Vaccine Injury and Death Stories


"Vaccines can and do kill people, and there is not one iota of scientific evidence that one single vaccine has ever worked to stop the disease for which it was allegedly invented." --Matthews & Associates law firm

"The anti-vaccinists are those who have found some motive for scrutinizing the evidence, generally the very human motive of vaccinal injuries or fatalities in their own families or in those of their neighbours. Whatever their motive, they have scrutinized the evidence to some purpose; they have mastered nearly the whole case; they have knocked the bottom out of a grotesque superstition. The public at large cannot believe that a great profession should have been so perseveringly in the wrong." —Dr. Charles Creighton, MA, MD. 1889

To understand why vaccines are useless, you need to study vaccine ingredients and side effects.

1) Vaccine ingredients are more poisonous than those used to make meth. Common vaccine ingredients: mercury, aluminum, human and animal DNA, formaldehyde (used to laminate wood floors), polysorbate 80.

2) Vaccine side effects are more deadlier than cigarette side effects. Common vaccine side effects: brain damage (autism, dementia), cancer, paralysis, nerve control disorders, seizures.

All those kids with cancer and brain damage; all those seniors with dementia; where do they come from? Look at the vaccine side effects.

PARENTS: When did you research vaccines or become an ex-vaxxer / anti-vaxxer?

"Medical Doctors in the United States no longer take the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm." —Dr. Theresa Deisher, PhD, molecular biologist

To understand these stories, read the vaccine ingredients and side effects. Also, only about 1% of vaccine injuries and deaths are reported because people have been indoctrinated by the drug companies that vaccines are "safe and effective". VACCINES ARE USELESS AND DANGEROUS.

“The vaccine companies are making $60 billion a year selling mandatory vaccines. They’re also making $500 billion a year selling EPI pens, inhalers, anti-seizure medications, diabetes, and arthritis meds, etc. Virtually all of the medications they sell are targeted to treat diseases that are listed as SIDE EFFECTS of the vaccines on their own manufacturer vaccine inserts. It’s the perfect business model. They make us all sick and create lifetime customers.” —Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Defense Fund

Compiled by Trung Nguyen, July 2019,

“We did what the doctor said. Every vaccine. Every antibiotic. Alternating Tylenol and Advil. We went back to the pediatrician so often all the nurses and office staff knew us by name. The baby was sick all the time. He had ear infections, eczema, diarrhea, constipation. He started wheezing. I didn’t even know a baby could have asthma. At the 12-month checkup, the lights went off. They never turned on again.

“Our son is 7 years old. He can’t speak, can’t potty by himself, can’t play with other children. The average life expectancy for a child with autism is 36 years old. Who will care for him when we’re gone?

“Why are American doctors allowing this kind of brain damage to occur? I kept believing our doctor. He said it was all an unfortunate coincidence. I thought maybe it was bad genes or something. But when my son turned five I finally realized it was the doctor that hurt him, not me. That was a painful awakening. I think I cried for two weeks.

“So now you know why parents like me with doctor-injured children get so mad when people like you dismiss us. We are pleading with our doctors and legislators for safe vaccines and vaccine safety. But we are labeled and ridiculed for being ‘anti-vaccine.’ We aren’t anti-anything. We did the vaccines, Chelsea Clinton. Every single one. Just like you did.

“I just want my baby back. The CDC and the medical system stole my son from me. I hear stories of children who have recovered from autism but we’ve been trying everything and so far we haven’t seen much of an improvement. It’s too late for my child. Now I’m fighting for yours.” ~A mom of a non-verbal 7-year-old with severe autism
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I have two vaccine injured kids. My 22 year old son is severely autistic. He has seizures and numerous medical issues related to vaccines. I wish I had known.

"Children given more than 10 rounds of antibiotics in childhood have an 80% greater risk of developing non-Hodgkin's lymphoma later in life." --American Journal of Epidemiology, Nov. 15 2015

I was determined at my daughter’s 1 year birthday that she was autistic. It happened at about the same time she received the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine.
—Senator JEFF STONE - R CA, August 2019

My niece was killed from the Hep B and Vitamin K vaccines. My grandmother was paralyzed from the flu vaccine and couldn't walk for two years. My ex-husband was paralyzed as a child from his vaccines.

I started to research after my grandson was born. I could not believe how many vaccines he is required to have by the time he turns 18. AND to give a newborn the HepB vaccine which is typically used for those who are sexually active or intravenous drug users is a complete crime! Mothers are screened for Hepatitis so there is absolutely NO need for this vaccine to be standard protocol for newborns.”

My son was fully vaccinated up to age 3. He was attending a 3 year old preschool when we took him in for a well-check visit at 3 years, 2 months. He received his 4th mercury-containing flu shot. Beginning the next day and over the course of 10 weeks, he lost all his skills: speech, social, eye contact; motor skills such as self-feeding, dressing, and coloring. He was moved into a self-contained autistic classroom. He stopped enjoying interactions and fun time with family as he became lost in a world of stymying behaviors. Physically, he developed sleep issues, acted as if his hands and mouth were burning, and developed severe, watery diarrhea…Vaccines can and do cause autism.

I'd like remind you that my son wasn't born with Autism. He regressed into it at 18 months after vaccines. —DENA SALERA

My 17 month-old child, Otto, was injured by a vaccine. He’s now paralyzed from the waist down.

Autism has increased by 92,492% in 67 years. It’s almost as if it is being injected into children.

Still believe vaccines are safe and effective?

My daughter was given the DTaP vaccine, and made a human pin cushion at 6 weeks old. She nearly died from the Sepsis she got from her Hep B vaccine. Before that, I'd witnessed my 2 year old son go from being an articulate chatterbox to non-verbal and started banging his head on the floor after his 2 year vaccines. I was still clueless at that point. That was in the mid-1990s. None of my 5 children have been given a vaccine since and they are all perfectly healthy. Thank God I finally put 2 and 2 together. I was a very young mother then.

Watching my Son have a seizure following his 6 month shots. A three day hospital stay and the guy in the white coat called it a “coincidence”.

When my grandchild was born and they were going to administer a Hep B vaccine at birth to a healthy mother and baby, my mouth dropped, my eyes opened, and I started doing my research! Wow! Things have sure changed from my kids’ age when they didn’t get all these vaccines they do now.”

My eyes were opened when my tiny granddaughter was about to get her shots at the pediatrician’s office. I asked if doses were given by weight of the baby and she blithely said, ‘Nope’! I started researching then!

My oldest daughter has autism after she had an extreme reaction to a vaccination. She was a normal child prior to vaccination. You can put formaldehyde, aluminum, and heavy metals in vaccines. You’re allowed to put in vaccines what you aren’t allowed to put in carpet or furniture…all to increase the profit of the drug companies, and we let them keep doing it.

The flu vaccine made me horribly ill when I worked for my airline. I had to take a short-term disability because I was so sick—no energy, and could not muster the strength to even work from home. NEVER ever will I take another flu shot. I have always been a pretty healthy person, but the flu shot I took, because at that time I trusted the CDC, compromised my health. I struggled with severe respiratory illnesses for years after that, only now seeming to have a more strengthened upper respiratory system again.

Five million US newborns are vaccinated for Hepatitis B each year. Although the disease occurs in fewer than 25 babies. The Hep B (Hepatitis B) vaccine was tested for 4 days. Makes you wonder.

I vaccinated my children because that’s what I was programmed to do. My children now have chronic illnesses.

They vaccinated my husband while he was unconscious in the hospital.

My daughter is Vaccine Injured.

I fully believe that I was vaccine injured, knowing what I know now. I was born in 1988 and through my childhood I had:

Chronic ear infections, strep throat/tonsillitis, speech impairment, asthma, scoliosis, stomach ulcers, sinus infections, raynauds' syndrome, scleroderma of the digits, Jr. Rheumatoid Arthritis—all by the time I was 17. I had HPV at 19-20 years of age, also endocrine, cysts, infertility and multiple losses, and diagnosed with fibromyalgia at 30.

I know now my issues were compounded because of the MTHFR gene. I'm not completely healed and still have a lot of trouble in some areas but I'm better than I should be with out all the meds they wanted to shove on me. I'm healing with healthy food and supplements.

I was injected with Gardasil (only 1 of 3 shots, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here today—that’s for sure). I was told to do my own research on why I suddenly had multiple allergies and a body covered with eczema. I was told to take, like A LOT, different medications. I was forced to work with this awful pain. I had no backup whatsoever from the industry that made me this sick. Then I realized I had one person: Me. And a body really struggling to heal. I rejected all the meds and did years of research. I've had a hell of an experience and a BIG wakeup, going through this. I've practically done everything within alternative medicine. And it was when I started to eat 100 % clean vegan, organic food, and mainly raw that my body finally started to thrive. I'm forever grateful for all the knowledge I now have (and still learning) and for all the people who have helped me on my journey. Sending extra love to you @medicalmedium. Thank you for your incredible wisdom!

My daughter was vaccine injured at 15 months, and son at 2 months. No more vaccines after that. My nephew and niece had developmental set backs. My sister-in-law’s older brother was injured at 6 months and never recovered. He remained needing full care until he died of asphyxiation from his dinner at the age of 30. His was one of the cases that “won” in vaccine court, but it wasn’t a win.

My brother almost died from the MMR vaccine and I’m vaccine injured.

I’d rather my child contract something like diphtheria, rotavirus, polio, and have it be able to be treated in 4-6 days (because we aren’t in 1946 anymore), rather than give him a shot and have him not wake up from his nap two days later.

This is my story, this is my truth, my purpose and my gift. I developed and Autoimmune Disease after receiving the live virus influenza vaccine (4 Live viruses) in 2013—while I was breastfeeding I might ad. Within 2 weeks my symptoms developed that included; eczema, hair loss, IBS, anxiety, depression, and severe gastrointestinal symptoms that required treatment That year AND in 2014 I also suffered from the worst flu’s I’ve ever had.

Later that year I got a Quadrivalent influenza shot (4 weakened viruses) and my symptoms became so severe I had to have an emergency procedure. After being told I had an ‘incurable disease’ with ‘no known cause’ and would need to be medicated for the rest of my life, of which the side effects were no better than the disease(go figure).

I decided I needed to find the truth and take my health into my own hands. I spent the next 7 years researching every single thing that went into my body and discovered I had an immune reaction to the 8 viruses I was exposed to in 2013 and that the food products we eat trigger inflammatory reposes in the body. Since the day of my (grim) diagnoses, I’ve nurtured my body and my immune system and healed myself without the use of medication. My skin glows, my hair grows, my hormones are balanced, my body is strong, I am healthy, I am whole, I am Healed.

I have been gaslighted, denied, and bullied by doctors and nurses because I advocate for my own health and I am no longer a customer for life.. When I discussed with my specialist recently about my concerns for the upcoming new vaccine I was told again I could be medicated with an immune suppressant to avoid a reaction from this new vaccine.. Um what?! See how that works?! They don’t discuss the Canadian Adverse Event Reporting System or the fact that reactions can manifest after 15 minutes or 48 hours.

They don’t support patients who advocate for themselves. So No I won’t wear a mask or get a vaccine to keep Others healthy! I will never again light myself on fire to keep you warm and safe in your own existence, real health and immune systems don’t work that way. I’ve been guilt baited into harming myself not once but twice. Sharing My truth that risks are real not rare and advocating for informed consent is my way of protecting You and keeping you safe from harm, and I don’t ask for anything in return.

I am not a victim of circumstance. I Am a Warrior of Experience. —Ashley Rusnak

Two days after my flu shot, I went into labor. My son was only 1.9 lbs and 24 weeks along. He Spent 5 months in the ICU until I brought him home on Life Support. He’s 5 years old now and still Tracheostomy and Gtube dependent along with some damage to his brain. I believe 100% the flu shot ruined my son. I'm a mom of 6. He was the only troubled pregnancy and the only pregnancy flu shot.

I've always believed 100% the flu vaccine caused this but have NEVER, NEVER hear anyone else speak of it.

We know vaccines have never been properly safety tested against a saline placebo and we also know that the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act protects all vaccine manufacturers from any injury or death caused to your children. They are injured, too bad. They die, also too bad. Yes, this is a FACT. The ONLY pharmaceutical product with that protection. Ask yourselves why? We also know that there has never been a study done to show the safety of multiple injections being given at one time.

No, I was NEVER taught this in nursing school and many other healthcare professionals also have absolutely no clue (even your pediatricians and primary care providers). Please listen to me and even if you have the SMALLEST hunch that something isn’t right, follow that gut instinct. I wish I had and my son would have not suffered for so many years—I’ll never know what he could have been.

My son had this reaction after his 12 month vaccines--got Kawasaki disease. It was 4 weeks of hell. Then he was left with a giant coronary artery aneurisms. --Penny Hey

My first child had a vaccine reaction everytime! Along with swollen knot at injection site and crying and fever all night long and diarrhea. --Marie Vaughn

I’m a doctor. I got the required fricking flu shot. Within 20 minutes, I had facial swelling, laryngeal edema, and pulmonary obstruction. Then strange neurological symptoms and Multiple Sclerosis, then my career vaporized! Vaccine court, you say? The CDC ruined my life and the lives of the 1,621 patients I used to nurture and adore.
—DR. TAMMY PARRY, August 2019

Doctors did nothing but harm my baby and destroy our lives. Don’t let it be you

Imagine finding yourself living a nightmare where doctors have harmed your infant and instead of being offered compassion, medical help, and seeing justice served, your baby is taken from you by CPS. Your rights as a parent, terminated. This is exactly what happened to Anita Vasquez, and her baby, Aniya. Medical malpractice involving Merck’s Gardasil vaccine has become a medical kidnapping.

Anita, a nurse and mother of three, took her four-month-old baby, Aniya, and 14-year-old son in for their routine well visits and vaccinations. Their pediatrician mistakenly injected Gardasil 9, a vaccine intended for her 14-year-old brother, into Aniya. Aniya’s health soon became precarious, suffering seizures, failure to thrive, and diagnosed with hyponatremia (low sodium levels in the blood). Ignoring the thousands of reports of teens suffering similar health declines after Gardasil, the doctors failed to see a connection to symptoms and the vaccine. They instead diagnosed Anita with Munchausen by proxy (a mental illness where the parent makes up fake symptoms for their child) and falsely accused Anita of watering down Aniya’s formula for attention. In court, CPS stated the baby is now thriving in foster care, but failed to disclose new medical records which showed Aniya was life-flighted to the hospital while in their custody. Withheld evidence includes a doctor’s letter stating Aniya has been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and pituitary cysts, and most importantly of all, the doctor does not believe these symptoms are in any way linked to Munchausen by proxy.

This nightmare began nearly two years ago, and the family has been separated for over a year. Aniya needs to be returned to her mother and brothers as there is absolutely no reason justifying their separation. This is a gross example of CPS corruption and failure of the justice system. As medical community continues its denialist attitude of vaccine injury, families are left bereft of legal recourse, appropriate medical support, and as in this tragic case, their right to exist together as a loving family.

Aniya 36 hours after vaccines overdose and doctors did nothing. Under the 1997 Adoption and Safe Families Act, CPS (Child Protection Services) are granted $4,000 to $6,000 for every child that is removed from their home and placed with a stranger. There is a big incentive for CPS to steal kids.

"Our investigation has found that thousands of adolescents, children, and adults have been hospitalized for psychiatric treatment they didn't need; that hospitals hire bounty hunters to kidnap patients with mental health insurance; that patients are kept against their will until their insurance benefits run out; that psychiatrists are being pressured by the hospitals to increase profit; that hospitals 'infiltrate' schools by paying kickbacks to school counselors who deliver students; that bonuses are paid to hospital employees, including psychiatrists, for keeping the hospital beds filled; and that military dependents are being targeted for their generous mental health benefits. I could go on, but you get the picture." —U.S. Representative Patricia Schroeder, 1992 Senate hearing. By Lynn Payer, Disease-Mongers: How Doctors, Drug Companies, and Insurers Are Making You Feel Sick

I researched vaccines at and believed when they said were vaccines were safe and effective.

I trusted my doctor and did as I was told, and 28 vaccines later, despite the fevers, infections, screaming, diarrhea, multiple hospitalizations that the doctors said was “normal”, he developed encephalopathy, and a long list of autoimmune disorders.

My son and I have never had had a conversation. He’s never had a friend, watched a movie, or been able to leave unattended. I will care for him until I die and I’ll die in fear of what will happen to him after I am gone.

But hey, at least he didn’t get measles—you know, a fever and rash for five days, perfectly treatable with vitamins A and C followed by lifelong immunity—SAID NO MOTHER OF A VACCINE-INJURED CHILD EVER.

A fully vaccinated family member who we lived with contracted chickenpox and passed it on to my baby Zakariah at 16 days old. Zak had never left the house at that point other than the trip from NICU to home with his twin sister.

This is one reason I ask everyone to NOT preach that vaccines protect our babies and immune suppressed because they DO NOT. Vaccines do not stop you contracting or passing a disease on to ANYONE . Never rely on someone else’s vaccination status to protect you or your children.

He had no antibodies at all as I had never had chickenpox myself until that same week. I was in fact vaccinated for chickenpox though in 2004 as a child.

I took him to his doctor who advised us to take him home and give him Panadol (Paracetamol, Tylenol) 4 hourly to keep his temp down. If that fails and he was above 39 degrees to go to hospital.

I did this, I kept a log of feeds by MLS, wet napkins, medication, and gave him Panadol 4 hourly without fail. In doing so I almost shut down his liver, his tiny 4kg body couldn't process the minimum dose that is calculated for 6 kgs, not to mention I did this 4 hourly for 6 DAYS thinking I was helping him.

His body not being allowed to fever lead to the chickenpox infestation and his mouth, throat and lungs became lined with blisters, his skin had became infected and he had viral encephalitis. Six nights after the first pox he stopped breathing after a feed, we called an ambulance and were rushed to hospital.

We were admitted to PICU and doctors was in utter disbelief at his condition, they called New Zealand, Canada, WA, NSW, infectious disease control and CDC because no one had seen NEONATAL CHICKENPOX this bad. Usually babies this young are admitted day 1 of diagnosis and are treated immediately with antivirals, it’s never left to fester to this.

After a while sitting in isolation, double doors and our own air filter system, we were given a piece of scrap paper with numbers on it.

That day his chances of survival were 21%, if he made the night it would rise to something like 38% and if he made it again 50% growing for every day he pulled thru.

Hooked up with antivirals, antibiotics, and oxygen, seizing and barely breathing I thought my son was going to die in those first 2 days. The worst part is that all they can do is "support" the immune system as there is no medication that cures it, only antivirals that can help your body fight the disease but no one can say who will be okay and who won't.
He pulled through and was discharged once new blistered had stopped appearing.

We came home but it wasn’t over, he had to have antivirals every 3 hours for 3 weeks. If we forgot a dose we had to go straight to hospital to have IVs because if given the chance the chickenpox would come back and attack his brain again.

So when people say to me as a non-vaxxer, ”I hope you never have to see your baby in hospital dying of a "vaccine preventable disease,”
or, "I guess you have never seen a baby that’s suffering with a disease a vaccine can “prevent”.

Well I have. I have seen it and been there for it. I questioned my choices, I sat in bed with a seizing newborn, listened to his high pitched screams and watched him gasp for air. His head pounded, his skin hurt, his joints were inflamed, breathing hurt him.

And vaccines DID NOT protect him. He was too young to be vaccinated for chickenpox—everyone around him who did have chickenpox WAS vaccinated.

Our government pushes and pushes that it is our responsibility as a community to be vaccinated to protect those who can't BUT the reality is even if you are vaccinated you CAN still contract and pass on that disease to anyone whether vaccinated, non-vaccinated, or unable to be vaccinated.

I feel no need to vaccinated in order to protect anyone because I know first hand that no one will benefit from my children being vaccinated.

My oldest son turned blue after his vitamin K shot and was then vaccinated for hep. b while in the NICU with pneumonia. He got severe jaundice and "colic" and literally cried for the whole first year of his life--pretty much every waking moment spent crying in pain. I almost paced a hole in my kitchen floor walking him back and forth for hours to try and calm him. He still has health problems at 9 years old. --Melanie Basen

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I owe an apology to the vaccine injury community. I made fun of you and was so rude to what you were experiencing. I thought you made it up for attention; little did I know what I was doing. I trolled anti-vaccine pages because I though you were crazy. I had no idea what I would experience a few months later with my own kids: regression and many health issues. I wish I would have listened! Thank you to this community for sharing your experiences and your truth! If you are a pro-vaxxer, I beg you to please do more research. This is something you can’t undo.

