Arnold Ehret Diet (Mucusless)

Arnold Ehret Diet (Mucusless)

This diet consists of water fasting and a type of raw food vegan diet, with an emphasis on certain fruits. Like all vegan diets, if using this diet for the treatment of cancer, there should be a strong emphasis on the allowable foods that are known to treat cancer.


Ann Wigmore is credited for having championed the raw or living food lifestyle in the 1950s. But there were others. People like Viktoras Kulvinaskas, John Tobe, Arnold Ehret and Norman Walker, to name a few. The more recent proselytizers of raw foods are George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres, Steve Arlin, Rose Lee Calabro and Susannah and Leslie Kenton.

The living food lifestyle is catching on and this magazine has been part of the new wave. Alive books published Living With Green Power by Elysa Markowitz in 1997 and The Raw Gourmet by Nomi Shannon in early 1999. Our own chef and food stylist, Fred Edrissi, did the food styling for Raw Gourmet, and it's become a best seller in the US, far outstripping our predictions in popularity. Both of these authors proved that raw food does not have to be boring, unattractive or hard to swallow. It's delicious! More than that, raw food has become a new dietary revolution as people catch on to its healing power.

This year we celebrate a raw food energy milestone. A group of raw food gurus have co-operated to sponsor a ground-breaking event in Jamaica, August 20-25, 2000: The First Annual Raw Food Masters Culinary Showcase. Fred Edrissi will be there, along with our photographer, Edmond Fong, (See Health Events Calendar p 116)
Certified organic food is the food d medicine of the 21st century. The fortunate who hear this message will be able to use all the necessary tools to build strong defense systems against the chemical onslaughts of this new century.
Raw food is living food. It's food that has not been processed or heated above 118C (244F). It's food that contains the enzymes necessary for digestion as well as all the natural vitamins and minerals inherent in the specific vegetable or fruit. Raw food is probably the only basis for optimum nutrition. Even nutritionists like Dr Paavo Airola and others always cautioned that an optimum diet must be at least 75-per-cent to 95-per-cent raw. That doesn't leave much room for packaged snacks, folks!

Dr Edward Howell wrote the definitive book Enzyme Nutrition. He said, "The human race is at least half sick...there are no completely healthy people living on the conventional diet. Even young adults who feel fit have health defects."
He blames this national state of disease on malnutrition due to the consumption of cooked and processed food. This food destroys all enzymes and therefore makes it impossible for the body to metabolize nutrients. More than anything, the raw food revolution is about enzymes.

The Food Enzyme Concept

There are three classes of enzymes: metabolic enzymes, which run our bodies; digestive enzymes, which digest our food; and food enzymes in the raw food itself, which start food digestion.

All of our organs and tissues are run by metabolic "worker" enzymes. These enzymes take proteins, fats and carbohydrates (starches and sugars) and structure them to make healthy bodies, keeping everything functioning in order. Dr Howell says nothing must interfere with the body making enough metabolic enzymes. Good health depends on it. A shortage means trouble!

The digestive enzyme group includes proteases (to digest protein), amylases (to digest carbohydrates) and lipases (to digest fat). We are all given these enzymes at birth, but in a limited supply. So the master plan is that we do not exhaust that supply by forcing the body's digestive enzymes to carry the whole load of digestion. When food enzymes do some of the work, your enzyme potential can allot less activity to digestion and have more energy to give to the hundreds of metabolic enzymes that run the entire organism, which is you!

According to Dr Howell, the enzyme potential of almost all North Americans is facing bankruptcy. We are on a minus diet food minus its enzymes. This is a strain on all organs, especially the pancreas. No wonder there's an epidemic of diabetes!

Raw Food Function

The proponents of a living-food lifestyle introduce a new way of looking at disease.

Digestion begins in the mouth. Human saliva is loaded with enzyme activity (that's why we're told to chew each mouthful 35 times!) The pancreas is designed to supply the rest. But it's the enzymes in raw food that begin the process of digestion, thus lowering the drain on the body's own enzyme supply.

Enzymes tolerate no heat at all. If water is uncomfortably hot in the hand it will destroy the enzymes in your food! That is why pasteurization of milk (a process of heating) destroys the natural lactase and makes dairy products dead food unless cultured with live bacteria (yogurt and kefir). Dr Howell says dairy products were "instantly cursed" when milk became heat-treated to destroy disease.

"In the days before milk and butter lost their lipase due to the heat of pasteurization, millions of people lived on dairy products without getting atherosclerosis (clogged arteries due to cholesterol deposits), because lipase knows how to handle cholesterol," he says.

Ann Wigmore did her research into raw living food during a time when she was very ill and was threatened with amputation of her legs. She refused amputation and looked for healing in natural herbs and grasses. By gathering what green foods she could she was able, she says, to "obtain the kind of food which my body seemed to need; that is, both fresh from the earth and untreated with heat."

That was the early experience that set this woman on a path that led to her own complete recovery from disease and her subsequent teaching and treatment of the living-food lifestyle to millions. Wigmore advocated sprouts as the optimum food and recommended puréeing the sprouts along with other raw food in a blender, a process she called predigestion.
A living-food lifestyle means eating food that contains all of its active ingredients: enzymes, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, vitamin co-factors and fibre. That includes nuts and seeds. Nuts should be consumed raw, because heat damages their natural oils and makes them carcinogenic. But nuts and grains are protected with a coating that prevents germination and inhibits enzyme action. That coating must be washed or soaked away to make them digestible. When nuts, seeds and grains are sprouted they are good food and provide the necessary protein for optimum nutrition. (Enzyme activity in the seed is generally at its height when the sprout is approximately one centimetre long.)
"In germinated tree nuts and cereal grains we have all of the protein, carbohydrate, fat and calories we will ever need," says Dr Howell. "Complete enzyme nutrition, which the germinated nuts and cereals provide, can put a damper on the basic, if unrecognized, cause of many diseases and solve food shortages at the same time."

