Haelan 851 / Haelan 951 (add wheatgrass)

Haelan 851 / Haelan 951 (add wheatgrass)

Soy product


Company Profile: Haelan Products, Inc.
Founded: 1991
Headquarters: Woodinville, Wash.
Facilities: Sales, administrative offices and distribution warehouse are located in Woodinville, Wash. Research and manufacturing affiliates are located in China and Canada
Owned: Privately held. Co-owned by Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Todesco

Products: Fermented soy beverages, herbal teas, ginseng and weight loss products

Distribution: Available through professional healthcare workers and health food stores

The largest part of Haelan's business deals with the manufacturing and distribution of several fermented soybean phytochemical beverages. These products are sold as adjuvant (helpful) nutrition for cancer patients, AIDS patients, and as anti-aging products for both young and old people. These beverages have been distributed in the United States by Haelan Products for eight years under Haelan's registered trademarks 851(R) and 951(R).

Haelan 851(R) is a third generation product. The first generation product was developed by a nutritionist working in hospitals in China. Her idea was to provide proper nutrition but at the same time give patients food that benefited them the most. Working with hospital patients, without any particular problem in mind, researchers used trial and error techniques involving the substitution of various food items. They learned that people obtained a better nutritional profile in all cases when they ate soybean products as compared to any other food item. Continued research proved that the most nutritious food item was soybeans and the most beneficial dietary components in the soybeans were the isoflavones, protease inhibitors, saponins, phytosterols and inositol hexaphosphate compounds in the soybeans. The first generation soybean protein beverage came out of this initial work.

Years of effort continued to improve the basic product in four areas: 1) Selection of soybeans by species that produce maximum nutrition; 2) Selection of the best geographical growth area; 3) Selection of the soybeans by age (Haelan soybeans are hand picked at the most nutritious time); 4) Processing of the beans -- handling, preparation, and fermentation in a way that protects the nutrients. The enhanced end product contains single cell fermentation proteins and their metabolites, soybean proteins, polysaccharidepeptides, and amino acids that set a new performance standard for oral nutritional products.

Clinical research has shown that patients receiving daily doses of Haelan soybean beverages have had significant increase in immune system function, increased heart and lung function, and increased levels of oxygen in the blood. Today, Haelan distributes exclusively the most advanced of these products, Haelan 951(R). The lower line of 851(R) products is available for relabeling by others for sale, such as EcoNugenics' Ecogen 851(R).

The company was formerly located in Metairie, La., but in order to better serve their international customers and to visit their overseas manufacturing facilities, Haelan relocated to Woodinville, Wash., in mid-1997.

New products

Although the main thrust of sales for the company will continue to be its line of fermented soybean beverages, Haelan introduced Eleotin herbal teas as a supplement into the U.S. market in 1998. Outside the United States, Eleotin is used as a dietary supplement to treat type II diabetes. Clinical studies show Eleotin helped to reverse 70 percent of type II diabetes cases in seven months. Other distinctive products include Pegasus Ginseng, which contain 30 ginsenocides (43 percent more than other ginseng products) from North American ginseng. This special formula was used by Chinese athletes at the 1992 Olympic games where they broke nine world records. The heart-protective benefits of ginseng have been touted for more than 5,000 years.

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