On Thursday 14th July around 2:30, my boy had his 15 month vaccines, including his first MMR. The following morning he had a running fever. That night he had a massive febrile seizure lasting 2-3 hours. He never had a seizure before and was generally a healthy boy. It was the most horrific thing I'd seen. If I hadn't heard him, he wouldn’t be here today. Following the seizure he slept for a week straight and barely ate or drank. They ran loads of tests including a lumbar puncture and MRI. They can't find any cause. I fully believe the MMR vaccine was the cause, if not for the seizure then at least the fever. His reaction and what had happened has been recorded with the health board and medical council.

Fun fact... I’m not ant-ivaxx. I wish I would’ve been that smart. I fully vaccinated my older children. Before I researched I was so adamantly pro-vaxx I probably would’ve said I’d rather have a child with autism. Then it happened. My son regressed at 4 years old... lost half his words and the light in his eyes went out. Those years were a sweaty hot mess of me white knuckling it through. My son suffered from autism for years. Told me he didn’t want to live anymore. Was being bullied constantly... was failing and depressed. This is autism! It’s nothing like I’d ever imagined. It’s not cute and quirky... it’s painful and isolating. So the old me would’ve still gone down this path. The new me knows better and is just putting the information out there that I wish I would’ve been told. If you have a real genuine interest in educating yourself I’d be happy to chat about what I’ve learned. Hit me up on messenger... cruise through my rabbit hole of a page. --JUSTINA FUNK

March 2011, my beautiful son Seth received his first HPV (Human papillomavirus) vaccine (Gardasil). My son was a varsity wrestler / track and first degree black belt, 6th ranked in his 10th grade class kinda kid.

The day he got that HPV shot he complained of a headache and went to bed early. As the week went by he became ill (flu symptoms), and by the following weekend he was vomiting and crying so hard we brought him to the ER (Emergency Room). He drank buckets of water while he stripped every bit of clothing off complaining of extreme heat. He became irate and confused. The hospital staff swore he was on drugs and tested him from k-2 to molly to everything imaginable. His urine was sent to an extremely sensitive lab in California. Within a day my son stared at the ceiling in pain for over 6 hours. Not blinking once. Finally, I had to crawl into his hospital bed with a wet wash cloth to close his bleeding red eyes lids. We had to help him with his bathroom needs like an autistic child. He begged for Chad and cried out that he was scared. And it was so dark.

I told everyone that would listen that it was the HPV shot. We LOST him. He stopped begging for water, throwing his food and yelling out for his brother Chad. No Doctor could understand what was wrong, nurses cried in the doorway because they had never seen such a thing. He was sent to a hospital 4 hours away. Rob and I were in complete shock of what we were witnessing. My son had all the signs of autoimmune encephalitis (brain swelling) from that HPV shot. We showered him and brushed his teeth and wiped his butt. We stayed in a hotel and visited from 9am to 8pm. My beautiful son was hospitalized for 31 days.

That is when we just kept it all to ourselves and mourned.

My son has a documented VAERS number—the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. 490 people have DIED from the HPV shot.

Thank god my Son pulled out of this terrible nightmare.

We have LOST family because we choose to not vaccinate our little ones. I WILL FIGHT to keep my children healthy. Please fight for yours.Please call or email your representatives.

Vaccine Damage Is Real.

To really understand the dangers of vaccines, you have to know the difference between ingestion and injection. God has given you a protective barrier around your brain and gut. When something is ingested that barrier keeps toxins from getting in the bloodstream. When something is injected it bypasses that protective barrier.

I truly believe EVERY vaccine causes harm. The extent of that harm varies from person to person and depends on different factors. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with T1 diabetes at 14. I believe the vaccines had a huge part in her diagnosis. Her endocrinologist actually said there is a strong possibility that it was the vaccines.

But I already knew. Once a parent begins reading about the ingredients and adverse effects, there is no going back to sleep.

I researched the HPV vaccine for my daughter about 10 years ago. It was obviously a solid NO after researching. Thank God I had the forethought to research first. That led to looking deeper into vaccine studies. That led to a big NO to the rest also. I’m not playing Russian roulette with my kids’ lives. I'll take the illnesses instead.

After both my children were vaccine injured, I became an Ex-Vaxxer. This is an excellent article explaining how vaccine companies are not accountable for the injuries and deaths their vaccines cause.

Forced vaccination is violence, it is actually mass murder, because vaccines kill. There are at least 5 proofs that vaccines kill.

1) The 1986 vaccine law admits vaccines kill.

2) The vaccine compensation program set up under that law has compensated for vaccines that kill.

3) The vaccine adverse reporting database set up under that law contains thousands of reports that vaccines kill.

4) Hundreds of parents have reported that vaccines kill.

5) Scientific studies prove that vaccines kill. Vaccination is violence, and forced vaccination is violent mass murdering violence.

So spare me the lecture LA Times.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ WHAT HAPPENED IN THE E.R. LAST NIGHT! My experience being not vaccinated versus being vaccinated !

So the hospital last night thinks my son has measles. The way they treated us and the lies they told about measles before I realized he had his first measles vaccine is crazy insane! I vaccinated my son his first year and a half so turned out he was fully covered. However, before I pulled up the CDC schedule at the nurses station ( end of our visit hours later ) they IMMEDIATELY QUARANTINED US and told me I had no choice we were being transported by ambulance to All Children's Hospital and I needed to make arrangements to get my car out of there, then THEY TOLD US BASICALLY HE COULD DIE, HE COULD END UP WITH NUMEROUS OTHER DEADLY DISEASES FROM MEASLES, like flash eating bacteria on his tongue. OMG, the lies were insane. I told my son, "They're just trying to scare us don't worry mommy will eventually get you home and treat this herself and you'll be fine.” I made sure he wasn’t scared.

The triage nurse kept telling him, ”Oh, you poor, poor baby.” Because I don't vaccinate anymore—ridiculous! So I tell them he had his first measles shot and when I looked it up on the CDC schedule he's not due until he's 6 years old so once they knew he was vaccinated they IMMEDIATELY CHANGED THE PROTOCOL AND THE SAME DOCTOR CAME IN AND SAID, "Since he's vaccinated still, he no longer needs bloodwork to confirm measles. Just take him home he'll be FINE.”


Are you kidding me? I knew he'd be fine and that's what I'd do anyway but it was crazy to experience first hand the protocols for unvaccinated vs. vaccinated from the shitty treatment to the lies they tell the parent and children! They wanted my son afraid for his life, but the same people said, “Oh, it’s just measles. Take him home and just treat the symptoms,” that had originally tried to death scare us!

Well, I wasn't having him undocumented because VACCINES DON'T PROTECT YOU. It’s all a lie. I made them test him anyway and they wouldn’t even wait for the results. They will call me with them! MEASLES ARE ONLY SCARY WHEN IT FITS THEIR AGENDA! Absolutely insane. WAKE UP AND STOP USING POISONOUS VACCINES FOR THE LOVE OF YOURSELF AND YOUR KIDS BECAUSE THEY DO KILL YOUR NATURAL IMMUNITY! This makes me sick AND just confirms why I stopped vaccinating and why you should, too! Vaccines only hurt you; they clearly do not do what they're supposed to do!
—BRANDY SPECHT, August 2019

I have 5 kids, one is special needs. We think something was triggered, just not sure what yet. He got the vitamin K shot (not a vaccine of course) and a crap ton of Tylenol as a kid. He is still a mystery to us because no one on both sides has the issues he does. Thank God we stopped vaccinating him or he'd be dead. He has cognitive impairment, SPD, Anxiety and a speech delay.

My Quadruplets (now 2) got absolutely NOTHING. Only one has issues and that's my Mason, who had three siblings sitting on top of him so we think he has cerebral palsy cause he isn't walking yet. My other three are perfect—no massive delays. I see the difference even with my special needs son versus my 2 nephews who were Vaccinated. One for sure is autistic and has a laundry list of problems with him and his younger brother; we are now starting to wonder. My oldest doesn't get sick like they do and despite his problems is a very happy-go-lucky child. Whereas those boys have major anger issues. Amazing the difference even in this between a special needs unvaccinated child and a fully vaccinated child.

My brother started having seizures after getting his routine vaccines sometime between 6-12 months old. My older child has eczema and food allergies. My unvaccinated child is never sick compared to him and doesn’t have allergies or skin conditions. Coincidence?

First it started as Rotavirus and a low grade fever, then I noticed she started developing welts under her legs where the injections were. We ended up back in the er and they said she had influenza A and sent us home. We went back again and they said it was croup and sent us home. We went back and they diagnosed her with pneumonia, flu A, and Rotavirus. Then when I was out and about my husband sent me a video of my daughter have a small seizure and her legs were turning purple as well as her hands as if she was cold and losing circulation to them. So we took her in and the doctor told us that febrile seizures can happen till she had a massive grand mal seizure while I was holding her and her fever was 105.1 and they had to resuscitate my 1 year old daughter. Then they found a Uti as well. My daughter was almost killed because they ignored my pleas to find out what was wrong with my sweet girl. She spent 2 weeks crying non stop, not sleeping, not nursing, she stopped walking and didn't walk again till she was 14 months old and also ended up with the chickenpox 11 days post vaccination.

My daughter got GBS (Guillain-Barré Syndrome, paralysis, polio) from a flu shot.

My daughter developed severe food intolerances after her vaccines. She was diagnosed with leukaemia following a year of food reactions. Coincidence? I think not.

My son developed epilepsy soon after vaccination. My husband has been vaccinated and has ADD and ADHD. I was vaccinated and have gut issues and eczema.

My son had seizures five days after vaccines. He seized for ten mins straight. Also I have an autoimmune disorder. I've heard it can be due to vaccines, but I know for sure his seizures were from his VACCINES!

My son. At 3 as well. He stopped sleeping through the night. Developed asthma, allergies, eczema hyperactivity all basically overnight. Now that he is 12, his learning disabilities have surfaced too, which I believe was from the same round of vaccines.

My children are vaccine injured. Asthma, pre auto immune, autism spectrum…

My daughter had seizures within 24 hours of 4 month vaccinations and horrible gut issues for the first two years of life.

I know so many vaccine injury and death stories, I can't even count!

My daughter, directly after her 2 month shots (except rotavirus, I declined that). She struggled to poop and when she did it’d be huge globs of dark green mucous and blood. Never went back to the bright yellow seedy bf poops she was having. She went from 5 times a day to every 5 days, developed eczema instantly, severe gut issues and was allergic to everything under the Sun. She was also showing many signs of autism.

I never had a problem until the HPV vaccine. First dose, I developed strange rashes on random parts of my body that doctors couldn't explain. Second dose, my ankles swelled up so bad I had to stop playing soccer. Only excuse doctor could come up with was “overuse”. I was an athlete at 16 years old. I continued to get those weird rashes up until I began detoxing last year. I don’t get them anymore. And after my daughter being vax free, extensive detoxing and gut healing, all her issues have gone away from except for the peanut allergy.

My son was vaccine injured 20 years ago.

My son has smaller injury, and then I realized these vaccines are toxic and poison. He was always sick, weekly basis I was told his “daycare” he had a week fever after MMR and looked so lifeless always sleeping—high fever. Ugh. Now he’s healthy and rarely sick my mom even pointed it out the other day. He had bad asthma, but doesn’t now. He’s now 7 and healthy.

My sister's brain swelled from the HPV shot. I believe the HPV shot caused my severe OCD.

My 3 year old. MMR stole everything from him.

Three out of 7 in my house have been affected by vaccines the others have not been vaccinated.

My son totally regressed to Autism and stopped responding to his name, and shows repetitive behaviors. After his 18 month vaccine, he was 19 months old, now he is five and mostly nonverbal can't say mom or dad or can't ask what he needs using a sentence.

I developed a peanut allergy as a child after some of my boosters. I was able to eat peanuts, peanut butter or things that touched peanuts (like things in trail mix and such) up until a chickenpox, MMR and TDap booster. After that I couldn’t even be in the house when my mom cooked peanut butter cookies or touch peanuts without breaking out in a rash. I also became highly allergic to pecans and walnuts. After vaccines my freshman year of high school, I got extremely horrendous acne when I had never had it before. I had cystic acne and every other kind under the sun. Have had issues with it until the last few years when I learned how to detox properly.

My oldest turned blue and went limp in the ER a few hours after having MMR and varicella vaccines at a year old. He was unable to walk right after and was lethargic and wouldn’t sleep or eat. Wasn’t acting himself. Had a slight fever that we deemed normal after vaccines. Had a lump as big around as a quarter and a good cm thick on his legs at the injection sites. He always got the lumps. We were told it was because we didn’t massage the injection site. It was an allergic reaction. He also had developed sensory issues in the months following and now has a very difficult time with food due to his sensory problem. Developed emotional management issues as well. He doesn’t understand quite how to handle some emotions. More so than what’s normal for his age. All of which we have heard and been told could be due to his reaction to his vaccines. He has gotten better since we stared detoxing him a year or so ago - he’s 4 1/2. We have a long road ahead of us still.

A few other family members stories are just as bad if not worse. One ending in “SIDS” and another family meme era child having chronic fevers resulting in seizures. So many people don’t realize that our children are the sickest children. The ones with the more autoimmune diseases and allergies. It’s so sad.

I helped my little one get through his vaccines by holding his legs down tightly so the nurse could stick him quickly and accurately. He died that night. #WeDid

My son developed ADHD after his 3 month shots. Of course I'm the only one to notice because I'm the only one to see him every second of every day and "how could you even tell?" when he was so young. You just know.

For sure two of my three kids. Both have medical exemptions. One is suspected but it’s been several years and they can’t “prove” it was vaccines even though the timeline of when his health issues started was around the exact time of his one year check up and vaccines.

We lost our child 2.5 years ago due to the DTaP Vaccine after her 4 month "wellness check”. Yeah, they "labeled it SIDS”. Biggest money driven hoax known to man kind.

I was affected and continued getting the Tdap while pregnant and then my son was effected with seizures and encephalitis with every single vaccine.

Aspergers, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), ear infections, high pitched screaming, stomach problems, the list goes on.

My husband and I met with an attorney this week and we spoke for 1.5 hours. It was the most empowering conversation we have had with anyone together, ever!

We finally have the knowledge to create lawsuit for va$$ine compensation as both of our children suffered injury. We thought there was a loophole where statue of limitation was 4 years after injury, apparently it’s 2 years, so we have hit a brick wall.

This angers me as it often takes 2+ years for parents to approach this step. It’s a complicated process to get to the point where my husband and I stand. After injury is suspected you begin initial research. Then grieving because this is something you consented to; you suffer rejection from those close to you but soon find you are not alone. Your social life shuffles as you loose and gain friends. The realization comes that much of what you knew is no longer true, facts show that this world Is different than what you thought, all while obsessively researching not understanding why the majority won’t hear you. Then the importance gets focused on biomedical healing, compensation is not a focus, gaining knowledge and healing your child becomes relevant. After you complete these steps your 2 years have gone.

We don’t care about the money. We have suffered much heart ache and spent $14,000 out-of-pocket over the last four years healing, we have lost much, and still only care about saving. We assumed we had reached statue of limitation, we go through this process now so I can share with other local parents of those injured.

To find an intelligent local attorney that is Woke and wants to make a difference in the lives of vaccine injured children, I feel quite lucky.

This is me picking up medical records from our previous Pediatrician. I walked in strong and proud. I cried reading through my older son’s records still not understanding why I couldn’t piece the puzzle sooner.

Vaccinated then a sick visit the week after...then repeat.

I got stage 3 cervical cancer after Gardasil when I was in high school, a work friend died 2 weeks after hers from cervical cancer and my nephew is non verbal autistic I believe it was the MMR.

I got Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS, paralysis) after Tetanus vaccine.

Hep b vaccine gave me asthma, mitral valve prolapse, hair loss, IBS, and more. That was to get into nursing school. Barbaric satanists. I’m still sick trying to recover 30 yrs later!

My 23 year old son is severely injured. He is non-verbal in diaper, ASD, auto immune issues, and bad lot of medical conditions.

My son, after his 6 months vaccines, had anaphylactic shocks to his legs. And Eosinophilic esophagitis (scarring and narrowing of the esophagus).

My little sister has brain damage from vaccines. Her life was stolen from her.

My son had severe gastrointestinal injury, autoimmune diseases, began falling behind in milestones, then diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

Having a vaccine damaged child is basically living at ground zero of a nuclear explosion everyday, 24/7. Things that happen in our life were so drastically altered by my son’s vaccine injury.

My girls were vaccine injured

***My 4 year old I noticed her left eye got really lazy & would not focus at around 12-15 months, brought her to the Ophthalmologist. They couldn’t find anything wrong .

***My 2 year old after her 6 month shots, we dealt with flaking, oozing, bloody cheeks for 8 months straight ( her crib would look like a murder scene every morning. She was about 14 months old when it finally cleared by using CeraVe/Coconut Oil constantly, feeding her healthy foods, introduced vitamins ect.

***I also have a 14 year old who had the first 2 series of the HPV vaccine at the age of 12 (all before I knew better) she is dealing with asthma, stomach problems & menstrual issues ever since the HPV vaccine. I feel horrible now that my eyes have been opening up.

These events happened all around the same time.

I quit vaccinating all my children almost 2.5 years ago & began my own research and have continued daily with absolutely NO regret.

I believe my son is on the spectrum too. He would not talk until 3 years of age. He’s 16 now and shows signs, never tested.

I was severely injured by the vaccines Gardasil, Meningitis, and TDap in 2007/08.

My mom, myself and my oldest daughter are all/were vaccine injured.

All 3 of my kids are vaccine injured. My daughter the worst.

I’m vaccine injured and only the 3 children I had vaccinated are. I have many friends, and family members who are vaccine injured as well.

I thought I would share why I am an ex-vaxxer with all of my new friends who don't already know our story. I believe the DTaP is the shot that injured my son. He was developing typically until his one year vaccinations. He ran a high fever for days and screamed uncontrollably. When the fever left so did his personality, eye contact, words he was saying, socialization, he stopped sleeping throughout the night, lost his appetite and weight, became self injurious and started having horrible meltdowns.

He was diagnosed autistic by age 3. He's 4 and a half and still almost non verbal. He has a small single word vocabulary but still cannot carry on a conversation or tell you what he wants or feels. It took this happening to my son for me to realize my older children had also been injured. Looking at records 2 of my other children had seizures within 2 weeks of vaccinations. My son's wasn't so bad but my daughter had hers in the middle of the night. I still to this day thank God that something woke me up and made me check on her. She was burning up with a high fever face down gasping for air while seizing. I screamed for my husband and he ran in and felt of her. He said we had to cool her down so he wet his hands and ran them through her hair. When he did that she passed out and completely stopped breathing. I ran and called 911 while he started CPR. It seemed like forever before he got her breathing again and she was already turning purple. When she came to she did nothing but stare up at the sky for about 15 minutes. I truly believe if I hadn't woken up she would have been another SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) baby.

For the past 3 and a half years I've been speaking out about vaccines. It consumes me sometimes and it's all I can think about. So if my annoying anti-vaccination posts offend you or you don't like what I post, then feel free to click that unfriend button! To everyone else, thank you for your continued love and support! It means more to me than you'll ever know!

Why I Became an Ex-Vaxxer
I have been in the throes of the vaccine debate from quite an interesting angle. My four children are (mostly) vaccinated. My first two I would consider fully vaccinated, and my younger two had nearly the full schedule.

When my daughter # 3 was born, I became best friends with the woman who would ultimately facilitate one of the largest vaccination awareness efforts in the USA. I was quite uninterested at the time, being married to a paramedic. I didn’t even question whether they were safe. I had never heard otherwise. With four children, I NEVER knew there could be a negative reaction. I didn’t know they were dangerous. I didn’t know about VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system).

I honestly didn’t know there were people who DIDN’T vaccinate. I mean, they are free at the health department! Who wouldn’t get a vaccination? It was so easy. I had no ideas doctors were paid a bonus for having a high percentage of children immunized ON SCHEDULE even though vaccine inserts state not to vaccinate a sick child.

I didn’t know Reagan had signed a waiver giving immunity to all doctors and vaccine manufactures from all liability. I didn’t know a whole vaccine court had been set up to determine damages from vaccines because it was too cumbersome for the court system, and every vaccine has a tax that goes towards damages.

Still in the beginning phases of her research, I knew my friend (mentioned above) was much more naturally minded than me. This crazy woman had home births, for crying out loud! But we managed to be friends despite of her crazy ideas about vaccines. She would tell me occasional stories about deaths, injuries, regression, but over the course of 15 years, I never “bought in”. She started a facebook page that now has over 120K members, and I wasn’t even a member . My best friend’s page! Her ideas still floated around me, and I never researched them. She was becoming more anti-vaccination. Meanwhile my kids were routinely getting their shots. Even if I had known there were risks, I fully believed they HAD to have their immunizations for school. It was like being best friends with Dave Ramsey and going into deeper debt while he got rich teaching you how to stay out of it!