Enzyme Supplements

If you eat cooked food you are likely to be already enzyme-depleted; your pancreas is on strike and you need to take enzyme supplements. According to Dr Howell, you should look for an enzyme extract which will digest in mild acid. This permits predigestion of food in the upper stomach before the stomach acid becomes too strong. Howell recommends a formula that includes the three major enzymes: protease, amylase and lipase.

Enzymes should be taken with the first mouthful. Chew the capsule with your food or open the capsule and sprinkle the contents on food. This starts the digestive process immediately. When you swallow the capsule there is a time delay, because the capsule must dissolve before releasing the enzymes. One or two capsules taken with a meal is usually adequate to assist predigestion in the food-enzyme stomach. But remember, this nutritional supplementation is to replace enzymes that are supposed to be in your food! It is not a therapeutic dose. Dr Howell says it may take months or a year to fully restore a stressed pancreas and depleted enzyme store and should best be done under medical supervision. The immediate self-help regimen is to switch to a living-foods lifestyle, as well as to augment your enzyme potential with supplements.

It's spring! It's a new millennium. It's a great time to start a new lifestyle. Join the raw food revolution! And even if you've never grown vegetables before, plant a few seeds for your own pleasure and consumption. Eat organic. And let us know how you fare. We're interested.
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By Rhody Lake

See: See the Raw Food section for more information.

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We are what we eat. This fundamental principle of e health food movement teaches us that our physical, as well as our mental and emotional well-being, depends on our diet--on what goes into our system. But there is more to it. We all know what goes in must come out, so the maxim needs to be complemented--we are what we don't eliminate. Just as the food we eat determines who we are, the food wastes that don't get eliminated properly, and then clog our system, have a direct bearing on vitality. There is one name that is inextricably linked to both these principles of healthy living:

Professor Arnold Ehret.

Born in 1866, near Freiburg in Germany, Arnold Ehret was, at the age of 31, pronounced incurable--he was suffering from Bright's disease, with a consumptive tendency. Desperate and often suicidal, he spent many years and much money trying various natural cures offered in Europe--with the result that he wasn't 'down' sick, but wasn't healthy either. His main symptoms were mucus (or pus) and albumin in the urine, and pain in the kidneys from these experiences. He concluded that the right diet should be free from both mucus and albumin --a heretical belief at the time. He then studied vegetarianism, naturopathy, medicine and physiology. Still disappointed, he tried various diets, until, while on a fruit diet in Northern Africa, he embarked on short fasts and began feeling more and more vigorous. Back in Europe, he fasted for longer periods of time (up to 49 days) and, having cured himself by fasting and adhering to a mucusless diet, began lecturing and writing about his discoveries. He also opened a sanatorium in Switzerland in which he very successfully put his patients on nature's operating table without using any knives. While on an extended stay in the United States, Arnold Ehret suddenly died in 1922 in an accident.

Ehret's first lesson was derived from his own life experience: that every disease, regardless of what name it is known by in medical science, is constipation. "Every sick person has a more or less mucus-clogged system, such mucus being derived from undigested and uneliminated, unnatural food substances, accumulated from childhood on." Since the average person carries as much as ten pounds of uneliminated feces in the bowels continually, feces that poison the entire system, the foremost task consists of ridding the overburdened system of all wastes. Our vitality depends on an unobstructed circulation! It is this 'formula of life', as he calls it, that underlies all of Ehret's more specific teachings about diets and fasts.

How can we rid our bodies of accumulated poisonous wastes? In keeping with his basic formula that our vitality increases as the obstruction in our system's decrease, Ehret suggests a two-pronged system. It consists of adopting a diet that does not cause any obstructions, particularly in the digestive tract, and of fasting every so often in order to expel all the old clogging waste.

"All fruits, raw or cooked, as well as nuts and green-leaf vegetables are mucus-free. All other foods of civilization, without exception, are mucus and acid-forming, and therefore harmful." For those of us who would like to follow Ehret's teachings in order to regain vitality but find these foods too limiting, Ehret devised a mucus-free transition diet which prepares us for mucus-free nourishment. In fact, he warned us against suddenly adopting a diet that is radically different. Care is essential--and very often medical or naturopathic supervision is needed in any attempt to rid the body of age-old toxic wastes--as these poisons have to circulate in the blood streams before they can be eliminated.

We are what we don't eliminate. Any diet designed to improve our health can obviously only be successful if we first of all clean house. This is where fasting, nature's supreme curative measure, becomes so important. If there is, indeed, only one cause of disease, as Ehret argues, and that cause is overeating as well as eating the wrong kind of food, then it makes sense that there is also only one cure, and this cure should start with a two to three day fast, to provide the most exact diagnosis of our state of health. In fact, just cutting out break-fast--Ehret believes breaking the night's fast should be delayed as much as possible-in many cases works wonders. Ehret is convinced that fasting is the key to a superior life.

Here Ehret proved to be a pioneer, anticipating and even going beyond the sentiments of the generation that coined the slogan 'small is beautiful.' Not big meals but small ones; not more food but less; and certainly not the 'food of civilization' but the food of nature--fruit and vegetables. Ehret rediscovered nature's unchanging laws and principles and used them as a basis for his "mucus-less diet healing system." This diet and fasting program both relieves and prevents disease after a fast of only a few days, and helps us understand both the extent of our latent disease and the location of our weak points. And if we follow Ehret's teachings, the promise is--our bodies have 'the power to heal.'

Prof Arnold Ehret's books have been popular for 80 years in repeated reprints. For a list of his books see page 53 of this issue of alive.
By Michael Mundhenk