Hallelujah Acres

A health retreat that specializes in wheatgrass juice and a largely raw food diet (though some cooked vegetables are allowed). As I have seen it described, it looks like an excellent cancer diet. The main criticism I have heard is how expensive it is.


alive's foundational philosophy is promoting health and recovery through whole-food nutrition. We advocate a diet of at least 75 per cent freshly pressed juices and raw fruits and vegetables. To support that message we're starting another regular column of Health Tips from the Hallelujah Acres online newsletter, which teaches that raw fruit and vegetables are a cure for what ails you.

George Malkmus, founder and director of Hallelujah Acres in Edison, Tennessee says, “almost every physical problem, other than accidents, is caused by improper diet and lifestyle, if we will change to a raw food diet we will receive all the live nutrients needed for the body to heal itself.”

Malkmus is a former pastor of a large church in the state of New York. When he was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 42 he refused to accept surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy as treatment. (He had watched his mother die in agony from the same treatment only a year before!)

Providentially, another pastor told him about raw food therapy—and George took that advice. He drank freshly pressed carrot juice and ate only raw foods for a whole year. His tumour disappeared! So did his other ailments, which included psoriasis, hemorrhoids and insomnia. Now Malkmus teaches about the healing power of raw foods on his 50-acre ranch to people who will carry the message of raw food therapy to others. He also travels across North America giving public teaching seminars. It's all free!

alive had hoped to help bring Malkmus to Canada this September. However, the pressures of his hectic teaching schedule have forced him to take a well-deserved sabbatical. We're still planning on inviting Malkmus to visit Western Canada in the near future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy Health Tips from Halllelujah Acres in alive every month.

See http://www.nutritionhighway.com/hdiet.html

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