As time moved on, I had filed some of the findings away in my memory bank. When taking my 11 year old son to the pediatrician for an unrelated issue, I was pressured in an almost desperate manner to get his HPV vaccine. I looked at the handout given to me in the doctor’s office, read it and thought—huh. This doesn’t look right. This is the sales pitch, and the math doesn’t add up. The glossed over risks look much more dangerous than the likelihood of any problems. This was simply the beginning of my questions.

Did I know what HPV was? No. Did I know why he needed the shot? Well, he was 11, and I gathered it was a sexually transmitted thing. My 11 year old homeschooled 6th grader did NOT need to be monitored for sexual activity with a shot. Even though I generally am a rule follower and say ok, something in my mamma heart cried out NO! I said no, then said it again, then again. This pediatrician was very adamant, and normally I would have caved. I came home and just didn’t go back.

Fast forward a few years, and I was in graduate school. I was learning how to do research specifically, as that is a huge thing in education. I was the graduate teaching assistant for the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) director, and I was taking his class “Teaching Science and Social Studies”—an amazing class. Very unconventional. Very me. Very frustrating to people who wanted black and white expectations, but a fantastic exercise in our critical thinking skills and how to help students do the same (also not very in line with common core expectations. :-)

As part of our final project, we had to select a social science issue as they are intertwined, and explain our findings and how we would make it a social movement. How we would get our students to be vested in the learning process.

I decided to pick the very controversial topic of vaccines. That was too broad. We had to narrow it down to a research based question. I decided on the HPV vaccine. I needed to know why I had felt drawn to decline it. This was still too broad. As a research question, I determined to research whether “Should all students between ages 11-14 be required to receive the HPV vaccine?”

I went in completely unbiased Perhaps leaning even towards “Yes”. Then I read information about fast tracking, lack of placebo studies, pediatrician incentives, the known risks. I found out healthy, athletic teenagers were bedridden and paralyzed. I found out it only protected for a certain strain out of hundreds, and the numbers used to make it seem necessary were from the World Health Organization (WHO)—not the United States. I found out that routine pap smears prevented any problems that the HPV hoped to do.

I had officially jumped down the rabbit hole.

I still didn’t know the full extent of the dark secrets of Big Pharma, but I had in the course of academic research joined my best friend’s awareness page. I found out parents with vaccine injured children could provide THOUSANDS of pages of research much faster than a google search. Or even google scholar. Or PubMed. Or academic libraries I had access to that most parents don't know how to find. Scientific articles. They had already lost everything when they watched their children fade, and they wanted to find out why. WOW.

As I started to branch out to other diseases, vaccines, incentives, research, the link between the lobbyists and Big Pharma and the CDC. I became an evangelist to save the babies being born. To protect their fertility (vaccines cause sterility in rats even if it skips a generation), their health (autoimmune, allergies, brain injuries, learning disabilities), and to keep their immune systems clean (I had no idea at the onset that vaccines contain aborted fetal cells, animal DNA and peanut and eggs).

This is why I am so vocal. It is because I care about your baby. Your quality of life. Your child’s quality of life. I have seen the struggles of parents who have watched their children regress before their very eyes, and I would never wish that on anyone. So, as someone who came to the game too late, I am thankful the Lord preserved my children as well as he did - in spite of joint pain, chronic ear infections, dairy and peanut butter allergies, Asperger syndrome/sensory issues, anxiety and PCOS with my kids. I know God gives us a way to clean up things we didn’t know before.

That is how I went from vaxxer to Ex-Vaxxer.

We demand that the pharmaceutical industry get out of our institutions…Everyone of us is a unique individual with a unique genetic heritage. So, the same drug cannot be mandated to all!
—FATHERS at a protest against mandatory vaccination, Italy, 2019

My Jakob W. Richardson 7/11/07- 9/20/07 died 2.5 days after his first set of shots. I even called to tell them he was acting funny. Screaming. They said this was normal. I was told to use Tylenol and DON’T bring him in unless he’s non consolable for 3+ hrs. So I didn’t. And he didn’t wake up.

My son’s “official” cause of death was interstitial pneumonitis (a double lung infection) in the walls of the lungs. Around the air sacks. But he died 2. 5 days after his vaccinations. And the ME said that he couldn’t write it in because there was no obvious cause of death (COD). He believed it greatly contributed to his death. Vaccines were not mentioned on his report at all.

He started acting funny after he got his shots and I even called the army hospital! Like they said to! And no one would listen that something was wrong! We were denied a 100% link so could not file a vaccine injury claim. I will not vaccinate my youngest two for risk of them having a reaction like their older brother did. Their pediatrician is on board with this decision.

Putting the puzzle pieces together...

This is my oldest 2-3 days after he received the dTap and Rotavirus vaccines. He is 2 months old here. I wasn’t sure about vaccines when he was born and didn’t even think to read up on them. I remember being adamant about him getting the Hep B in the hospital because it was on the list of things he needed before we were discharged.

Once we were home and started getting into our routine, I knew he was going to need his first round of shots at 2 months and something told me to look into it further. I ended up picking up the book written by Dr Sears called The Vaccine Book that talked about the pros and cons of each disease and vaccine. After reading through it, I decided to be on the safe side and go with the delayed schedule minus the Hep B because that one made no sense to me.

When thinking back I always thought he only had 1 shot per visit but after looking at his records he actually did have 2 at a time on some appointments. In this case it's actually 4 considering the dTap is a combo shot.

My son is vaccine injured. I never had an "AH HA" moment but now that I know what I do, I realize the signs were there but I wasn't seeing them because I was told by everyone including doctors that they were ‘normal'.

This is the time that our son would cry uncontrollably, he would arch his back and would be inconsolable. It was very unusual but we were told it was normal. This was also the time frame that his doctor was telling us he needed to be 'sleep trained.’ That never felt right with me so I usually laid with my son or rocked him to sleep and then would place him in his crib and he would sleep independently.

We had the Angel baby monitor with the motion sensor under his mattress so that we would be alerted if he stopped breathing. We were terrified of SIDS and with the words of wisdom we received in our baby classes prepping to be new parents, we always made sure he didn't have anything extra in his crib that could potentially suffocate him and he was always on his back.

This is the time frame that I woke up to the alarm going off in the middle of the night. I was in a deep sleep and remember hearing the BEEP BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP BEEP. I shot up out of bed and ran across the hall and flipped on the light. I remember seeing my baby laying there on his back, eyes wide open and he looked lifeless. The alarm was still going off and I picked him up as quickly as I could and gave him a little shake. I was terrified. He looked at me and started moving and I held him for a long time watching him to make sure he was OK and then brought him to my bed and nursed him to sleep. That was the night I became a co-sleeping mom. He was always by me at night and so were my other 2 children when they came along.

We continued with the Dr Sears delayed schedule until 12 months and then stopped completely. My son was not developing the way he should. I would take him to his well baby visits and that form they give you to monitor their progress was always 'NO' to every question. My son was not meeting any milestone and I started to become concerned. Our pediatrician got us connected with our local services for early intervention and it was from there that my journey began.

My son started working with specialists, speech, occupational therapy, social integration. At 14 months, his speech lady told me that he was showing signs of being Autistic. I had a freak out moment where I was researching everything. I decided to take him to a naturopath and chiropractor and was doing everything in my power to help him.

When I took my son to the naturopath she told me he had neurological damage. At the time he was about 15 months old. He was not crawling, not walking... he would roll around the room like a rolling pin to get to where he wanted. She explained his brain wasn't making the connection and he wasn't getting the correct signals that neurotypical babies get when they start to crawl, walk, etc. She confirmed that he was vaccine injured. We started him on a detox and I started giving him chlorophyll, Nordic fish oils, Unda Numbers, bentonite clay baths and liposomal glutathione which made such a huge difference. He went from eating puzzle pieces to putting together the puzzle within days.

I know in my heart that stopping vaccines and the intervention he received 'saved' him from becoming severely Autistic and other struggles. He was tested at 2 for Autism but they were not able to place him on the spectrum. His official diagnosis was 'developmental delay'.

My son didn't walk or talk until after his second birthday. He was in early intervention until he was 5 working with specialists for speech and occupational therapy for both his selective eating due to his sensory adversion to textures in food and also for his low muscle tone. We had classes for social integration and more. Now at 7 he has an IEP. My son is very smart and meets or exceeds his peers intellectually but socially he is behind. He struggles but we are powering through.

Getting back to this picture. I used to think it was cute but not anymore. Now it makes me sad. My son is clearly struggling here and I didn't see it. You can see how puffy and swollen he is. His hands are purple, his head is bulging.

They always say you don't know what you don't know and when you know better you do better and that is the absolute truth.

Seven of my vaccinated kids have the measles right now. Indeed, in recent outbreaks of infectious diseases, including measles, many of those getting sick across the United States have been fully vaccinated.

I am still heartbroken that our world hasn’t woken up to the dangers of vaccines. How is this worldwide epidemic that is injuring and killing our children not national and international news? How is it that 70 dangerous vaccines that have to be given to our children including flu shots (or our kids can’t go to school) being mandated by our government? How is it that vaccines which have little to no studies being created by Pharma, approved by the CDC, placed into the hands of doctors, then injected into our precious perfect babies not alarming to every human on Earth? How is this not going viral and demanding change like the #MeToo or the women empowerment movement? If we don’t demand change from our government to stop Pharma and CDC, then we will continue to have generations of unhealthy children with cancer, allergies, autoimmune diseases, neurological damage, esotropia, SIDS (a cover up btw) and the list goes on. All for the sake of money and greed. We demand change.

(On February 7, 2018, 12 month old Hayden went in for her MMR vaccine and was sadly injured. Four days after her vaccine she woke up completely crossed eyed. Her Neuro Ophthalmologist concluded that the live virus in the MMR vaccine attacked her nervous system which caused her to have 6th nerve palsy.)

HILLARY SIMPSON: #crazymothers, #BelieveMothers video

People ask, all the time; why don't I vaccinate my children. Most of the time, it's when I'm commenting on someone else's post about vaccines. Well, here is my main reason: I was 36 weeks pregnant, when my doctor finally bullied me into getting the TDAP. Till this point, I had the perfect pregnancy. Perfect heart rate, perfect growth, perfect fluid levels, etc.

About 2 weeks after getting the TDAP, I woke up from a nap and couldn't feel her move. I tried all of the remedies they suggested, before going into L&D (Labour and Delivery); cold drink, orange juice, a meal, etc. Nothing worked.

I went into L&D, where they laughed at me, saying I'm overreacting due to being a new mom. So, they did a Doppler check. They said nothing to me, as they helped me into a wheelchair and took me in for an ultrasound.

That's when they told me the news, "Ma'am, we are sorry to tell you but your baby has passed away and we have to induce labor."

13 hours later, she was born. I was so distraught by everything that had happened. When they asked me if I wanted to hold her, I couldn't speak or move. The next thing I knew, they were pushing her little bassinet out of the room. There was an autopsy done and the results stated that her brain showed signs of a stroke and her heart gave out shortly after.

My heart still aches to this day, just to hold her or see her face again. From what little I saw of her, she was perfect...Absolutely beautiful.

But I will never know what it's like to hold her, hear her first words, watch her take her first steps, start kindergarten, graduate, go to college, get married and have babies.

Vaccines stole my little girl. Her name was Annabelle Reighlynn Boyett-Spradlin

I was a gymnast and cheerleader before my life was forever changed by vaccines. I never knew that the Dtap vaccine could change your life forever. I fell into a coma just hours after I received the vaccine and have now had over 12 major brain surgeries to stay alive. During my 3rd brain surgery we found out I was pregnant with our miracle child. He’s what kept me fighting. I was bald and worn out. By that time I had over 200 staples removed from my head, side and stomach. I woke up from surgery and had lost all my vision, about a month past and they finally got the fluid off my brain and I could see again! My son was born and was in the NICU for just a short while after everything I had gone through while pregnant with him. We got to go home he was happy and healthy. He was talking and saying mama, dadda, and bob (for bob the builder) and at 11 months it was time for more vaccines. He got the Dtap and lost all his speech. He’s now 3 and is still completely nonverbal and is autistic and has severe sensory processing.

Autism is severe brain damage, not a gift from the corrupt drug companies

The days before his 2-month checkup I started feeling like I really didn’t want to get him vaccinated. I expressed my concerns to the doctor which they told me “many parents feel this way before their child’s shots” and assured me he would be fine. Bear was vaccinated on the 26th of March. He received the DTaP, Hep. B, IPV, Hib, Pneumo Conjugate 13, and Rotavirus vaccines.

After his shots, he slept a lot. He slept almost all day. I had to wake him up to feed him – that was very unusual. He cried so much more than normal. He never ran a fever. Looking back on pictures now I can see his eyes were glazed over. He was not alert anymore, and he was swollen.

It was the 28th of March at 3:00 a.m., I woke up having really bad cramps (I had ovarian cysts ever since I received the HPV/Gardasil vaccine). I had Bear sleeping on my chest (he was wanting to be held more than usual), so when I got up, I had to put him down. He went right back to sleep. I put him down in bed on his back and went to take a bath.

I came back 15 minutes later and picked him up — he was limp. I screamed. Woke up my now ex-husband and he began doing CPR while I called 911. I remember I was in such a shock that I told them our old address and not our new one. I finally gave up trying to explain and told them to call the hospital in our town and tell them we were coming. We lived two minutes away.

When we got there, the doctors and nurses immediately took Bear from us and started working on him. By the time we got there, he had blood running out of his nose. They got him back and lost him several times. That beeping sound still to this day makes me feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. Neonatal nurses were flown in from Oklahoma University via helicopter to try to stabilize him, so we could transfer him. It wasn’t happening. Even on the ventilator he was still going in and out.

Around 9:00 a.m., all family and close friends were there. The doctor pulled us back to a room by ourselves and told us Bear was without oxygen to his brain for too long and he would never be able to have a normal life. We were still losing him on and off at this point too.

We had to make the hardest decision ever. We decided to take him off of the machine and hold him while he took his last breaths. At 10:13 a.m., he was pronounced dead.

Those months following, and still to this day, are sometimes unbearable. Sometimes it’s like you think you’ll eventually wake up from this nightmare that’s actually your life.

A doctor's job is to save a life and do no harm. Who's doctor has ever told them about the deadly poisons in vaccines, about the horrific side effects? #InformedConstent. Don’t agree to be bullied in that office.

If I was only warned by my doctor, ”There are toxic poisons in the 6 vaccines and 13 strands of bacteria we are about to inject into your 15 lb. baby girl, it IS possible she will get very red in the face, she will shake her head back and forth for nearly 24 hours on and off, she won't want solid foods that she usually loves, you will lay her in your arms and feed her one last time and she will fall into a deep sleep on your chest, her breaths will be a bit shallow, you'll lay her down in bed and from there her body will start to shut down from a bad chemical reaction that she had in her brain due to the vaccinations. You will wake up in the morning to pure horror, holding your limp, lifeless daughter and screaming her name over and over, praying for a miracle. Your life will be forever changed and you will have insufferable pain for a lifetime."

My daughter would still be alive.

The worst of it all is that if this happens, they think our babies are worth just $250,000 max. The fact that the government thinks they can put a price on our children after they allow them to legally die is egregious.

It's just another slap in the face because my baby was so damn priceless.

From the first shots my son received, I knew something wasn't right. His fever was high and I could have sworn he was shaking violently. I called my husband, my mother in law and my doctor and all told them something was off with my child. They all said, it's normal for this reaction after vaccinations. They know more than me, right? I mean after all this is my trusted doctor telling me this as well.... went in for the second set of "well" baby vaccines and It was a complete repeat. High fever, shaking to the point of it looking like convulsions and the worst blood curdling screams from my sweet baby boy. I went immediately to the emergency room and pleaded with the doctors begging them to help my child. I was once again told this was a normal reaction and my son would be fine! My mothers intuition told me it wasn't. I knew in the pit of my stomach the vaccines were hurting my son. I was in tears and absolute shock, my cries were being ignored. I allowed myself to retreat and accept what these doctors we telling me not knowing it was about to cost me so dearly. But they are doctors, so they have to be right. Right?

The next "well" baby appointment I confronted my son's pediatrician. She did not disagree with me but allowed me to leave her office without allowing my son to receive his vaccines. I was so proud of myself ! I stood up for my son and meant every word I said. They were killing my son and I wasn't going to stand by and allow them to do so. I WAS RIGHT and they were wrong!!! WRONG! I was content knowing my son was safe and my fears were heard. But the joy didn't last long. Two days later I received a phone call that would kill my joy and cause the worst pain and hopelessness I would ever feel in my life. They had the caseworker from her office call me and tell me I had no choice but to vaccinate my child or I would lose him because I was medically neglecting my child and our insurance company would drop us. I lost it. Me, my husband and anyone that knew up knew we were desperate but scared. I took him back to her office and allowed my husband to sign the papers for the shots. I stayed in the hall in tears through the whole process. Still begging them to not make us go through this. The next morning as I was taking my husband to work, my son, my precious baby stopped breathing.

I don't know how long it was before my husband noticed my son was struggling. He turned around to check on him and he started screaming "Pull over, something is wrong, PULL OVER!" My son was fine just 20 minutes before that. We pulled him out of his carseat and I drove in high speeds, screaming out loud to God, "Please save my baby! Just breathe, Dorrian, please breathe. God don't take my child." We made it to the hospital and my child, who never felt so small until that moment, was ripped out of our arms. They worked on him and God heard my prayers. He brought our son back to us. But not the same little boy I had the day before. He lost all of his words, coordination, and acted as if he had no clue who me or his father was. We are so broken, so afraid and so full of the most hopeless worry a parent could experience when your child is fighting for his life. We finally got to take him home and were told this was a one time experience and that it probably wouldn't happen again. But that was a lie as well. My son was eventually diagnosed with prolong vocal seizures. Epilepsy. Put on so many meds and still nothing helped. I quit going to doctors and started researching and doing what I could to make my son better. We are one of the lucky ones. Eventually he met all his milestones. Keeping his weight up was a problem with his seizures but eventually as the seizures faded he grew in to a very smart, precious little boy who faced more in his small lifetime than some adults.

The pain I experienced watching my child fight to live because of his vaccines are the reason why I stand my ground and tell others his story. My son has been free of vaccines since they almost took him away from us, and I will forever fight to make sure that is a choice for others to avoid this and the other side effects that come from vaccinations . We have to stand up for our children, we are their voices. This needs to stop and people need to be held accountable for what they are doing to our innocent children. I was pro-vaxx once and believed all the lies. But quickly found out the hard way vaccine injury is real. I want to stop any and every mother from experiencing the pain I felt and the damage they did to my son's body.

This is the full story of what happened with Zion. Regardless your feelings or your (positive) experiences with vaccines, informed consent is important. This is my way of informing other parents and future parents:

I got my son, Zion, vaccinated with MMR on Tuesday of last week. That night, he became congested. By Thursday night he had a low grade fever. Friday morning, a rash erupted on his belly and he had a fever. I took him to the ER at Cardinal Glennon on Friday afternoon, we were sent home. I knew something was wrong so I called Zion’s PCP, and begged the office to advocate for Zion and request that the hospital keep him for observation. I was told that Zion’s response was not only related to the vaccine, but that it was proof that Zion has a healthy immune system. According to the PCP, the rash was a sign that Zion was producing antibodies to measles, which is what he was suppose to do. Saturday Zion’s fever continued, and reached up to 104.5. I took him to ER at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. I was afraid that they’d dismiss Zion again, and attribute his symptoms to being vaccinated, so I initially told them that Zion was not vaccinated. The resident evaluated Zion and left the room. My son was placed in isolation. Three ER doctors came in with masks and gowns stating that Zion has measles. They were getting ready to contact the state and social work. Then, I told them that Zion had gotten the vaccine earlier that week, and that I hadn’t told them because we’d been sent home from a different ER the night before. Zion ended up being admitted.

Lab tests reveal that he has systemic inflammation and a virus. We all know that the vaccines are supposed to induce an inflammatory response, yet doctors refuse to admit that the vaccine caused Zion’s condition. Instead, they tried to blame the slippery elm bark that I’ve been giving to Zion for over a year to help his constipation. My 3-year old son has had fevers up to 105 for 5 days and has been in isolation for 4 days. I (a single mother) have missed work this week. The doctors have “eliminated” all other causes and decided to treat him for Kawasaki Disease, diagnosing it vía process of elimination/ educated guess. He is being treated with a 12 hour administration of IVIg. His rash is clearing, and we’re waiting to see if his fever will subside.

This experience has been traumatizing. I’ve had to hold my son down as they insert catheters into his penis, start IVs in 2 different spots, give him medicines that burn his mouth, and console him as he is frightened by all these strangers in masks. He keeps crying out, “I’m sorry!” He thinks he is being punished. A team of infectious disease doctors and a team of dermatologists have all been working on his case. My son could’ve been spared this trauma, I wouldn’t have had to fall behind in work, and the medical resources could’ve been put to better use had I avoided that damn vaccine.

