Lyme disease and schizoprenia question

My husband has FINALLY been diagnosed w/Lyme Disease in his brain. Due to this disease, he's been suffering w/ schizophrenic you know of a natural medication for schizophrenia (risperidol/"Risperdal" is the name of the prescription form, which DOES help him, but w/side effects).

Btw, do you know the WHOLE TRUTH regarding Lyme how it CAN be passed on via bodily fluids, how it can destroy one neurologically, how it CAN become CHRONIC, AND how there's government corruption behind the fact that most people DON'T know ALL THE FACTS regarding Lyme??? CHRONIC Lyme causes NUMEROUS CHRONIC DISEASES (including arthritis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, ALS, MS, IBS, vision problems, hearing problems, psychosis, etc.) see, CHRONICALLY ILL people make drug companies, hospitals, etc. VERY RICH (they're in cohoots w/the CDC, IDSA, etc...these government agencies print BOGUS diagnosing AND treatment guidelines regarding Lyme, & because of that, most doctors and labs (who go only by these guidelines) have been MISdiagnosing & MIStreating patients, ALLOWING more & more people to become CHRONICALLY ill!!! Please view at least THESE few websites, by logging onto youtube & typing the following sets of keywords in the search bar: "under our skin-lyme", "family of 5 lyme", "lyme diease"...if you don't ALREADY know about this EXTREME HEALTH CRISIS, I believe you'd be VERY INTERESTED in it!!!!!


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Lyme disease:


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