Black Seed Oil / Black Cumin / Nigella Sativa (herb)

Black Seed Oil / Black Cumin / Nigella Sativa (herb)

"These results confirmed earlier findings that Black seed has a positive stimulating effect on the immune system. These findings are of great practical significance since they indicate that a natural immune enhancer like the Black seed could play an important role in the treatment of cancer, AIDS, and other disease conditions associated with immune deficiency states."


the Green magazine No 21 March 1995

Black Seed, known originally as the Seed of Blessing in the Mediterranean & the Middle East, has been used for over 2000 years. Since the 13th century it has been used to treat arthritis, bronchial asthma, parasitic inflections, gastrointestinal complaints -- and to improve kidney and liver functions, circulation, and resistance to disease.
At the 71st Annual Meeting of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, it was formally reported that the basis for the traditional claims made for this herb may be supported by the effect Black Seed has on immune-enhancing human T cell production.

Research Results

The results of extensive research conducted by Dr. Ahmed Elkadi, Panama City Health Clinic, were dramatic: ground Black Seed increased helper T-cell manufacture by 55 per cent in the study group, while suppresser T-cell decreased proportionately. The unique property of Black Seed is that the herb helps balance and stabilize the immune system.
"Nigella Sativa, commonly known as black cumin (or black seed)... is ascribed to have many medicinal properties in traditional Medicine." the Cancer letter, 1992.[*] These findings arc further substantiated by anti-tumor experiments carried out using the active principle isolated from Nigella Sativa seeds (Black Seed), as reported in Cancer letter. The constituent long chain fatty acids may be the main active component. From these studies, it is evident that the active principle isolated from Black Seed is a potent anti-tumor agent.

Black Seed is available in capsules through health food stores plain or in combination with other herbs such as Echinacea, Pine bark extract, Garlic, Ginger & Thyme or Royal Jelly.
[*]Cancer Letters 63 (1992) 41-46, Elsevier Scientific Publishers Ireland
By A. Begal

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