Gracie was a happy and healthy 2 month old baby girl. On this day 14 years ago, I was dealing with a cranky, fussy infant because I did what I thought was in my child’s best interest. Doctors know so much about vaccinations, right? They tell you that in order to be a good parent, you get your child’s shots, so you do it. Doctors know best, right…?

Not necessarily.

I went to sleep on this night 14 years ago not knowing my entire world was about to be turned upside down.

I woke up to my baby screaming. Not an “I’m hungry cry.” A full on something hurts scream. I was groggy and I was young. I didn’t know what was wrong, so I did what every nursing mother does to console her child, and I put her to breast. I didn’t know that would be the very last time I would interact with her like normal.

Later in the night, I woke up and checked on her. I’m pretty sure that every mother to ever have a child in the history of humans wakes up and looks for the rise and fall of her breathing, sleeping baby. I looked. I strained my eyes in dark. For a split moment I sat in shock and disbelief. She HAS TO be breathing, right?!

She wasn’t.

I started CPR. My now ex-husband dialed 911. None of it seemed real. I knew it was bad when the ambulance showed up and we didn’t leave right away. They continued to try to stabilize her before leaving. It felt like eternity…

At the hospital, we were ushered into the waiting room while staff began working on her there. I prayed like I’ve never prayed in my life.

To make a long story short, my baby was flown via helicopter to a bigger city hospital. They began immediately to talk to me about removing her from life support. I was stunned. Why would I stop trying?!

After so many talks of them trying to convince me to remove life support, in the middle of the morning of September 26th, a doctor came into the room…

“Ma’am, I know you don’t want to remove Gracie from life support, but soon, you won’t have the choice. Her heart was once beating like clockwork, but that is no longer. Her blood pressure is uncontrollable. She IS going to die.”

I have this very clear memory of turning around, my face scrunched up in absolute agony in the ugliest of ugly cry faces, and I slapped the counter as hard as I could as an uncontrollable wail left my throat. I cried from my gut. I cried from the bottom of my very soul. I cried from a place of pain I never wanted to know.

They took most of her tubing and IV’s out. They wrapped her in a second diaper and then a blanket. I sat in a glider rocker next to the bed. Without warning, they pulled the vent out, picked her up, and turned around and placed her in my arms.

I rocked her with a flood of tears streaming down my face. I sang Jesus Love Me (something I sang to my children frequently when they were little). While the entire room was filled around the edges, in that moment, it was just my baby girl and I.

Three breaths. She took three breaths on her own. Then she was gone. The doctor quietly came over and kneeled next to us. He placed his stethoscope on her chest. He silently looked up to me and nodded. It was over. She was gone. I continued to rock and sing to her lifeless body in my arms…

I asked if vaccines did this. They were so quick to shut me down. “That’s impossible,” I was told. From the get-go, that didn’t sit right with me. I wasn’t even 21 years old. I was young and naive. I trusted doctors even then. It wasn’t until years later through research (hours and hours of research) that I learned that vaccines DO IN FACT LIST SIDS AS A POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECT. It’s even listed in the vaccine insert. I went from being told there’s no way this was almost SIDS to this is just SIDS (basically don’t ask questions).

14 years later and all I have left of my baby girl is this bottom picture. A handful of ashes in a pretty urn.

There was no first giggle. No first “I love you, Mommy.” No first Christmas. No first birthday. There was no first day of Kindergarten. No first day of middle school. No first crush. No first dance. No other first anything. Forever, Gracie is frozen in time at two months old.

This. This is why parents get to have a choice in whether or not they inject their children.

On Friday morning July 12, 2013 I took my son in for his 4 month well-baby checkup. The doctor gave him 7 vaccines: DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota. He was cranky of course after, but doctors tell you to give Tylenol and teach you that these reactions are normal.

Saturday, he was still fussy and tired and didn't nurse as much as usual. Saturday night, my sister in law watched him overnight so we could go to work. I picked him up Sunday afternoon, after I woke up. We didn't do much that evening but nap. Looking back it seems that he was extra sleepy but I didn't notice it then.

Sunday night, I dropped him off at a very close friend’s house around 10pm, so that I could go to work. Not knowing that this was the last time I'd see my son alive.

She said he never went to bed without a fight with her but that night she said he fell asleep on his own. He was used to being fed at the breast to fall asleep when he was with me. She said he woke in the middle of the night so she got up with him. She fell asleep in the recliner holding him. When she woke up he was gone.

They started CPR, but of course it was no help.

I vividly remember the scream down the hallway in the middle of the night, at work, telling me to leave. I was a CNA at a nursing home, working overnights, when my coworker yelled down the hall that something was wrong with my baby. That was the absolute worst night of my life.

There were no obvious signs that something was wrong with him. Nothing outside of the "normal" that doctors lead you to believe is ok after your baby receives the vaccines. My son received his shots Friday morning and by late Sunday night- early Monday morning, he was gone.

The coroner did rule his death as SIDS.

I had to do my own homework and I was referred to a vaccine injury lawyer who listened to my story and took on my case.

The neurologist's report we have gotten for our case clearly states that, in his opinion, vaccines were the likely cause of death. We were lucky because often times, vaccines are never mentioned. The neurologist that did our report for the case actually did the autopsy also. Unfortunately, if I hadn't looked into things further on my own, I may have never known his cause of death.

Thank goodness Missouri automatically does a full autopsy on children because when we later went back to file with VAERS, etc., they had exactly everything they needed. We are still waiting for our case to go through with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), which we are told could take a very long time.

The doctor who did the autopsy even stated that he feels vaccine causation exists in our case wrote this in our neuropathology report. We will have to wait to find out if our case is awarded but no amount of money could replace our son. The maximum they give for vaccine related deaths is $250,000. That’s what our children are worth to them. Most claims are denied and those that do get awarded are often settled for less.

My son was vaccinated on schedule. He was given Hep B at birth, 8 vaccines at his 2 month well baby visit (DTaP, IPV, Hib, Heb B, PCV and Rota) and 7 vaccines at his 4 month well baby visit (DTaP, IPV, Hib, PCV and Rota). These are the vaccines on the current schedule.

I'd like to tell other parents to heavily do their research, because unfortunately, I didn't. I had no idea. I thought like most that I was doing what I was supposed to by taking my child in to get vaccinated. Especially working in healthcare, they hammer it into us everybody that you HAVE to have your shots. I didn't question it one bit, and now I regret it.

I have heard from so many other people now after the fact that the same thing happened to them. I want people to know that this does happen and that it's a lot more common than they realize.

I can only hope sharing our story will save someone else the heartache and pain of losing a child. I want to tell the world and save them the heartache that we have been through.

Rest In Peace Our Precious Angel...

My son, Darcy, is a twin to his little sister. He was born premature at 35 weeks—perfect and healthy. Here in Australia NSW vaccines are to be given at 6 weeks, not corrected age. So Darcy received his 6 week vaccines at one week old corrected age.

After Darcy and his twin sister Jada had their needles, Darcy had come up with a fever and the doctor and nurse had told me to just give him some Tylenol, and I did. Everything was fine after that, back to his usual self in no time. On March 18, 2019 I woke up around 6am for Darcy’s feed time, everything was fine—he finished his bottle had a burp and back to sleep we both went. I then woke up around 10am to roll over and find my son cold, with a reddish bubble of blood hanging out of one of his nostrils, I rubbed my eyes as I thought I was dreaming, I started screaming and my partner had woke up. I already knew and I felt sick struggling to catch a breath. I picked my son up and was screaming, “Darcy! Darcy, wake up. JUST WAKE UP!”

I’m ringing emergency services as my partner is holding Darcy’s lifeless body begging for him to wake up. Emergency instructed to lay him flat on his back and tilt his head forward just a little bit and apply 5 compressions and 2 breaths. I was only pushing softly as I didn’t want to hurt him; 10 minutes into compressions and I ended up breaking chest bones, every breath would come come back up with blood and spots of milk, paramedics arrived ran inside and ripped him off the floor and ran to the ambulance with him. I laid on the floor just praying that they would get him back. He is my best friend and my whole world, I keep saying you can’t do this to me. I ran outside to the ambulance screaming what’s happening and why won’t he open his eyes with no answer from the paramedics. I’m screaming louder as they race him off to hospital. I have to meet him there as there is no room for me in his ambulance. I get to the emergency room and all I can see is blood—blood all over my sweet little baby’s body. I see them lift a baby blanket and the doctor says, “I’m sorry, there was nothing more we could do.”

I almost hit the floor and my partner catches me I’m screaming, “NO! Please try again he will wake up please!” I then sat in a hospital room for 6 hours holding Darcy’s little cold body to my chest begging him to wake up, and asking why and how he died. He was the healthiest strongest happiest baby I had ever seen. My only answer was vaccines.

When I had mentioned the vaccines to the coroner, she instantly shut me down with, “Doctors wouldn’t give these to people if it lead to death.”

I was shocked and replied, “Vaccines are not one size fits all.” I’m still waiting for answers from the coroner as to what happened to my boy.

On November 26th Annabelle had 4 vaccines: MMR, DTaP, Chickenpox, and half of a Flu shot. She had fever that I noticed that night. We went to Target after. I always wanted a daughter to take to Target, to shop with. It's my favorite store, and she loved going, too. She was grouchy, rightfully so. They tell you they will be grouchy/sleepy. No fever, so no medicine, no need for concern. She ate a corndog with me before she laid down to relax for the night and watch her cartoons. I went to the restroom. Then to clean her room. She was quiet, she was asleep. No sounds except the low sound of the cartoons. No cries, no whines, no groans, no screams, nothing. Nothing.

Today marks the 8th anniversary of our daughter’s death, following her six-month vaccines. Here’s our story.

We were blessed with a daughter when our son was five-years-old. She was beautiful-a little doll. When she was born, she had a head full of black hair, and a wise look in her blue eyes. She was so loved. Not only by our immediate family, but at my school (26 children) as well as the Martial Arts studio, where my husband taught.

Our daughter was strong, just beginning to crawl, smart and opinionated. I remember thinking-"Here we go again!" Because her brother was spirited as well.

While I was pregnant, I received vaccines for DTaP, flu, and swine flu. Our daughter was vaccinated according to schedule on time, every time. She died of SIDS following her 6-month well baby check up.

That morning, I woke before everyone in the family, to get ready for the day. She stirred for a moment, I settled her back down to sleep (she usually slept a bit longer in the mornings). I hauled the trash cans up our driveway, came back down to shower. When I came back to the room to change (15 minutes from when I left her), she was in bed, arched back, and not breathing.

I started CPR (my daughter was actually at my most recent CPR training with me), called to my husband, he took over as I called 9-1-1. The operator was reassuring as she was giving the instructions that we were already familiar with.

When the first responder came down the driveway, I was relieved. He was a childhood friend of mine and I knew that he would do his best for our little girl. He and his co-workers tried their best. I held our son on my lap, reassuring him as I could, while they worked on his sister. Neighbors came over, the first families were beginning to arrive to school.

We followed the ambulance to the hospital. They tried, they really did. A nurse tried to take our son to a separate room with coloring books and treats that he was completely unfamiliar with. They hugged us in a smothering- not comforting- way, and tried to tell us that it would be ok. I heard them call for a second EpiPen [ An epinephrine autoinjector is a medical device for injecting a measured dose or doses of epinephrine (adrenaline) by means of autoinjector ]. I knew it was hopeless. My husband and son stood in shock. I hugged my childhood friend, the firefighter who had come to the hospital. He said, "I'm so sorry," and walked away.

They let us in to the room. We notified our family. I took the tubes out of my daughter, I cleaned her up as best as I could. We held her. Both my husband and I (we didn't talk about until afterward) considered taking a family picture, as we hadn't ever had time to do that. Family came to say good-bye. A dear friend took our son to breakfast with her girls.

And then we had to leave her there. We walked out of the emergency room entrance. I sat on the driveway. My breasts were full of milk and my baby was dead.

My husband drove back to our house with his parents, I asked my parents to drop me off at the restaurant with our son. I sat down with them and as the kids ordered breakfast, the waitress asked where the baby was? Our son said, "My sister died today." In shock, we all nodded at the waitress, who had known me during pregnancy, and our baby from week one. That was our first public acknowledgment.

One of our friends, an MD, met us at home and said, “It’s 2010, and we Still don’t know what causes SIDS.” It was a mystery to us at the time. Of course, until we had the official autopsy report, we asked ourselves what we could have done differently, how could this have happened?

It wasn’t until years later that I read the vaccine insert and realized that SIDS is an adverse reaction to the vaccines she received. So, yes, we could have done things differently. We could have researched, instead of blindly trusting our doctors. We could have looked at our family medical history, riddled with autoimmune issues, and learned that she wasn’t a candidate for vaccines.

This is my son Daniel Ramirez, who had just turned 6 years old. He had his kindergarten vaccines plus a flu shot. He passed away shortly after this picture on 10-30-2016. Doctors called it encephalitis [brain inflammation], a side effect of vaccines.

This photo is so hard to look at, I don't see my son. My son was a happy go lucky kid who loved to pretend monsters were after his mommy and daddy, so he could save us. He loved to sneak in bed with mommy and daddy in the middle of the night.

That was my boy.

At first, I didn't want anyone to see pictures of my son like this, I only wanted people to see how he was before. But in order to save others, pictures like this need to be shown so people see the reality. Please share this in hopes that my son's passing can help save another child's life.

Please SHARE EVERYWHERE in honor of Daniel. He should NOT have to sacrifice his life to satisfy the pharmaceutical industry's greed $$$.

Here is Vida's story! I took my precious Vida to her 4 months well check and she received Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib B), Polio (IPV), Pneumococcal (PCV13), Rotavirus (RV), Diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough (DTaP). That is 7 shots. Never did I question what they are for. Are they all necessary at such a young age (only 17lbs) or even all at once? What are the side effects? What should I Look for if she has a reaction? Instead I just held my baby down while all kinds of chemicals, aluminum, mercury, Monkey cells(Yes monkey cells)—the list goes on—were injected in my baby girl’s body. Now I am left thinking how I Wish I Knew Better. Would a doctor prescribe you 7 medications at once to take with out a chance of having a reaction nor Not give you a paper of instructions and side effects of each medication. Why are these rules not applied here for each injection they give your child?

The doctor stated she was in great health and in 90% percentile. I asked the doctor for Motrin to give my baby before I left—that it helps with her pain and any fever that she may get. Not even 3 hours later the screams and crying started. No matter what I did would sooth her. I was almost in tears because she was a good baby. Two days later she had her 1st pooppy diaper since her shots. She was with the sister and noticed her stool was black. She thought this is odd but surely I must know about it already but I didn't. I found her pretty serious after that more then normal but didn’t think much about her fussiness after the days went by because when I asked my doctor about it she told me it could be colic. Of course I searched and thought, OK that makes sense.

Four days after her shot she had a black pooppy Pamper again. The color didn’t alarm me (because when she was born it was black and gooey, too. The nurse told me that was normal and had given her first 2 sets of vaccines), but the Smell alarmed me! Why does it smell like mothballs? ( If you never smelled one it is a strong awful chemical smell) I searched and of course different pages say different things. One site had several parents complaining about the smell so I thought to myself in relief, “OK, this is normal. It happens to other people and children.” I never it would be the last diaper I changed. She went to bed Friday night. Seven days after vaccinations, after an early morning feeding at 4am, and that was the last time my daughter would be alive. Two hours later I found my Babygirl lifeless. Screaming and yelling, Jesse comes running out the shower with a scared face yelling, "What happened!”

I will always remember that look on his face as I paced back forth with my dead baby. He took her from my arms and started CPR until the ambulance got here. They took her to the ambulance and we were rushed to Methodist Hospital. The Doctors rushed her to the ER were they began to try to bring her back. I knew she was dead and I dropped to my knees and begged God, “Please don’t do this to me. Please don’t take her from us. Please, please bring her back because you can do anything.” I started to pray. I begged the doctor please don’t give up. Please!

That was the worst day of my life and I am sharing it with you so that you will never have to feel this pain. The Rotavirus vaccine has a side effect called intussusception. One of the side effects symptoms is black jelly stool. If only I knew better I would had taken my babygirl to the hospital the 1st time her stool changed and she would still be alive today. The DEATH CERTIFICATE states cause of death is from Natural Causes. According to the CDC it only happens in 1 of 100, 000 babies. BS! I am sure that is just the number that is reported (no real studies have been done). We are getting ready to battle for justice for Vida. The Vaccine lawyer said I hope you are not doing this for money because the max payout is $250,000.This is all my baby was worth and no one can be sued but the government. Now, how convenient you have to sue the government for Vaccine injuries or deaths and not the trillion dollar pharmaceutical companies that make them. Please pray for our family and the journey we are about to endure.

My worst nightmare happened when we took our 2 month old daughter to her “well visit”. I was always on the fence about vaccines but still uninformed and weak. When we got into the room we talked with the doctor for what seemed to be hours. I shed some tears and voiced my concern all while nursing my daughter to sleep. We felt pressured and bullied and torn all at the same time.

He kept saying how he got all vaccines for both of his daughters on time and they were "just fine". At no time did we discuss any severe adverse reaction caused by vaccines.We asked him what ones he recommended and he said "the most important ones for sure, the DTaP and Pneumococcal." so that is what we did.

The nurse came in with the needles. My daughter was sleeping on me. My heart began to race. I felt my face and whole body get hot.I didn't want to do it. My gut was telling me no. I wanted to slap the needle out of the nurses hand and just scream "Stay Away From My Daughter" but I was frozen.

I allowed that nurse to jab each of my daughters legs. She instantly woke up and started crying but I cried harder than she did. I just stood there for a minute in the cold plain doctors room sobbing as my husband hugged us both.

On the car ride home, my daughter started screaming but it wasn't just any scream. It was that high pitched scream. You know the one. The one they talk about, the one you never want to hear. I tried everything that I could to console her. She continued to scream until we walked in the front door so I ended up swaddling her in a very light breathable wrap and a diaper.I walked around and nursed her and she started to calm down and fall asleep. I remember thinking, ”FINALLY she is falling asleep." I kick myself now because I didn't realize at the time her body was shutting down.

I was a nervous wreck but needed to keep busy so I went into the kitchen and swept the floor for some reason. I knew I should eat so I made a sandwich. I sat down on the couch, turned on the tv and just as I was about to take a bite of my sandwich, this wave of nausea came over me but it wasn't just a wave it was a gigantic tidal wave of fear and sickness that literally forced me up off the couch which sent my plate flying but I didn't care. For a split second I wasn't sure if I was going to run into the bathroom to throw up or if I was going to run into the room to check my daughter. The gut force took over and made me run into the room where my daughter was. I turned on the light... and this all happened in a matter of seconds~ I looked at my daughter and her mouth was slightly open and her neck looked wet. I yelled her name- nothing. I placed my hand on her chest and gently rocked her to try and wake her up- nothing. I picked her up. She was limp and her head dangled.

I laid her down and checked if she was breathing- nothing. I immediately started CPR and the ONLY reason I knew how to give an infant CPR was because I used to be a Flight Attendant. I was able to remain calm and act quickly and even thought it seemed like eternity I continued. The next thing I knew, she responded.

I immediately picked her up and grabbed my phone. I dialed 911 and my phone died. I couldn't believe it. I actually saw the battery drain so I ran outside screaming for anyone to help me and thankfully our neighbor was home and came running outside to help. He called 911. They were there within minutes and took over.

When the Head Of Pediatrics came in to discuss what happened he determined that her reaction was from the DTaP and in the same breath he said to me, ”Had you not gone in to check on her when you did, she would have been a SIDS baby." This was a lot to process. The longest most terrifying day EVER!

It's never been so clear to me now the actual dangers vaccine ingredients can do to a human body. There is no question anymore. I am 100% confident in my gut that they are dangerous. For some the reaction is quick and for some it may take years but I know this—there is nothing clean about vaccines.

Parents on the fence about vaccinating, please know that you do not need to go to well visits. Vaccines are the only agenda for these visits and they will pressure you so if you are not prepared chances are you will make a hasty decision... Like I did. Take your child to the doctor when they are sick and you have exhausted every effort to get them better on your own.

Never take a child when they are healthy. There is no reason to. Do you go to the doctor when you are healthy? I don’t, but if you do end up taking your child because you love well visits and you are attacked, take a deep breath, ask your doctor bring you the vaccine insert for the vaccines they want to give and have him dissect every single ingredient. Make him go over every single adverse reaction and explain to you what they mean. Do not do anything more at this point just let them know you will need some time to process that information AND really go home and process the information. You have to go into that office and feel 100% confident in your gut about your INFORMED decision. If you live in a state where vaccines are mandatory to go to school, please do not let this be your deciding factor. Your family history and genetic abnormalities alone may qualify for a medical exemption but you have to put in the work. This is a battle you have to be willing to fight with your whole heart so be prepared to put on your boxing gloves.

