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Baltimore, MD -- As unbelievable ,as it seems the key to stopping many cancers has been around for over 30 years. Yet it has been banned. Blocked. And kept out of your medicine cabinet by the very agency designed to protect your health--the FDA.

In 1966, the senior oncologist at St. Vincent's Hospital in New York rocked the medical world when he developed a serum that "shrank cancer tumors in 45 minutes!" 90 minutes later they were gone... Headlines hit ever)' major paper around the world. Scientists and researchers applauded. Time and again this life .saving treatment worked miracles, but the FDA ignored the research and hope he brought and shut him down.

You read that right. He was not only shut down--but also forced out of the country where others benefited from his discovery. That was 32 years ago. How many other treatments have they been allowed to hide? Just as in the case of Dr. Barton's miracle serum these too go unmentioned.

Two-Nutrient Cancer Breakthrough... Decades ago, European research scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig, a six-time Nobel Award nominee, discovered a totally natural formula that not only protects against the development of cancer, but people all over the world who have been diagnosed with incurable cancer and sent home to die have actually benefited from her research-and now lead normal lives.

After 30 years of study, Dr. Budwig discovered that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was deficient in certain substances and nutrients. Yet, healthy blood always contained these ingredients. It was the lack of these nutrients that allowed cancer cells to grow wild and out of control.

By simply eating a combination of two natural and delicious foods (found on page 134) not only can cancer be prevented--but in case after case it was actually healed! "Symptoms of cancer, liver dysfunction, and diabetes were completely alleviated." Remarkably, what Dr. Budwig discovered was a totally natural way for eradicating cancer.

However, when she went to publish these results so that everyone could benefit--she was blocked by manufacturers with heavy financial stakes! For over 10 years now her methods have proved effective-yet she is denied publication-blocked by the giants who don't want you to read her words.

What's more, the world is full of expert minds like Dr. Budwig who have pursued cancer remedies and come up with remarkable natural formulas and diets that work for hundreds and thousands of patients. How to bight Cancer and Win author William Fischer has studied these methods and revealed their secrets for you--so that you or someone you love may be spared the horrors of conventional cancer treatments.

As early as 1947, Virginia Livingston, M.D., isolated a cancer-causing microbe. She noted that every cancer sample analyzed (whether human or other animal) contained it.

This microbe--a bacteria that is actually in each of us from birth to death--multiplies and promotes cancer when the immune system is weakened by disease, stress, or poor nutrition. Worst of all, the microbes secrete a special hormone protector that short-circuits our body's immune system--allowing the microbes to grow undetected for years. No wonder so many patients are riddled with cancer by the time it is detected. But there is hope even for them...

Turn to page 82 of How to Fight Cancer and Win for the delicious diet that can help stop the formation of cancer cells and shrink tumors.

They walked away from traditional cancer treatments...and were healed! Throughout the pages of How to Fight Cancer and Win you'll meet real people who were diagnosed with cancer--suffered through harsh conventional treatments-turned their backs on so called modern medicine--only to be miraculously healed by natural means! Here is just a sampling of what others have to say about the book.

"We purchased How to Fight Cancer and Win, and immediately my husband started following the recommended diet for his just diagnosed colon cancer. He refused the surgery that our doctors advised. Since following the regime recommended in the book he has had no problems at all, cancer-wise. If not cured, we believe the cancer has to be in remission."

--Thelma B.

"I bought How to Fight Cancer and Win and this has to be the greatest book I've ever read. I have had astounding results from the easy to understand knowledge found in this book. My whole life has improved drastically and I have done so much for many others. The information goes far beyond the health thinking of today."
--Hugh M.

I can't find adequate words to describe my appreciation of your work in providing How w Fight Cancer and Win. You had to do an enormous amount of research to bring this vast and most important knowledge to your readers.
My doctor found two tumors on my prostate with a high P.S.A. He scheduled a time to surgically remove the prostate, but I canceled the appointment. Instead I went on the diet discussed in the book combined with another supplement. Over the months my P.S.A. has lowered until the last reading was one point two."
--Duncan M.

"In my 55 years as a Country Family Physician, i have never read a more 'down to earth, practical resume of cancer prevention and treatments, than in this book. It needs to be studied worldwide for the prevention of cancer by all researchers who are looking for a cure."
--Edward S., MD

"As a cancer patient who has been battling lymphatic cancer on and off for almost three years now, I was very pleased to stumble across How to fight Cancer and Win. The book was inspiring, well-written and packed with useful information for any cancer patient looking to maximize his or her chances for recovery."
--Romany S.

"I've been incorporating Dr. Budgwig's natural remedy into my diet ,and have told others about it. Your book is very informative and has information I've never heard about before (and I've read many books on the cancer and nutrition !ink). Thanks for the wonderful information."
-- Molly G.

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