greeted by kind, loving, directors, medical staff and happy patients. We eagerly started the complete program.
Fifty "Insulin-induced Hypoglycemic" treatments later, it was confirmed by Cat Scan and Ultra Sound, that the tumor is very necrotic (meaning dead). Oct 29th, I went home with GREAT news, the tumor is dying! Nov 22, I went back to Biopulse for follow-up Cat Scan, Ultra Sound and a tumor marker test. The Cat Scan and Ultra Sound shows that the tumor is still continuing to become more necrotic and the tumor marker test came back at 2.2 (0-35 is normal).
Biopulse has a GREAT program. It is safe, non-toxic, side effect free, and the best part about it is "IT WORKS!". The Medical Staff are so compassionate, wonderful and knowledgeable. Not only are they the BEST Doctors and Nurses, they are my friends, my ANGELS on earth.

As of today I feel great! I am enjoying life, my wonderful husband, my great kids and preparing for our first grandbaby in April. We thank the good Lord everyday for all of our many blessings and guiding us to Biopulse.
May the good Lord bless and guide you to good health.
By Troy Campbell and Paula Campbell

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