If you plan on vaccinating your child the one piece of valuable advice I can give you is please PLEASE make sure you know CPR and that you keep a close eye on your baby for at least 3 weeks after the injection was given. Watch for signs. Your intuition - your GUT will tell you. Listen to it because it is always right. No matter how exhausted you are never blow off a sign that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Paralyzed by the polio vaccine. His twin brother was killed by the same vaccine. Paralysis is the distinct symptom of polio. Paralysis also happens to be a common side effect of the polio vaccine. In other words, the polio vaccine causes polio.

Growing up in the 70's, we had a few vaccinations and it was hard to get even 50% of the population vaccinated. Children and adults were overall far healthier than our latest generations who are now "scheduled" for up to 72 doses of vaccines by age eighteen and all States have over 90% vaccination rates. So many shots are now given that it has become "normal" for a child to be injected multiple times with combination vaccines at one "well visit”.

During the 80's, when there still weren't that many vaccines being given, there were enough vaccine injuries and resulting civil suits that Pharma felt the need to protect itself from being sued into bankruptcy. This resulted in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA). The vaccine manufactures have had NO LIABILITY for over 30 years and the numbers of vaccines AND vaccine injuries have greatly increased in this time. There are over 270 vaccines in the works now. Will there ever be "enough"? Do we really have no concerns over injecting very young children (infants) with six or seven combination vaccines during one doctor's appointment?

If you didn't know these basic and easy to verify facts about vaccines, you should be asking yourself why didn't you know and what else do you not know about vaccines?

Please keep in mind, most people that question vaccine safety are not people who have always been against vaccines. Most are parents or grandparents who were initially all for vaccines. They are parents or grandparents who followed the recommendations of the doctors without questions. But then, SOMETHING happened to make them question... And when their child or grandchild was harmed by vaccines, those doctors who they trusted denied the obvious, offered no help, and in many cases were hostile.

The only thing an ex-vaxxer has to gain here is to perhaps save some suffering, whereas the vaccine makers have monetized our suffering so they profit from the same illnesses they create.
—PAUL TURNER, July 2019

I wanted to share my story because my hope is that no one else has to experience the pain in my heart every single day. My son Owen Matthew Stokes passed away October 25, 2017. He was born August 18, 2017 and was just 2 months old. He was born at term and weighed 8.8lbs. He was perfectly healthy in every way. He was only breastfed, or bottle fed breast milk while I was at work. He always slept alone, on his back, with no blankets and had zero breathing or respiratory issues. He had never been sick. He received vaccines just 48 hours prior to his passing, he was given a combination of 8 different vaccines, which is the norm for a 2 month old. The first day after his vaccines he was very tired and lethargic, didn’t seem himself.

The second day, which is the day he passed away, he was in the care of his grandmother while I was at work. He wouldn’t take a bottle, and was inconsolable. He was tired but couldn’t sleep because he was in such pain. he screamed nearly the entire day. His grandmother thought that he was just having really bad gas. She finally got him down for a nap for the first time that day, sometime after 2pm.

But he never woke up. She went to check on him about 30 min later and noticed he was blue, but he still felt warm to the touch.

She called me and I was in the car on my way home from work, Owens father was in the car with me and he called 911 and I tried my best to walk her through CPR because I work in the medical field and I am certified in CPR. I was about 10 min away from home and by the time I got there he was in the ambulance, but he didn’t make it. My little boy died and I wasn’t there.

The next time I got to hold him he was lifeless in my arms. And he didn’t go peacefully in his sleep, he suffered. But yet we were told he died from SIDS. I didn’t know what had been going on with him that whole day or that he wouldn’t eat and his grandmother truly believed that his tummy was just hurting and he had gas that just needed to pass.

If you have children there will be a time in your life when you worry and you’ll have that scared to death feeling, when they fall and hit their head, when they choke on something.. imagine having that feeling, and it never going away, because the worst possible outcome happened. I know that feeling and it’s by far the worst thing you could ever imagine. It’s such a helpless feeling.

This isn’t my opinion on vaccines, it’s just my story. Do your own research before you make choices for your children. Realize it’s you and no one else that protects them from this world. I wish I had done so many things differently. I will no longer vaccinate my other children. My hope is that someone can learn from my story, if even just one person and they can make better decisions than I did. That their child will not have to suffer, and they may not have to feel the pain our whole family has to feel every single day…

Next month I should be celebrating my son’s second birthday. I’m left with only memories. These pictures were taken the last time we got to hold you in our arms. It’s been almost TWO years since you left us, and TODAY has been the very first time that I’ve allowed myself to look at these pictures. TWO YEARS and it took everything in me to look at these pictures. I work one floor up from where I had to say goodbye to you for the very last time. I used to pass through this ER every day to get up to surgery, but not now. Now I go the long way around just to avoid possibly catching a glimpse of that “family room.” I’d seen it every day before you died.

I didn’t know what happened in there. I remember being brought to that room and saying “No, I’m not going in there, not me, this isn’t happening to me” But then I saw my girls, oh my girls. I knew I had to. I had to tell them that their brother was gone. I had to say those words, out loud. But I’ll avoid that ER as much as I can. The ER doctor asked me when Owen was last vaccinated, it had just been the day before yesterday and I KNEW, even though he reassured me it had nothing to do with vaccines. A switch had been flipped. I knew that you changed after those vaccines. I knew you had been tired but in a different way, and I learned later about how you had been struggling all day leading up to your death. Then I started researching, I researched the not so popular opinion that vaccines may actually cause injury, and I was astounded. Astounded, at the number of stories, the number of babies that have died after having been vaccinated. The number of published studies that get hidden and wrote off to be less than scientific. I learned doctors like to call this a “coincidence.”

I learned the smartest people on the planet, the people that are going to change the world and make a difference are the people who do not believe they know everything, people who know there is always more they can learn. I’ve been loud and I’ve been quiet, trying to find sanity in between. The people that believe vaccines aren’t safe and cause injury, have nothing to gain from not vaccinating and the people selling you vaccines have everything to gain. People do not share the same DNA or genes and vaccines are not one size fits all. And just because your child is no longer a baby doesn’t mean that they won’t be seriously injured or killed from vaccines. The government wants to take away our right to choose if our children get vaccinated, and wants to wait until serious harm comes before they can qualify for a vaccine exemption. Educate yourself before it’s too late. I wish I had.

My oldest son, Nixon experienced a vaccine adverse event a little over two years ago. After he was diagnosed with intussusception at two months old following his rotavirus vaccination which ended in emergency open abdominal surgery weeks later, I was left with a lot of unanswered questions. My eyes were opened to this whole new world where I realized things weren’t as they appeared.

I am an RN and to be honest, we weren’t taught anything in school regarding vaccinations except for memorizing the vaccination schedule... like nothing at all beyond that. I’m fully vaccinated and never experienced any vaccine injury. I had never met anyone who had been injured by a vaccine, and I had never even given thought to the possibility that vaccines weren’t what they are made out to be. So, after this happened to my sweet baby, I decided from that point on, I would choose which vaccinations I wanted Nixon to have and I would choose the schedule in which they were given.

I can’t tell you how much push back I received from this. First of all my pediatrician told me “If I was you, I would just follow the routine vaccine schedule, just so no one makes a mistake or accidentally gives Nixon the same vaccination twice”...He actually said those words. I also got push back when I asked if the vaccinations could be drawn up in the room and if I could see the vials they were getting the vaccine from. I was told “oh we always draw them up in the back”. I also got push back when I asked to see the vaccine inserts, I was told “don’t worry these are safe and we give them to all our patients”.

I gave nixon only a handful of additional vaccines between four months and six months, until I learned and educated myself enough to the point where I knew enough and had to stop.

I know it’s not easy to go against the norm. I know it’s not comfortable to speak up when you get that pit in your stomach. But for the sake of our babies, please say something. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves...” -Proverbs 31:8

Cruz is back now from “his world” because we figured it out in time and began biomedical treatment immediately but this is when it all began—when he screamed inconsolably for a whole week and spiked a 104.6 fever beginning 4 days post 18month vaccine appointment. Then, 13 days later, 17 days after his 18 month vaccines, we were in the ER and he was hospitalized for a “mysterious virus”. From that point on, he began to drift away from us. He randomly threw up (pressure in his brain). He had encephalitis in a specific area of his brain causing the hallmark symptoms we call “autism” lost all his learned language, lost proper eye contact, had watery diarrhea almost daily, became obsessed with spinning objects and light switches, stopped responding to his name, etc.

I didn’t know it then but this was MY FAULT. I didn’t do my research. I trusted what I’d been told all my life. I trusted what I had been taught in nursing school. I trusted Big Pharma. I trusted our corrupt government’s recommended vaccine schedule. Vaccines SOMETIMES provide your child with a short lived protection from some diseases but they make them more susceptible to others and put them at risk for developing several autoimmune disorders, type 1 juvenile diabetes, allergies, eczema, Bell’s palsy, seizures, ADHD, stuttering, speech delays, sensory processing disorders, Guillain Barre, SIDS, Acute flaccid myelitis, paralysis, ocular paralysis, encephalopathies of the brain including autism, the list goes ON and ON. Read the vaccine inserts. The side effects are all there.

The more vaccines they add (and they are adding more all the time), the higher the risk. Currently 54% of American children suffer from a chronic illness. It’s time to wake up!

This is very real and it’s important that you make an INFORMED decision what vaccines you allow in your child’s body, if any! Weigh every risk and benefit. Do NOT take your pediatricians word for it. They are taught that vaccines are safe and their hands are tied. They are required to tell you to get all of them and they lose a lot of money if you refuse. I wish I had known all this. That’s why I’m telling you!

Please think about it. Do the Research so you don’t wind up full of regret. Vaccines are toxic and unnecessary but you’ll have to come to that realization on your own through your own research.

If there is anything I could advise, it would be to please have your child tested for the MTHFR gene BEFORE giving them any vaccines. These children are at extremely high risk. I cannot stress this enough! It’s a genetic test you can do at home for $150. It could save your child’s life and future!

RED FLAGS that your child may have this mutation include: lip ties, tongue ties, sacral dimples, stork bites, hemangioma, and sugar bugs (blue vein across bridge of nose)

I have nothing to gain by telling you this. I do not enjoy knowing that some people think I am crazy. It hurts me to see people (some of them, my own friends) make fun of what I’m trying to do. But I do it because I care about you and your kids and I’m trying to save you from heartache and regret. I’m willing to take the backlash so that maybe someone may listen, do the research, and be able to save their child.

I did NOT become a nurse to help the government force vaccinations on the population. As a nurse, I was NOT taught the full depth of ingredients that make up a vaccine or the risks involved. I was only told that they were safe and effective. I wish this were true and we could all go on about our day. But the evidence to prove vaccines not only maim but also kill is so overwhelming that we who speak up are being labeled angry anti-vaxxers and we are being silenced for speaking the truth.

Dr. Robert Bell (former Vice President of the International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer hospital states, “The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccinations.”

Not ironically, Australia has mandated vaccines and their cancer rate is 1 in 2.
We the people are seeing that vaccine safety is as much a myth as herd immunity. Vaccines are a failure and the ACIP panel are turning a blind eye to real life matters. What you should truly be discussing at these quarterly meetings is why Merck is under investigation for fraud on the efficacy studies for the mumps portion of the MMR vaccine and what you are going to do about it.

The MMR is ineffective. There have been 2 measles deaths since 2000 but the National Vaccine Information Center states that as of March 31, 2018 there have been 89,355 reports of measles vaccine reactions, hospitalizations, injuries and deaths following measles vaccine made to the federal VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Center) including 445 related deaths, 6,196 hospitalizations and 1657 related disabilities. Over 60 percent of those adverse events occurred in children under 3 years old.

Merck is being sued for the shingles vaccine.

Merck is being sued for the Gardasil vaccine.

HPV vaccine sales are generating Merck $4.6 million a day. No wonder you all want us to be so quiet.

Miller’s Review Of critical vaccine studies states “measles can spread from fully vaccinated individuals to other fully vaccinated individuals.”

When Healthy People 2020 is here (“mandated vaccines”) and Nationwide 5G 2020 is here (“microwave radiation every 250 feet”), and everyone is getting their mandated DNA altering vaccines what are you going to talk about here when everyone is so sick then? Let me guess. More recommendations for more vaccines.

DNA sequences emit low frequency electromagnetic waves which make up DNA signals that arrange the pattern of raw DNA. Signals can potentially communicate with each other and genetically mutate by receiving data transmissions. What I am saying is that we communicate on a cellular level. We are destroying ourselves via microwave radiation and vaccines on a cellular level.

All living organisms interact and connect with electromagnetic waves. The earth has a pulse and we are meant to be connected with the pulse of the earth. We are being deliberately disconnected. This is spiritual warfare.

Just because something is mandated doesn’t make it safe and we will not comply.
—KJ MOORE, RN, BSN of 10 years, owner of Carpe Diem Nursing

February 2016. I took my son to his well-visit. He received his vaccinations in two recent visits at 2 and 4 months (vomiting, fever, rash, diarrhea immediately after the jabs, we were told it was normal). I didn’t make the connection until this visit. After vaccines he started vomiting, fever, high pitch screaming, rash and then he went limp and lifeless in my arms. He was taken the the nearest hospital and we were asked several times if he just received vaccinations. Not ONE doctor told me about VAERS! (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

Not one doctor sat down with me and showed me inserts and adverse events. I have some informed people in my life who handed me the inserts and showed me thousands of children with the same exact story. My baby had encephalitis (listed on the vaccine packaging insert). The people trying to convince you not to vaccinate have only one motivation, and that is to prevent more suffering, because they have either witnessed it first hand in their own family or know someone who has. Many parents were pro-vaccine until an adverse event or death of one of their children caused them to change their stance.

Imagine how heartbreaking and frustrating it is to have a perfectly healthy child one day and then, hours or days after they’re vaccinated, watching them develop a debilitating condition or even die. Imagine then having your doctor tell you it was just a coincidence. Then, to add insult to injury, you may be ostracized by your friends, media, and community when you decide against vaccines. As a parent of a vaccine injured child, I saw the cause and effect with my very own two eyes but no one validates my experience. This is why I urge compassion with these parents- their worlds have been turned upside down. We also hope to open a productive dialogue between the two sides and find out the truth behind this complex issue together, because this is something that affects all of our children.

It is not my intention to offend vaccine proponents and my hope is that the information presented here might help bridge a growing divide between the two sides of the debate. Our health officials and the news media are using fear and completely exaggerating the risks of disease in the U.S. as well as the risks un-vaccinated children pose, which is pitting neighbor against neighbor and parent against parent, using the classic divide and conquer strategy. There is no proof vaccines are safe. HHS were sued last year for not having a single safety study on today’s schedule. (32 years)They were sued and lost! Vaccine manufacturers are protected by a bill that was passed in 1986 that they’re not liable for their own product! The CDC has also admitted to fraud! Supreme Court ruled vaccines “unavoidably unsafe” all my links below are straight from the sources. Check out the ingredients.

The increase in the vaccine schedule on 50 doses by age 6, coincides with the significant increase in chronic neurological and autoimmune disorders in children, including pediatric cancer.

Vaccine inserts include a statement of, “This vaccine has not been evaluated for its carcinogenic or mutagenic potentials or impairment of fertility,” which suggests that the potential link between cancer and vaccines has not been thoroughly studied.

Some of the vaccine ingredients, such as formaldehyde are known carcinogens.

Vaccines and Autism. Thimerosal? MMR? or the 800 Pound Aluminum Gorilla?

Problem: How to explain the issue of synergistic toxicity in vaccines...
Importance of the problem: There are many who believe "The Problem" is Thimerosal. There are many who believe "The Problem" is the MMR vaccine. It's neither. It's both. And SO MUCH MORE.
A baby is born. On day one, that baby receives the Vitamin K shot (not a vaccine), which contains quite a lot of alcohol (9 mg. Benzyl Alcohol in Hospira) and many times the level of vitamin K that any infant would take in during a 24-hour period naturally. Alcohol is detoxified by the liver. On that same day, that baby receives the Hepatitis B vaccine - which contains 250 micrograms of aluminum. The FDA safety limit for aluminum in other injected medications (not vaccines - never been studied) is 5 micrograms per kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight, administered over a 24 hour period. The reason for the FDA limit is because before it was set, adults who received doses above that limit had such problems as kidneys shutting down and brain damage from too much aluminum.
Aluminum also targets mitochondrial function. At each of the 2, 4, 6, and 12-15 month "well-baby checks" infants who are vaccinated according to The CDC's Childhood Schedule receive up to 1,200 micrograms of aluminum in a matter of seconds. Those babies also receive (through injection or ingestion) multiple viruses, bacteria, and toxins, including, but not limited to: Thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80 and MSG.
Stop. Concept time.
Have you ever heard of the terminal complement immune system? If not, you should look it up (LIU). In short: The Terminal Complement Immune System contains three different arms: one to deal with viruses, one to deal with bacteria, and one to deal with toxins. Each part responds like a designated army going after whatever invader happens to be identified on the horizon (your infant's blood stream - after everything injected goes through the capillaries...)
Okay. Re-orient your attention here... At each of the 2, 4, 6, and 12-15 month "well-baby checks," infants are injected with viruses and bacteria (Hepatitis B, Rotavirus, Polio, multiple strains of streptococcus in the prevnar vaccine, Haemopholis B, Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, measles, mumps, rubella, 3 strains of influenza [beginning at six months], and possibly multiple strains of meningococcus). Obviously, those parts of the terminal complement immune system are going to be VERY BUSY during the first couple of years of your child's life.
Reorient again...
Thimerosal is 49.5% mercury. Mercury is toxic. Period. It is toxic to the brain and it is toxic to the immune system.
Mercury is not the only toxin in vaccines. Compared to the Childhood Vaccine Schedule of the 1990s, there is far less mercury in vaccines today's children are receiving. However, it is NOT true that it's gone. There are still "trace amounts" of the second most toxic substance on the planet in vaccines given to infants and children every day in the United States.
How much of a poison is safe to inject into your children?
So glad you asked... The answer depends on how much aluminum your child receives at the same time.
Aluminum is an adjuvant. Its purpose in vaccines is to ramp up the immune system. Aluminum increased in childhood vaccines at the same time when mercury (Thimerosal) was being reduced. These two things are not mutually-exclusive events. They are directly related. Here's how... Thimerosal (mercury) is a preservative and an anti-microbial. It was used (and still is) in multi-dose vials of vaccines because it helps to prevent contamination. In multi-dose vials, each time the seal is pierced, it increases the chance that the remainder of the vaccine inside the vial will be contaminated. Thimerosal helps to prevent that.
Multi-dose vials are cheaper to produce than single-dose vials of vaccines. When the U.S. government agencies finally made the recommendation for mercury to be taken out of vaccines for American children, vaccine manufacturers were faced with the problem of losing profits because single-dose vials are more expensive. What to do? Well... they figured out a way to use smaller bits and pieces of viruses and bacteria, but they needed an adjuvant to be sure the weaker vaccines were able to stimulate the immune system response. That's why the amount of aluminum has increased so much since Thimerosal was "removed." (It wasn't)
Aluminum makes single dose vials of vaccines cheaper.
Okay. Like mercury, aluminum is also neuro-toxic and immuno-toxic (remember The FDA safety limit? It was set for a reason.) But... aluminum is a very good adjuvant, so it ramps up the immune system and makes it respond to even smaller bits and pieces of viruses and bacteria, AND TOXINS.
The reason why aluminum is used in vaccines in the first place, is exactly why aluminum is SO DANGEROUS when combined with even the smallest amounts of OTHER TOXINS - including Thimerosal (still present in "trace amounts"), formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, MSG and others.
Aluminum ramps up the immune system - and just think about what that does when food proteins are injected along with aluminum... Do you think it's any great coincidence that those proteins used in vaccines for infants and children (milk, egg, yeast, peanut) are among the most frequently diagnosed and the most serious food allergies in children?
So, gather your thoughts for a moment. Here's what happens...
Infant is vaccinated with hep B (virus) containing 250 mcg. Aluminum on first day of life. Liver is already overwhelmed from alcohol in the vitamin K shot. Infant develops jaundice (or worse). Infant receives 6-9 vaccines simultaneously at each of his/her "well-baby checks" at 2, 4, and 6 months of age. At each appointment, infant receives way more than the FDA "safe" amount of aluminum and mercury (since there is no safe amount of mercury), along with multiple viruses, bacteria, food proteins, animal proteins and DNA. Infant starts having signs of immune-system problems, usually within a short time of the 4 month vaccinations (if not before), and is then started on multiple rounds of antibiotics for ear infections and upper respiratory infections. Infant also starts having weird rashes ("viral") and "fevers of unknown origin."
What parents and physicians don't realize or take into account is what happens to the blood-brain-barrier (BBB) and the lining of the gastrointestinal tract as a result of the repeated injection of aluminum and mercury.
Nutrition time! There are certain things that are ESSENTIAL in the human body. Among those that are most important are Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc. These, along with Elemental Lithium, are "ESSENTIAL MINERALS." They are essential because when they are out of whack, nothing works right. (Technically, they are "essential" because the body can't manufacture them and they have to come from dietary intake or supplementation.)
Magnesium and Zinc are each involved in more than 300 enzymatic processes in the body, so when either one of them is depleted, or bio-unavailable, enzymes don't work. When the enzymes don't work, the body doesn't work. Period. And here's another fun fact - the essential minerals have to be in the right ratio in the body and if they aren't, they don't work. So if you have zinc, but you don't have the right amount of magnesium, zinc doesn't work (it's bio-unavailable), and vice-versa.
Aluminum and mercury deplete magnesium and zinc.

Here's a little information about zinc: ZINC is essential to maintain the integrity of BOTH the blood-brain-barrier AND the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Read that again. The linings of the GI tract and the protective covering of the brain both contain something called "zinc fingers." Zinc fingers are like the weaves in a very well-constructed basket. Native Americans used to make baskets with weaves so tight they would not leak when filled with water. That's what zinc fingers do for the brain and the gut. They keep the weaves tight. They keep good things in and they keep bad things out. When zinc is either depleted or bio-unavailable, due to displacement by aluminum and mercury, those weaves open up. The GI tract and the BBB become "hyper-permeable." As in... intestinal hyper-permability ("leaky gut syndrome") and increased permeability of the blood-brain-barrier, which allows the passage into the central nervous system (CNS) of things like viruses and bacteria which should NOT be there.
Some of the research regarding MMR vaccine and "autism" involves the finding of active measles virus in the gastrointestinal tract and in the central nervous systems of children diagnosed with "autism."
Those researchers who are looking at MMR vaccine may say, "Aha! MMR vaccine causes the GI problems and brain problems that lead to the behaviors and then the diagnosis of 'autism!'"
Some of the research regarding Thimerosal/mercury and "autism" involves the finding that symptoms of "autism" are identical to symptoms of mercury toxicity, and children who regress into 'autism' after receiving vaccines containing mercury tend to have problems with the excretion of mercury. Those researchers may say, "Aha! Thimerosal in vaccines causes "autism!"
Both are correct.

Neither is exclusively correct, and neither is wrong.

Let's invite the 800-pound Aluminum Gorilla to the discussion and start talking about the fact that the amount of aluminum injected in vaccines has never been studied for safety or efficacy. And while we're at it, let's talk about the fact that those 6-9 vaccines given at each of the "well-baby checks" have never been studied as they are being administered.
Next, let's talk about The Nuremberg Code and how medical experimentation on human subjects without their consent or knowledge is against international law.
—TIMOTHY WELSH, July 2015. Mr. Welsh's son, Tanner, is autistic from vaccines.

I have thousands of facebook friends—not one regrets not vaccinating or stopping vaccinating their kids. However, thousands of them have regrets they vaccinated due to the injuries and deaths of their kids.

February 1, 2019. Today marks one year since I made one decision that turned out to be the worst decision I’ve ever made. Getting the HPV vaccine ruined my life. I have not been the same since. Twenty-four hours after I got the vaccine I started breaking out in hives and my throat was closing up. Ive broken out in hives 3 times and almost died twice from my throat closing up and high fevers. I’ve had over 15 trips to the hospital and been hospitalized 3 times. Ive had doctors tell me they didn’t know what was going on with me and that I’m lucky to be alive. I’ve had mononucleosis, 2 sinus Infections, Flu A, Flu B, and bronchitis from how terrible my immune system has become. I had surgery to get my tonsils and adenoids removed.

I’ve lost over 15 pounds. I’ve seen over 10 doctors. I had one tell me it was all in my head. I’ve missed months of school and I missed last years prom. I’ve lost friends. I was in the hospital on Easter. I’ve had over 20 IVs. I’ve been in pain every single day. It’s been one year since I’ve been healthy. After a few months of being very sick I was then diagnosed with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and chronic migraines. You can get POTS after a bad infection. Yes I did have a few doctors agree that the vaccine caused this and I have a vaccine attorney that agreed to take my case. Please do your research on this vaccine. There’s no known cases that it actually stopped someone from getting HPV. Getting HPV can be treated, but what’s happened to me and many other people, is not treatable! People have died from the Gardasil shot! Getting the vaccine is a gamble, and personally I think the risks outweigh the benefits. I’m extremely thankful for the people who have stayed by my side and have helped me. I couldn’t of done it without them. I’m working everyday to get back to the life I once had.

Does anyone ever wonder why as modern medicine advances, so does cancer and other diseases?

Do you remember dreaming about the future when you were young? Did you think about where you would be and how you would look? Did you wonder if you would go to college and earn a degree; get married to your soul mate; have a successful career or raise your children? My sister, Mary Kathryn Dick, had all those aspirations, and she was living them out until her dreams were taken away April 8, 2009.

Before I describe what has happened to her, you need to know and understand the spirited, energetic person she was before that day.

Mary Kathryn Campbell was born December 7, 1977, at Saint Mary's Hospital in the Metro-Detroit area. She was a healthy baby girl who weighed seven pounds and 10 ounces and measured 20 inches long. As a toddler, Mary was active and in excellent health. She loved to play, draw and sing at the top of her lungs on the swing set in the backyard.

As an elementary student, Mary was in ballet, t-ball and an active Brownie member. When Mary turned seven, our parents decided to move to Bedford County, Pennsylvania, in the Northern Bedford County School District located approximately 95 miles West of Pittsburgh.

In senior high school Mary decided to drop football cheerleading and picked up varsity basketball and wrestling cheerleading to better suit her already active fall schedule. She also continued to advance herself in swimming lesson levels and had many days of playing on the varsity soccer team after school; only to perform later in the evenings for the Northern Bedford High School Marching Band and\or county chorus.

She continued on the set of WNBC's morning announcement show and the varsity softball team in the spring. She even performed in the senior high school play entitled "Whole Lotta' Shakin' Goin' On.' " Furthermore, Mary was in Ski Club, Art Club, Press Club and Yearbook. She consistently lettered in sports, and her senior class of 1996 voted her the following titles: Senior Class of 1996 Most Argumentative and Senior Class of 1996 Most Opinionated.
She married her high school Sweet heart Mark and has 3 very young boys.

My sister Mary completed her life-long dream of earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development and Family Studies from the Pennsylvania State University, Altoona campus in 2002. She was especially interested in working with mentally delayed adults to enable them to better live happy, functional lives. She compassionately served in this capacity for the Human Development and Family Studies department at Skills of Blair County, Pennsylvania, and also at North Star Support Services in Altoona, PA. As a Supports Coordinator, she was responsible for everything from assisting them with understanding their mail to making sure they were safe.

She had a 52-person caseload and was required to write 50-60 page support plans for many of those cases.

She has two children born on the same day just seven years apart. She was very excited about the newborn and the first born sharing the same birthdays. Shortly after, she learned she was expecting her third and final baby. Another healthy baby boy named Conner Edward Dick was born on December 7, 2007, which also happens to be Mary's birthday. This was very exciting to her and the entire family.

She was living out her dream. Life had its bumps, but the family got through it all together. That all would soon change in an instant.

On April 8, 2009, Mary took her son Conner to Nason Pediatrics for his routine follow up exam. After the examination, Conner received two shots: MMR #1 (measles, mumps and rubella) in the left thigh and Varicella (chicken pox), which was injected into his right thigh. Mother and son went on their way. Within a few days, Mary and Conner both developed a rash.

Little did we know that a routine check up and MMR vaccination would have such devastating effects on her life... her dreams. Her once fulfilling life would soon change.

On or around April 22, 2009, my sister's personality started to slowly and gradually change. She wasn't talking correctly, or if she wanted to say something, her words were not coming out as easily as the way they always did. Her expressions she used to make were different. It was almost as if she did not understand you.

With everyday that passed, her personality changed more and drastically. This was the start of her new found illness DUE TO the MMR VACCINE!!!
From Mary's Mother: My daughter who is 31 years old, college graduate and mother of three took her 11 months old baby in for his “well baby shots”. The shots included Live virus Varicella and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). Ten days following her son's vaccinations SHE came down with Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis-ADEM. In ADEM the T-cells are triggered to attack the myelin sheath and strip it off the nerves in the brain.

Through an MRI it was discovered that her brain has huge lesions She was infected via diaper changing. It is a FACT in the CDC (center for disease control) book (doctors bible of meds) that cell shedding takes place with LIVE VIRUS vaccines via body waste.

THEY (medical community) KNOW THIS HAPPENS. YET NO ONE WARNED US! My daughter lost her ability to talk and walk, lost fine motor skills in hands and arms and lost bladder control. Her mental condition also deteriorated. It has been one year since this has happened. She has partially gained walking ability and her speech is better, but the lesions remain and now we are told it has triggered MS in her!

Through testing we were able to rule out varicella, but there was NO kit for measles testing! According to her neurologist the live vaccine was the culprit. But we have no way to prove it. No one is accepting responsibility for what has happened to her. She is a victim of vaccines.

The pediatrician reported this event to the VACCINE ADVERSE EPISODE REPORTING SYSTEM (VAERS) and is no longer employed at the pediatric clinic. My daughter doesn't qualify for compensation through VAERS because they do not allow third party compensation in PA. If you must get your child vaccinated WEAR GLOVES WHEN CHANGING BABY!

I am telling you more than the medical field does to protect you. Believe me, my daughter’s life has been destroyed due to vaccines. Now our family no longer has to have live vaccines. Big deal, the damage has already been done. Pray for her, please, her name is Mary.

Vaccines are all about having an opportunity to inject toxic resins into healthy people to turn them into lifelong pharma clients! Please read how resin components (succinates and maleinates) used as preservatives in vaccines cross-link (solidify) in contact with lactic acid in tissues thus damaging brains and other organs and how to remove these harmful deposits from tissues.

Vaccine studies are based of “models” and “projections”, not actual long term studies/testing and they just throw it out there like it’s facts.

“She was a perfectly happy and healthy baby, Nicole and I got married two weeks before Elizabeth was born, and we had a wonderful relationship.”

The family quickly started making beautiful memories, including baby’s first Halloween and Christmas. Thanksgiving was a rough time, however, because Elizabeth was hospitalized for what doctors diagnosed as a stomach virus.

“That wasn’t a good memory,” he says. “It happened right after she had her vaccines.”

As most children do, Elizabeth bounced back as a bubbly baby, and the family enjoyed their first holiday season together.

Nobody knew it would be their last.

Elizabeth went for a second round of vaccines. She was irritable and had a high fever, but Steven and Nicole considered it a normal reaction. When Monday morning rolled around, Elizabeth seemed well enough to attend day care, so the work week kicked off as usual.

I ask about Elizabeth’s demeanor that morning.

“She wasn’t ‘talking’ much, she wasn’t overly excited,” he recalls. “I just thought she was tired.”

Around 3 p.m., Steven returned home from Delgado Community College, where he was getting his prerequisites for a degree.

“I got a phone call from a police officer,” he says. “He told me I needed to come to the hospital and wouldn’t tell me why. When he said that, I knew it had something to do with Elizabeth.”

Steven raced to the hospital, where he was placed in a waiting room upon arrival. He paced the floors, asking what happened to his daughter, wondering why nobody would give him details.

“After about 20 minutes, doctors, cops and nurses all came in at once,” he tells me. “When I saw all those people, I knew what happened.”

Elizabeth was dead.

The coroner deemed Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as the cause. The sitter had put Elizabeth down for a nap, and upon checking on her an hour later, discovered she wasn’t breathing.

Steven thinks Nicole blames him for Elizabeth’s death in some ways, as he was the one who chose the sitter. He sees things from another perspective, suggesting that vaccines played a role.

You can’t always assume doctors know what they’re talking about,” he says, noting that his two kids from a previous marriage, both of whom were vaccinated, developed autism and attention deficit disorder.

The only healthy ones are my 5- and 6-year-olds, and neither of them got vaccines.

I had my 30 week OB appointment today and was told by the nurse that I needed a TDap shot, which is given at the 30-32 week pregnant mark. I asked what it was for and my doctor told me, "Young children and babies get sick from pertussis very easily, so what the vaccine does is creates a barrier around the unborn child.”

I said “No, thank you.”

At that point, both the doctor and the nurse gave me a concerning look.. I asked for the insert to the TDaP vaccine and was handed the Vaccine Information Statement. “This is not what I asked for", I said.

They come back a second time with the actual vaccine insert. Mind you, I was the first to read it because the tape that seals it hadn't been ripped yet, which means nobody else bothered to read it. Standing there in front of the doctor and the nurses.

I read that the TDaP vaccination is not approved for individuals under 10 yrs of age. Safety and efficacy of the TDaP vaccine in people less than 10 yrs of age have not been established. Animal reproduction studies have not been conducted with the vaccine. It is also unknown whether TDaP can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman.
So if it's not safe for kids under 10, why are they giving it to an under-developed baby? The nurses quietly left the room and my doctor admitted to me that she NEVER READ THE WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS of the TDaP vaccine, which is given to women everyday as a common step in seeing your OB. It's not safe. Ask your doctor if it is. If they say yes, you will have caught them in a lie.

I’ve never felt more comfortable in any decision in my life as I do by NOT Vaccinating my children.

Vaccine injuries do not only happen to infants and children, I was 39 when I became vaccine injured. I had been in the healthcare field since 2000. I was a surgical tech, medical assistant, my last job in a physician/hospital setting was as a surgery coordinator while going back to school for my RN. NEVER in any of my college classes were we taught about ingredients or adverse reactions in vaccines. We were taught, what vaccine to give and at what age. Truth be told, I have always been leery of the one size fits all for vaccines. My first baby was over 9 pounds, my friends baby was born at 6 pounds 2 days before my son was born but they received the exact same dose of a vaccine because of their age? Every medicine given goes by age and weight except vaccines. I vaccinated my kids but I did delayed schedule and one or two vaccines at a time because it just didn’t seem right to me. Thankfully my kids are fine!

Anyway, I switched jobs to a new hospital on December 2013, prior to my employment starting I needed a pre-employment physical. They wanted me to repeat the Hep B series (which I had in college in 1999) when my titers came back as 0. I refused the flu vaccine which was fine as long as I wore a mask during flu season.

After the first shot, I was ridiculously tired, but I just contributed it from going from afternoons to a 6 am shift. A month later I had the second shot and that’s when all hell broke loose in my body. I started having horrible pain and burning in my eyes from overhead lighting and was made worse from looking at a computer. Then I started having problems walking and sitting because of horrendous muscle spasms and joint pain. Then came the migraines that lasted up to 16 days straight. Then add swollen lymph nodes to the point where I couldn’t eat and cried putting on deodorant.

Finally debilitating fatigue, shortness of breath and tachycardia. Prior to that vaccine, I saw my family doctor maybe once a year because of a cold. After the second vaccine, I was seeing him at least once a month and was referred to several specialists because no one knew what the hell was wrong with me. NONE of us put 2 and 2 together. After almost 3 years, every test imaginable (the only things they showed was low vitamin D levels and a positive ANA), I was finally diagnosed with ME/CFS (Myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome ) and eventually fibromyalgia. No specialists in my area for ME/CFS, so after a ton of research, came across several studies of it being diagnosed AFTER the Hep B vaccine. Then I was like OMG all this started after I had 2 of the 3 shots. I called the hospital which made me get the vaccines, they told me I was crazy, they never gave them to me. After tearing my house apart I found my copy of the vaccine records, I called HR and told them (after they told me I was crazy again) the next call they get is from my attorney because they lost my medical records. Within 15 minutes I got a call that they found my records! I contacted an attorney for vaccine injury court, but I missed the 3 year statute of limitations, so there was nothing I can do.

I ended up having to quit my new job after 5 months because I got so sick. Over the last 5.5 years, I tried going back to work twice. I tried doing home healthcare and I tried a desk job at 15 hours a week and I couldn’t even do that. So all of my doctors agreed I need to file for disability (still going through that process). I am currently 90% homebound and spend a majority of my time in a super dark, quiet room. I have severe photophobia [extreme sensitivity to light] and I’m super sensitive to sound now. I’m mostly bedridden and when I do walk to the bathroom I have to hold on to the walls or use a cane.

It’s ridiculous!! I was perfectly healthy and active (hiking, yoga, working out at the gym) prior to that stupid Hep B vaccine! I have come across a ton of other people that are going through the same as me after that vaccine. I came across a research study that 120 nurses in Canada became disabled with ME/CFS after the Hep B series! There are no cures and really no treatments (other than treating symptoms) I did not physically die from this vaccine but I will be sick for the rest of my life and everyday is a struggle!

My daughter Beth. This is what vaccine injury looks like. This happened multiple times; life flights, ambulance rides, hours on end in the ER, doctors telling me they just don't know what causes seizures/epilepsy—it just happens, deep breath while I'm mentally screaming expletives in my mind thinking about it, how ignorant and uninformed I was. My only hope is some day the EEGs will show normal brain waves, that the two seizure meds per day can stop. And the other injuries: ADHD, strabismus and allergies, praying they are healed as well. But until then, I will never shut up telling people about the dangers of needless vaccines.

I am 45 years old and a director of a preschool. I live in Washington state where we had a huge measles outbreak. I was exposed to the measles while I had my daughter at the doctors. I have twins and they are both fully vaccinated they are seven years old. My daughter was fine because she had all her immunizations, but I was vaccinated in 1976, had a Titer test that showed I was not Immune. Due to my line of work I was basically bullied by the health department to get the MMR booster. I had the MMR booster on 5 March and on 23 March. I was in the hospital paralyzed from the neck down. Before this booster I was completely healthy—no diabetes no high blood pressure no health problems. I was diagnosed with GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome, paralysis, polio) after vaccination. My life is now a constant struggle. I can walk now, but I still have severe numbness and Tingling in my hands and feet and an extremely fatigued. I do have a lawyer who is filing a claim in my behalf through the vaccine injury compensation program. I was told I could never have another vaccine during my lifetime. The two videos are me in March, trying to learn how to re-walk, and me now.

She was born perfectly healthy, that’s how it always starts out. I remember being in the hospital the night I gave birth to her and the one nurse that was doing all of her tests said to me ,“Wow! She passed her brain test with flying colors, 100% I’ve never seen that before I don’t think.”

Now maybe she was lying to me or over exaggerating but I thought that was some amazing news! Two months old and it’s time for routine vaccines. I thought it was my ‘job’ as a mom to vaccinate my kids, I thought, “Well, I’m fully vaxxed, why shouldn’t my kid be as well right?” And boy was I wrong. My child definitely took one for the team for that ‘herd immunity’ that doesn’t actually exist.

She started to have very subtle seizures, they were these tiny little ‘twitches’ but she was a newborn they all are kind of twitchy figuring out how to use those limbs and stuff. At first I didn’t question it, they never told me seizures could be a side effect of being vaccinated so I never really questioned it. But they started coming more often, she would have maybe one or two a day at first, and then slowly I would notice like 5 in a day, where I sat there and went, “Wow, that was weird. What was that?” So I took a video of these weird twitches and that day made an appointment with our pediatrician, ours was not in this day but I chose another one in the same building since I just wanted her in ASAP!

Pediatrician looked at the video for a second, and stopped me and said, “She has acid reflux, you should just go on a plain diet and that should help her.” Since I was breastfeeding it made sense right? Those twitches easily could just have been some gas pain. He also said at the end of our visit that day, “You’re just a worried first time mom, everything’s fine, she’s okay.”

And those words still hurt my heart to this day. She was not okay. She was suffering.

Thank god I only took her pediatricians words for what they were for a couple days, slowly the ‘twitches’ were getting worse, they were happening more and more every single day that passed, couldn’t have been acid reflux, I had been eating very plain foods that whole time and nothing changed.

That’s when I decided to get a second opinion, she was immediately rushed to a children’s hospital 2.5 hours from our home. They discovered she was suffering from infantile spasms, they are extremely subtle seizures, but pack a huge punch on a newborn brain. Every seizure that passed she would lose a little bit of herself and her brain cells. She was having a seizure about every 40-60 minutes and would have multiple in just 2 minutes. Sadly, it didn’t stop there. We were able to discover she had an underlying condition called a cortical dysplasia, a piece of benign tissue that was underdeveloped from birth, that specific spot was where her seizures were coming from. We were given an anti seizure medication that worked! She was seeing results and wasn’t seizing anymore!

4 months old now and it’s time for a well check. I was so nervous for this appointment I knew I’d be denying vaccines but I was so scared to get talked into it so I brought my mom along with me. She has quite the backbone so I thought she would help me say no! Well, of course that pediatrician told me she would DIE if I did not have her vaccinated that day, I replied, “Well what if we just wait and we’ll do them at a later date?” The pediatrician ended up talking me into vaccinating again and I’m still so mad at myself.

My daughter was once again rushed to the children’s hospital just days later. She was now having two more types of seizures along with the infantile spasms, and they were coming at a constant rate of every 20-40 minutes. She would seize for about 1-2 minutes each time. No medication was even touching them, there was no saving her from the seizures without surgery.

At this point the doctors told me there wasn’t anything they could do for her until she’s older. She was only 4 months old, she was too high risk for brain surgery. They maxed her out on all of her anti seizure medications in order to ‘try’ and lessen the seizures, they did not help. She suffered about 50 seizures daily until she was 9 months old when brain surgery was finally an option as she was now bigger and it was easier to operate on her. Insurance actually gave me a huge issue towards her surgery too, another reason it was held off so long which is absolutely disgusting if you ask me.

Vaccines did this to her, she didn’t need this. She just wanted to grow up like a ‘normal’ kid. Hell thats all I wanted for her too. Instead I practically had a newborn until she was 9 months old. She couldn’t even sit up unsupported. The day after she had her surgery she sat up in her crib all by herself, I was shocked!

She has been seizure free ever since her surgery and I couldn’t be any happier. She’s no longer vaccinated and I’ve never seen her healthier!

My little girl took one for the team, she suffered her whole first year of life. So thankful to be as knowledgeable as I am now on the subject.

She’s now a very bright and smart 3 year old, can count to 30, knows and can recognize all the letters of the alphabet, and she’s happy, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

-1st picture is right after her surgery.

-2nd picture, notice she’s sitting up on her own? Just 24 hours after the surgery was performed, she could not sit up on her own beforehand.

-3rd picture was from Monday.

Thank you all for the reading her story. I’m so sorry to hear all the stories similar to hers. Our babies deserve so much more! Let’s be their voice!

I have 3 kiddos. A 4 year, 3 year old, and 4 month old. My two oldest are fully vaccinated and up to date on shots. My baby (only boy) had the Hep B and vitamin K at birth and his 2 month shots. A month after his shots in May he got his two bottom teeth and began to break out in severe eczema (all over) to the point of pussing. He was breastfed but with the breaking out and his face literally pussing from grabbing and scratching his face constantly we found out so far he is allergic to eggs. I have never given the flu shot but with everything going on with my baby I am not okay with vaccinating him. I’m not sure if this is a possible reaction from his shots. But I’m just not trusting it. I don’t even think I want to get my older kiddos their vaccines. I’m just not comfortable with it. Is this sort of reaction “common” for vaccine injuries and that late after his shots? I’ve refused his 4 month shots and just want better links to research. I’ve looked at all the ingredients and everything that goes into our babies little bodies and it’s just horrible. I wish I would’ve done my research 4 years ago. Attached below is a picture of my boy and his “severe eczema” (he also tested for a bacterial infection on his face but that’s from grabbing and scratching EVERYDAY for the last 1.5 month.

Recurring ear infections in your vaccinated child isn’t a coincidence. It’s called Otitis Media. It is a vaccine side effect listed right on the manufacturers’ product inserts.

The manager told me all about the new school and what happens there. We chatted and were on the same page. It sounds awesome. She asked about me and Gideon just to get an idea of how I raise him and stuff. I had to tell her that Gideon is not vaccinated and I asked her if that would be a problem. She said no it would not but that I would have to sign something saying that he is not vaccinated. She said if there was for example an "outbreak" of chicken pox that he would need to be isolated and so would the child who was showing symptoms. She said he would need to be isolated so that he would not be able to catch it. I wanted to say so much to this but just dropped it and agreed. I would rather him catch it! Then I could rest knowing he would have life long natural immunity.

It's so stupid. Mothers used to throw chickenpox and measles parties in the past so the kids could get the natural immunity that lasts forever. The vaccinated immunity is not lifelong and it comes with extra toxins. Vaccines don't create immunity, they cause an immune response to fight off the poisonous chemicals which weakens the immune system. Hence the "outbreaks". How people can't see this is all for profit is baffling to me. It's complete insanity. I've heard people say that we don't have to worry about the measles or the chicken pox anymore because of vaccines. If that were true why are we having "outbreaks"? The unvaccinated are healthy and can't spread something they don't have. While the ones being injected with the live virus are told to stay indoors at least 2 weeks after. I'm just shocked at how ignorant everyone has become on these viral infections. They are not diseases. They are not life threatening in the least, yet we have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe they are. Mark my words if everyone on the planet gets vaccinated these outbreaks will not stop...

If the manufacturers, doctors, politicians and media were confident in their case on the vaccine argument why do they feel the need to censor us? I don't try to silence anyone because I am pretty confident that vaccines cause way more harm than good. If you are on the side of truth you do not need to censor the opposing argument.


If a "health officer" shows up at your door, do not answer the door. They can leave that little illegal threat paper on your door with the fine and meet you in court later. If you do open the door or engage with them, and s/he demands to check your vaccine papers, and threatens that you and your children will be force vaccinated against your will or face a $1000 fine, state this:

You will take the $1000 fine, but you will also:

1. You will make a legal investigation as to whether a 48 hour notice is within the law to force a medical product or procedure on an unwilling individual.

2. You will make a legal investigation as to whether it is within the law to force a no-liability product that is currently in litigation for fraud on an unwilling individual.

3. You will make a legal record that they are in violation of the Code of Federal Regulations which guarantees patients free, prior, and informed consent, and the right to refuse any medical procedure or medical research study. Vaccines are a no-liability product and a perpetual post-market surveillance safety study, and any subjects, including our children fall under protection of The National Research Act [Title II, Public Law 93-348], Regulations for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research [45 CFR 46] and revisions of various regulations, rules, and laws ([21 CFR 50], [21 CFR 56], [45 CFR 46 Subpart D], [10 CFR 745], that guarantee pregnant women, fetuses and children special protections [45 CFR 46 Subpart B, 45 CFR 46 Subpart D].

4. You will make a legal record of the violation of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and the first tenant of the Nuremberg Code that states the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

5. You will make legal record of their violation of Article 3.2 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights which states: The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.

TELL THEM YOU CAN FINE ME NOW, but expect to refund my money or to find that your fine is illegal very soon. DO NOT COMPLY: Your compliance validates their power to force an illegal act upon the citizens. DO NOT COMPLY. STAND YOUR GROUND.


My daughter changed drastically following her 1 year vaccines. We thought she was deaf but all hearing tests have passed so now they're saying it's perhaps a spectrum disorder. I haven't reported anything to VAERS yet because I was trying to wait for a diagnosis. But it's been 9 months already and I have no idea when we'll get a diagnosis. Should I get all info I do have together and submit it? I took her to her doctor within a week due to her hearing and when they blew me off saying, "Vaccines don't cause autism.” We took her to the ER where they couldn't tell us why she wasn't responding to sound either and sent us home with a diagnosis of a virus.

A Facebook friend just messaged me about another innocent baby gone due to vaccines, “My dear friend lost her daughter 5 days after her 2 month vaccines, but no one is putting it together but me. No one knows about my vaccine stance. My friend’s other child is severely autistic. Just want to tell you I admire your braveness.”

The Mom is NOT connecting the dots and she doesn't really know how to approach the vaccine issue. She has never mentioned vaccines on her page or to anyone in her family.

She now feels guilty for not speaking up or sharing because maybe it would have planted a seed. I told her, not necessarily. My entire family still vaccinates , so do not beat your self up over something that she may have continued to ignore, like most people.

She is also an RN and is afraid of being blacklisted or attacked by trolls, like so many other nurses are.

They can't stand when a medical professional goes against the status quo, and doesn't blindly follow pharma funded medical books, especially when it's concerning vaccines.
How would you approach this situation? I advised her to maybe start by sharing real stories where babies have died within hours or days of vaccination. Vaccines are not one size fits all and this notion that they can never harm or the parroted *1 in a million * lie is absolutely absurd, really. When ibuprofen is estimated to cause at least 16,000 deaths per year and send 100,000 people to the emergency room in the U.S.

So, why do people blindly believe a biologic filled with bacteria, contaminates, viruses, animal and human DNA, formaldehyde, Aluminum, MSG, antibiotics, polysorbate 80 and fetal cow serum can never cause harm or death? It's written write on the package insert.

Especially when we give 6-9 different vaccines at one time. A schedule that has never been tested collectively for synergistic toxicity or effectiveness, ever.

My daughter died from a MMR vaccine and no one wants to talk about it in a public forum. Read on and learn what I have about vaccines.

I wrote to newspapers, television shows, etc., only to find rejection or no response at all. In my case it appears that no one wants to talk about vaccine injuries. My reason for posting is not to debate whether one should vaccinate or not. I just only want to tell others what we did not know, what the doctors don't tell you, how politics continues to cover for the drug companies thanks to their lobbying efforts. I know first hand that in this state our Governor was trying to pass a law (yes and actual law this time) requiring teenage girls to receive the Gardasil vaccine— only to find out that the governor's wife was on the payroll of one of the largest drug manufacturers to the tune of $100,000 a year! Once this came out right on our capitol floor the movement for the law was dropped right then and there! This was in the last 2 years.

I don't want to argue the pros or cons regarding medicine with anyone. I just don't think we should be required by any law to have any type of medicine, chemical, etc. injected into our system. I REALLY object to being advised that a vaccination is required because there is a law when in fact there isn’t!

Here is what I do know. My daughter was examined and deemed healthy prior to the vaccination and on that day received ONLY the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination (yes, I know MMR is 3 in 1 combo vaccine) and after a very in depth autopsy to include inspection of the body, testing her body organs and tissues for any known or perceived causes of encephalitis in the USA and ALL other countries, every test came back negative. I remember saying to the doctor that, "Then it must have been the vaccine.”

He said without hesitation, "It was not the vaccine.”

I replied, “Bullshit!”

He followed with, "Max, I represent a children's hospital. I am not going to go on record stating it was the vaccine when there is no proof it was the vaccine.”

I remember being at that hospital. My wife and I called into a large conference room where there must have been a dozen white coats in there. And for what seemed like an hour, we were asked about her symptoms, what did she eat, had she been in any lake, swimming pool, had she been sick, and many many more questions. They were very thorough. Then the question was asked had she been vaccinated recently to which my wife replied, "Yes, seven days ago, it was an MMR vaccine.”

The whole mood in the room changed and I asked, "What? What just happened? Was the vaccine the cause of this? What is going on here?"

The doctor said that wasn't it and then they all got up and left the room.

I just don't want anyone else to have to go through this. The fall out since has been nothing short of devastating. My marriage of 17 years was destroyed by this event—not quickly mind you, but slowly. I am still trying to reach out to a public forum in which to tell my story. There is so much more to tell than what I have shared here. Knowledge is power. I want other parents to have this knowledge. I know personally of one child that has been saved from encephalitis from this knowledge. They acted fast and this child is now a normal young man today.

In another case I took my son to the hospital after a minor cut. He was 14 at the time and the doctor said he would need a tetanus vaccine. I told him that we would do it later and insisted that it was the law and I told him that I had already lost one child to a vaccine and he was NOT going to vaccinate my son until I could view the website. He looked at me as if he didn't understand. He also seemed offended but I did not care. After viewing the website I learned there are 4 types of this particular vaccine and each one has a history of more adverse reactions than the others. Please, read the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) website. It has data of people of all ages and the results of their injuries.

God Bless!

This African boy hugged by Angelina Jolie has autism. He is tied to the post to stop him from wandering away and getting eaten by lions, or falling into the well during a seizure. Wandering is what children with autism do. And when the brain damage is severe enough, the child has seizures too. The condition is called “African Nodding Disease” where the child stares blankly for a few minutes and the head falls forward briefly like someone nodding off to sleep. This name is given to hide the true condition, which is an Absence Seizure, named thus because the victim looks blank and appears to be ‘absent’ during the seizure. Seizures are a symptom of brain damage. Millions of children in Uganda aged strictly between 5-15 now suffer from this. The cause? Vaccines. Vaccines given specifically to 5-15 year-olds. Vaccines are already toxic, but they are more damaging to African children because they are malnourished and their bodies are not strong enough to fight off the viruses in the needle.

The vaccines given to African children are even MORE toxic than the ones we have because they are expired lots, are not stored properly in the African heat in remote places with no electricity, are lots that have been recalled in the West because they have been found to kill or maim more children than the usual rate, or are vaccines that nobody wanted to buy, like the highly toxic H1N1 vaccine. (Most of the children in Uganda, like the one above, were given the H1N1 vaccine.) To destroy these expired or unsold vaccines would mean billions in losses for pharmaceutical companies. So what do they do? They get their shareholders, who are also the main decision-makers in the WHO, to buy the vaccines off from them. Then they dump these vaccines in poor third-world countries like (in) Africa and India under the guise of charity, where people are illiterate and deaths and vaccine injuries are never reported in the media because there is no media in their cow-dung huts!! Children who do not die immediately will suffer for a few months or years before they eventually die from brain damage. Who gave them these vaccines? Unicef.

I live in the UK where they point blank deny vaccine damage. In 2014 I found out I was pregnant with my little boy. I had 2 conditions during my pregnancy, 1) gestational diabetes, and 2) hyperemesis gravidarum. I was bullied into having the flu vaccine and the whooping cough vaccine to which I had a mild reaction lasting for a month. I delivered 3 weeks early to a very healthy and happy baby boy. He was very forward meeting all his milestones and even talking early. Then when he was 13 months old he had his MMR vaccine. That day he wouldn't eat (very unusual for him), then that night he got a high fever. His whole body was hot to touch so we rushed him to the hospital. He developed a rash all over his lower body and still had the fever and wouldn't eat. They kept him in for 4 nights on strong antibiotics, claiming that it was just an infection. His fever began to go down and he started to eat but wouldn't talk.

We took him home and the hospital staff gave us antibiotics for him to take for the next week. We gave him his antibiotics as instructed and he did recover from his illness, but he stopped talking and wouldn't make eye contact. We watched our son regress very quickly.

He is 4.5 years old now and has been diagnosed with autism. He still talks like a toddler (not full sentences and made up words). If you try and get him to listen to you, he has trouble making eye contact. He has severe behavioral problems and doesn't understand basic instructions. When I spoke to my doctor (many times) I am always shooed away with the excuse that autism manifests around 1 year old, so it wasn't the MMR vaccine. It’s just one of those things, but my doctor couldn't or wouldn't answer when I told him that this didn't happen around the same time as the vaccine but on the same day. I watched the lights go out in my son’s eyes—it is the only way to describe it.

Update: I got a letter through the post saying that my youngest is now over due for his MMR vaccination.

I have always debated sharing our full, detailed story about Grady. I’ve always been pretty quiet with our journey with him and have never voiced how we truly feel. And I feel that time has come to an end. I have so many people around me who don’t believe our story. Who call us crazy. Who laugh in our faces when we sit in tears sharing our heartbreaking story. And sadly some of those people have been people I’ve always thought would be my biggest supporters. Some family. Some extremely close friends. And I no longer am not going to share our story. Because some don’t even know it. Some have never even heard our heart break. So, I’m going to tell it. And if you still can’t respect it, then I’ll gladly show you the door.

When I became pregnant with Grady, literally all my anxiety I’ve ever had came pouring out. All the different things you’re told. What to do, and what not to do. It really wasn’t even a question to Jeremy and I to follow our dr and vaccinate him on schedule. His apt at two months he had his normal ones. One of them being the Dtap vaccine, also known as the whooping cough vaccine. My heart broke watching him cry and scream but I knew it was needed and to trust the doctor. That same night he had his vaccines we ended up in the ER. I’ll never forget that night. I was in the bathtub when I heard this scream that still haunts me. It was like someone was stabbing him. Jeremy was already running into the bathroom with him as I ran out, and after he stopped screaming and threw up he went completely limp in my arms. He would not respond to us. We rushed him to the ER where he had a 105 fever and kept going unconscious a few more times. They admitted him and sent him by ambulance to the children’s hospital for tests and to see what was going on. We had to sit and watch all of this with our only 8 week old son. All tests came back fine. The doctors had absolutely zero answer. They tried telling us it was from switching formulas so much. His body couldn’t handle it.

Fast forward to us still giving him his vaccines as we didn’t know that was the issue then. After EVERY single apt... he would be sick and high fevers within hours. He ended up getting full on chicken pox from his vaccine. Which they told me was insanely rare and would never happen.

His 18 month apt we were behind on some shots, and I had told his dr he had a small fever that day but they told me it wasn’t high and he was okay. He had 6 vaccines in one that day. And after that day... our little boy started to fade. He no longer replied to us calling his name. He no longer ate all his favorite foods. He stopped saying mama and daddy. He went into his own world. And at 2 he was diagnosed with severe autism. He developed food sensitives and he has severe gut issues. It wasn’t until I met other parents and started my research that I put it all together.

Let’s talk about the Dtap for a min here. Look it up. Look up the side effects that are listed RIGHT on the insert for us parents to see, and listed on the CDC website. Brain damage and brain swelling is one. Encephalitis. That horrible, gut wrenching scream he did at 2 months old? That was encephalitis. His brain was swelling. And his brain even now at almost 5 is STILL swollen. Each time we gave him more vaccines, his brain was swelling more and more. He was in pain and we had no idea.

Now let’s talk about the MTHFR gene. Grady has it. An MTHFR gene mutation may change the way you metabolize and convert nutrients from your diet into active vitamins, minerals, and proteins your body can use. This genetic mutation may also affect hormone and neurotransmitter levels, brain function, digestion, cholesterol levels, and more. So Grady’s body can not process and detox toxins the way most people can. Which this mutation actually can qualify you for medical exemption as your body will overload with so much crap in it.

Vaccines are not a one size fits all. And I am NOT here to tell you that all cases of autism are like ours. That there aren’t autistic children who aren’t even vaccinated and still have it. That’s their story. And they had another outside, environmental change effect their child. But for US. This is our story. We have spent hours on end researching. We have read every single book. We have talked to doctors who believe what we do. We have heard from other parents who share this same journey and walk with us. And I can not adore those people anymore.

Why are we so quick to dismiss vaccine injury when there has been over $4 BILLION paid out to parents in vaccine injury court? They wouldn’t be paid if there wasn’t hard evidence showing. Why are we so quick to call these broken parents insane when we all have the same story? If your child had an allergy to peanuts everyone would be fine and believe you. There is SO much scientific evidence and proof that vaccines are not what they are made out to be. ESP for children with this gene.

I am not crazy. I am a mother. A mother who watched her child completely disappear. A mother who has to sit in tears with her son as he tries so freaking hard to communicate with you and can’t. A mother who knows looking into her sons eyes for too long physically hurts him. A mother who watches her son grab his belly all the time in pain from all his gut issues from the combo of vaccines/antibiotics because he was always sick as a baby. A mother who holds her son daily while he cries in frustration.

Remember when the CDC said cigarettes didn’t cause cancer? Remember when they said certain meds were 120% safe and now they cause cancer?

Stop dismissing us. Stop calling us crazy. We are human. And we mothers and fathers.

This little boy is why I’ll never give up. I love him more than he will ever possibly know.

I had Autoimmune issues including Lyme in remission before I got pregnant. I was given the RhoGam shot even though I told the doctor I had an adverse reaction to immunoglobulin in the past and was treated with IV Solumedrol, IV Benadryl 3 times after IVIG at the SAME hospital in 2017. They promised me I would have NO reaction as it’s micrograms of immunoglobulin in RhoGam. What they failed to tell me is RhoGam is full of heavy metals which my body cannot detox. As a Woman of faith I did the shot because I was told I "needed to" and reassured many times there would be no reaction.

Within a few minutes of having the injection I got neurological issues first started as anaphylaxis which have worsened to seizures, confusion, barely able to walk, barely able to talk at times, tardive dyskinesia, akathisia, brain burning, skin burning, weakness, high blood pressure, high heart rate, sometimes low heart rate down to 10bpm.

My Daughter was taken from me I haven’t seen her since June 10, 2019, when I was caring for her in the hospital. Since then symptoms have only worsened. Those around me don’t understand but I feel my brain swelling and hurting, skin constantly burns, I am suffering horrific torture since. Family members have abandoned me because the hospital lied and said I am “psycho"—they will not admit med damage. I've had to go back multiple times.

I've seen my OB and other doctors who have done full neurological examines on me, which I failed. Nobody admits this is damage and I don’t know if it’s permanent, but I love my Daughter. I’m trying to fight for her even though I feel like my body is dying. I am so scared to die but scared to suffer. I am posting this in hope anyone knows how to help me. I want to be a Mom. It’s been a dream my whole life and now it's been taken and I am being tortured in every bit of my being. All I know is God knows my suffering. He knows my pain, and He knows how hard I'm struggling to survive day to day. I will lose my apartment in a few days on the 1st because I cannot pay my rent. I need good Lawyers to help me get justice but have no money for good Lawyers to help me see my Daughter, who my ex took from me despite not wanting to help my entire pregnancy. God knows. Here are pictures before and after the shot. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see I was fine until that shot.

Thank you for any help. Please reach out to me if only for prayer. I feel like God will either save me or take me home. I pray for all those suffering.

My daughter is almost 15 and had all vaccines when born and up until kindergarten, none after that. She has severe stomach issues, she has a lot of consequences if she eats the following: red sauce, hot sauce, soda, spaghetti, pizza, syrup, etc.—those are just a few. Anyway, what can I do to help alleviate her pain? She can hardly eat anything without being sick. (Side note: she has been to a pediatric gastroenterologist and they say nothing is wrong with her and want to keep giving her pills that don't help). I know, no one here is a doctor and cannot diagnose anyone. I’m just looking for advice on things I can buy to help heal her stomach or at the very least help her be able to at least eat without being in so much pain.

I no longer vaccinate any of my children!

I want to start off by saying that yes I am anti-vaxx. I don't believe that vaccines are safe and find it unworthy to gamble my life away.
I once had nothing against vaccines but that changed when I had my own allergic reaction to 2 vaccines (Hepatitis A & TDAP), which have high toxicity levels of mercury and aluminum in them. I almost lost my life to because those chemicals went straight to my brain, giving me a brainstem lesion.

I got those vaccines in the summer of 2010, when I was 12 years old, for the upcoming school year. I spent 3 months in Riley's Children's hospital fighting to save my life. While there, my oxygen dropped to 85% and I was on the ventilator for a month. Then I spent another month at the next hospital, Methodists hospital, where Riley's Rehab was at the time.

The years have been difficult to say the least and I still suffer everyday because of what those vaccines have done. But I am not done fighting and I’m striving to win this battle for I know that with God helping and guiding me through this journey my 100% HEALING WILL BE MANIFESTED!

Now with all that said, I know there are many who are pro-vaxxers just like I was when I was a kid, as well as there are many anti-vaxxers like I am now. There are those who are on the fence—not sure what to do and not do.

Let me give you my unbiased opinion. Yes, vaccines could help you. You could get the vaccine, giving you trace amounts of the disease, which could cause you immunity. Yes, you could get the vaccine, giving you trace amounts of the disease, causing you to develop the disease. I personally have never got a disease from a vaccine but my brother has. He got the chickenpox vaccine and had chickenpox. Yes, you could get the vaccine and have a bad allergic reaction to it causing the chemicals go straight to your brain and almost losing your life, like I almost did. Either way it will always be a gamble on how your body responds to a vaccine since we are all different and have different genetic makeups.

This is a picture of me on the vent when I was at Riley's children's hospital:


*This is our story from almost 8 years ago to now*

I was told that the benefits of vaccines greatly outweigh the side effects.
I was told babies were dying left and right from vaccine preventable diseases.
I was told that my Dr has NEVER seen a side effect of a vaccine, yet has watched countless babies die and fight for their life.

I had doubts prior to having my, now almost, 8 year old. I didn't research, but I honestly had no idea where to start. Time was quickly approaching so I decided on the Dr. Sears method, a delayed schedule. I also told the Dr absolutely NO combo shots!!! None!

The doctor took advantage of of little I knew at the time. She gave my daughter "just a tetanus" shot. Later, I'd realize that this was in fact a combo shot.

Well, my child had a weird rash develop and now couldn't poop. I took her back to the Dr and my child had developed eczema. I was told it was common, not to worry. She also put my baby on Miralax.

Next appointment she was due for her second tetanus shot. I hesitated, said I wanted to hold off. I just wasn't comfortable with it. My gut was screaming no!!! I was made to feel like an idiot and told that she had already had one with NO reaction, it's time to give her her second dose.

I had faith that this doctor, whom I LOVED, wouldn't steer me wrong. I allowed her to give my child her second dose.

My Lili was never the same after that. Such a sweet happy baby now screamed all of the time. She would have spells to where she'd turn blue and stop breathing. I'd have to blow in her face to get her to gasp and start breathing again.

Back to the doctor we go, only to once again be told this was “normal”.

Days pass and Lili starts running a super high fever. I take her back in and she has a severe double ear infection. An ear infection to which NONE of the antibiotics would touch. She was on antibiotics for 6 months straight BEFORE a referral to the ENT [ENT physician: A medical specialist who is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck, including particularly the ears, nose, and throat. ENT doctors are also called otolaryngologists.]. During these 6 months she was in constant pain and had completely stopped learning new words.

ENT visit showed that she had went completely deaf in her right ear.

ENT put in tubes in and said hearing may return. As soon as tubes were in the ear infections went away!! She regained most of her hearing!!! So very happy my little girl had no permanent damage or so I thought.

Fast forward a few years. Tubes were still hanging on, but when they finally came out we were back at square one. Lili has lost hearing in her right ear yet again. She has had on and off ear pain, that normally subsides. Well this week she had a full on double ear infection. Not sleeping, up at all hours sobbing from the pain, etc. What am I supposed to do? ! Antibiotics don't work for her and she's allergic to most!

I tried just about everything I could find. What ended up helping the most was lavender and Melaleuca oil behind her ears/down her neck and homemade garlic oil!!! My baby has been pain free for two days now, but this doesn't help her hearing! So back to the ENT we go!

So shout out to Dr. Porter from Champaign, IL! Crazy how you'd never seen a reaction to a vaccine, yet my child had several and you didn't bat an eye. You told me it was all normal. I have no doubt that if we gave her anymore vaccines that my child would be dead, and you'd be to blame!

You told me that my once happy child that now screams as if she's in pain, cannot poop on her own, developed eczema, has Otitis Media (chronic ear infections) and now has spells to where she stops breathing and turns blue is NORMAL!

It's obvious that you, Dr. Porter, either are truly ignorant when it comes to vaccines OR you just care about the money. Either way, I lost all respect for you.

For anyone reading this remember that NONE OF THESE ARE NORMAL!!! NONE!
So for everyone complaining that people just need to shut up and vaccinate, well #wedid, and I'd take it back in a heartbeat! So incredibly lucky that we stopped when we did!

I dropped my daughter off at summer camp this morning, and on my way home I was behind a car with a bumper sticker that made my blood boil.

“Vaccinate your crotch goblins,” it read.
“What’s a crotch goblin?” my 7 year old asked.

“A really gross, derrogatory name for a child,” I said.

“Oh,” he said quietly. And he remained silent the whole way home.

As I pulled into my driveway, I looked up into my rearview mirror and my son smiled big as he flashed a peace sign from the back seat.

I took a picture to send to my husband, because my son looks soooo much like him in the picture.

When I stopped to look at the picture before sending, I just stared...

Vaccinate my crotch goblins?


And because I vaccinated, this is actually the first photo I have of my two sons “together”...

A memorial card from my oldest sons funeral dangling under the rear view mirror that captured my living, breathing, unvaccinated “crotch goblin”, or as I like to call him— my youngest beautiful son.

Educate before you vaccinate.

I promise your kids are more than just “crotch goblins” and their lives and health depend on you knowing the risks.

If vaccines keep children healthy, where are all the healthy children?
1 in 15 children have learning disabilities.
43-54% of US children have a chronic health condition.
6 million children have allergies with 40% having more than 1 allergy.
1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before they reach adulthood.
1 in 5 children suffer from skin conditions like eczema.
1 in 32 boys have autism. 1 in 59 girls have autism.

My kids are vaccinated and “fine”, they said.
—LAURA MUHL, July 2019

Nickson Pelton was born two months premature. At his two month checkup, Nickson’s pediatrician gave him eight vaccines: the 5-in-1 combo Pentacel for (DTaP, polio and Hib), Energix B for hepatits B, the pneumococcal vaccine, Prevnar 13, and the oral rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq. After his 2 month shots, his leg began shaking. His mother was told it was no big deal. His doctor said since he was a preemie, his nerves were just getting used to working. He also ran a very low grade fever daily from the 2 month shots, even up to his next appointment. At the age of four months, with a low grade fever upon arrival, his doctor said he needed seven vaccines during this visit.

Nickson’s doctor insisted his premature birth was all the more reason he should be vaccinated on schedule. His mother Lindsey knew this was not a good idea and protested against them.He was so tiny, weighing less than ten pounds and she was concerned about his previous reactions to vaccines.

Lindsey was threatened if she didn’t allow the vaccines, Child Protective Services would be called because Nickson was born prematurely and his doctor said he needed all these vaccines to protect him. Lindsey didn’t want her son taken away so she watched in horror as her tiny little 4 month old son was given seven vaccines. The 5-in-1 combo Pentacel for (DTaP, Polio and Hib), the Pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar 13, and the oral Rotavirus vaccine RotaTeq.

Less than 12 hours later, he stopped breathing and passed away. RIP sweet baby.

Vaccination is not disease prevention. It’s a particularly nasty form of organized crime in that in manipulates parents’ protective instincts to submit their children into getting poisoned for profit under the guise of disease prevention.

72 paint marks represent the amount of vaccine doses our children get in the US. Every mark then containing heaps of other ingredients.There is a risk with any drug. Vaccines are no exception.

54% of US children have a diagnosed chronic disease. We have one of the highest infant mortality rates of all first world countries. 1/36 kids have Autism. We are not doing something right. We are not looking at all the ingredients, collectively. We are not doing studies with real inert placebos. We have never done studies on pregnant women getting a vaccine. In 1986 a law was passed making the vaccine manufacturers free from any liability. And now laws are passing which forces a parent to do every single vaccine even if a reaction occurs, or if they have existing auto immune issues, or have a strong family history. This should be worrisome to anyone who believes in basic civil liberties. Where are the checks and balances in this industry?

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is VIDS (Vaccinated Infant Death Syndrome). Based on VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) reports from 1997-2013, 79.4% of children that died from SIDS had received one or more vaccines within the preceding 24 hours. In other words, vaccines are killing our babies.

There's no putting the right words together to describe this loss. I have never been a father but have lost a son. I saw you grow over the 9 months your mother carried you, felt your strength in every kick.

I saw your first seconds into this world and was there to hold all 9.6 lbs of you. I knew you recognized my voice by your eyes. I would rock you to sleep and enjoy our quiet time while your mom needed rest. I saw you change by the day and by 2 months I was holding a perfect, strong, smiling bear cub.

Our last day together was filled with adventure and our walk in the woods and swim in the springs will be forever in my heart. As hard as I wished that day would never end, it did, and I woke to place my hand on your perfect head, and it's lifeless cold still haunts my heart.

I would have died protecting you from all which would harm you that night. But 18 hours after your vaccinations, you became still and I held your weight one final time.

I still know nothing of this world
But know, I held you and saw a son
And your eyes told me all I need
Your mother's heart is your home
But if ever you need to talk
I'll be listening when all else is silent

I was trying to enroll Skyler in school. She can’t get her second MMR shot because within 5 days of her first one, she lost her ability to walk and talk. The vaccine caused over 135 seizures in a 30 minute EEG. I was told she would die by 3 years old. They said that’s sad and understand but “unvaccinated children can wipe out a whole school if they spread measles.”

I asked her if I could comment on that, she confidently said, “Sure.”

This was my reply:

1) If you haven’t had an MMR vaccine in 10 years, then you are considered unvaccinated. 80% of ALL ADULTS are “unvaccinated” and they never spread the measles to their kids or grandchildren because the measles was nearly eradicated a couple years prior to the introduction of the MMR vaccine. You can’t be a logical person and worry about the 1% of non-vaccinated kids at school getting others sick when 80% adults over 32 are technically unvaccinated against the wild measles. By the way, with the recent outbreak, how many people died? That number is zero and just like the chickenpox, when you get the wild measles you have lifelong immunity.

Also, women who had the wild measles pass that immunity to their newborns for the early stages of their lives. Now we are seeing babies under the age of one vulnerable to the measles that carry a 99.99% survival rate prior to the MMR vaccine in 1963. But babies under one could very well die if they’re vaccinated. That should never happen but it does. We are told to get vaccinated or else we’ll all die from something that carries a 99.99% survival rate, similar to chickenpox.

2) Contrary to what we are told to believe about unvaccinated children being the cause of outbreaks, most outbreaks occur in the vaccinated community. One of the biggest outbreaks in US history happened in 1989 in Corpus Christi with all 480 people vaccinated—they got the measles and spread it to each other. In New York City, a 19 year old received an MMR booster shot and spread it to around 30 people, who were all vaccinated.

Outbreaks are occurring in the vaccinated community, not the unvaccinated. Also, 1/3 of all outbreaks recorded have been linked to the measles vaccine strand, not the wild measles.

We have seen autism go from 1 in 10, 000 kids in 1970 to 1 in 36 today in 2019. A Yale study said 1 in 2 kids will have autism and people were alarmed at this. So the EPA did a study and found out the spike in kids with autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, cancer, etc. started in 1986—the year the government gave vaccine manufacturers immunity from lawsuits whenever their vaccines killed and permanently damaged children. But the drug companies do not have to study the safety of their vaccines before injecting them into our children. Why?

Vaccines were originally called biologics to protect us against biowarfare, such as Russia or another county dropping anthrax on our people. They didn’t have the time to study the vaccines for 5 years or test long term effects of those vaccines. In 1986 there were 24 vaccines on the schedule. After the government took the liability away, it went from 24 vaccines to 72 vaccines in 2019.

Think of this as a savvy business owner: you develop a vaccine, it makes it on the vaccine schedule, you cannot be sued, and you don’t have to do marketing because the government does it for you. The day your vaccine hits the vaccine schedule, it’s forced into every child in America, making you wealthy. When greedy people realized they could make billions from vaccines without liability and never have to test their products, the vaccine schedule went from 3 in 1960, to 24 in 1986, to 72 vaccines in 2019; 1986 was the same year the EPA stated autoimmune diseases exploded.

You can say it’s water, the air, or the food, but vaccines are made to alter your autoimmune system by tricking it to believe you have a disease that you don’t really have. So wouldn’t it make sense to say if the EPA said 1986 was the year everything started—the year it went from 24 to 72 vaccines. You get where I’m going.

I ended my reply by saying Robert Kennedy Jr. sued the government and won. The government admitted they haven’t done a true safety study on any vaccine in over 30 years.

Did you know there is aborted baby DNA from both a murdered little girl and a murdered little boy in the MMR vaccine?

She said, “Wow, I didn’t know any of that. We can get her a medical exemption.” She promised to do more research herself.

The fight goes on for our children, people just don’t know how evil this world is. But once you do, you can’t look the other way and call yourself a mother or father without doing due diligence on vaccines.

It’s far more dangerous to allow the government to force medical intervention that hurts millions of children each year, then the wild measles killing somebody, since that has happened only twice since 2003, while the MMR vaccine has killed over 430 healthy babies and permanently damaged many, many more. Search YouTube, “Toni Bark addresses house of reps” to get information from a doctor, not just me.

When you have hundreds of doctors and nurses saying what I’m saying and they are silenced just like I was, it’s time to be proactive. It’s not about who is right or wrong. It’s about protecting our children and the facts are out there for anyone to see. Vaccines have never been safe because they never have been tested in over 30 years for safety. They are not effective because most outbreaks occur in the vaccinated and 30% of all outbreaks come from the MMR vaccine.

The drug companies lobby politicians 2:1 compared to gas and oil in Washington, DC, and outspend aerospace and science by 4:1. So why do they need to buy the souls of politicians if vaccines work like we are told they do?

Why does Facebook and other social media giants receive warnings from politicians saying we can’t talk about our children’s vaccine injuries but “pedophiles are people, too” group stays up. Tell me. Why?

My son developed horrible eczema after his 2 month shots and has not received any vaccinations since then (he is now 6 months). Yesterday we went to the allergist and it turns out he is allergic to eggs, peanuts and cats as well.

What if we are trading not getting an infectious disease for chronic illness? Is it possible? If not show me the study that proves it (one with an actual placebo).

I lost my son because of vaccines. This is unacceptable. I will fight for my son. This happened to the wrong family

I no longer vaccinate because vaccines almost killed my son.

I used to live in constant fear of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) with all of my first four children. Woke up hourly to check their chests. Until I learned the truth about vaccines and that SIDS is really vaccine induced respiratory failure. Takes ten minutes of research to figure it out. If you’d like to reduce your child’s risk of SIDS, autism, and all other chronic childhood illnesses to practically zero in just one simple step, stop vaccinating.

Vaccines are an act of war and terrorism against the people enforced through a monopoly syndicate. Pharma itself is not qualified to exist. If I had an easy button to eliminate all of it, I wouldn't even hesitate.

How can vaccination IN THEORY be one of the proudest accomplishments of modern medicine and IN PRACTICE one of the greatest sources of bitterness and regret for mothers of vaccine-injured children?

I thought I’d do a post about who I am and why I do what I do.

First off, I’m a mom of two - a boy & a girl. Although I started out being afraid to even have my own infant in the bed next to me because of all the bad information out there scaring new mothers into separating themselves from their babies, I quickly became an “attachment” parent before I really knew what that meant. Btw - Co-sleeping saved my life when I was breastfeeding my daughter all night long for 2+ years straight!

I was 26 when I had my first. I didn’t know nearly as much about this world and the way it works back then. Although I was wary of the medical system/pharmaceutical industry already (too many stories from my family and friends to blindly trust), and I avoided meds as much as possible (wouldn’t even take a Tylenol for a headache), I still placed quite a bit of faith in “modern medicine”.

And the reason for that is because of my love of science. In college I received my bachelors of science in Environmental Toxicology. Disclaimer: It wasn’t just about the environment. It was all about how environmental toxicants ultimately affect or impact *biological* systems, such as the human body.

Years later when I was witnessing my son having reactions to vaccines and becoming neurodevelopmentally delayed, I started investigating the issue for myself.

By the time my daughter was born, I had shifted from believing some vaccines were necessary and the risk of harm was low, to recognizing that the risks were much higher than I was led to believe, and not knowing whether the potential benefits truly outweighed those risks. And as I continued to read through study after study after study, which contradicted everything we are taught to believe—what we think we KNOW—about vaccines, I became consumed. I couldn’t stop learning more and digging deeper to try to get to the bottom of what I had been reading.

This overwhelming issue became clearer and clearer as I investigated each and every aspect of the argument for and against. Heads up, vaccines are not only NOT safe, but they aren’t effective (they “work” by suppressing proper immune responses—hey!

Just like regular pharmaceutical drugs, big surprise), and they are highly unnecessary, as the severity of these infections are dependent on how well-nourished the body is.

Throughout my journey I had connected with more and more people who had suddenly lost children (“SIDS”), within just hours or days of being vaccinated, and I began to become aware of the unmentionable and deeply unsettling amount of parents who had witnessed their neurotypical, healthy children, regress into autism following a set of vaccines. I observed how completely silenced, sidelined, and ridiculed, they all are. I began to grasp how thoroughly sick, this new generation is. The chronic skin issues. The respiratory issues. Digestive issues. The developmental delays, the seizures, the chronic infections, the growing number of children with autoimmune conditions.
And it’s all linked to these immune system-destroying vaccines or their ingredients, in medical research performed in various countries around the world.

It’s terrifying. We have a generation being raised with 70+ doses of vaccines, containing aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal cell DNA, animal blood, etc. And what children are being fed is typically either highly processed and full of chemical additives, or covered in glyphosate.

Children today experience a never-ending onslaught of toxic exposures, with no real nutrition to support the natural function of their immune systems. Their detoxification mechanisms are overloaded. They’re not getting enough antioxidants. They cannot produce enough glutathione. Their kidneys aren’t eliminating well, so their skin or their joints (or both!) are inflamed. The toxics are settling in their central nervous systems and their bodies seize as neurochemicals are released in an attempt to repair damaged brain tissue.

And then when they are finally diagnosed with one of these debilitating chronic illnesses after months or years of endless doctors appointments (and immense physical and emotional stress for the parents), what typically happens? The medical system’s “solution” to this, is more immune system-destroying drugs, to turn off the body’s warning signs, that something is very, VERY wrong. And as many know, it eventually stops working.

I see so much needless suffering, in a place of such abundance! Those around me may not have realized I was also dealing with chronic issues for many years as well. In my 20s I began to have cystic acne, chronic eczema, and symptoms of PCOS. Adding to this, after I had my son, I started having painful cysts in my joints. Then major digestive issues (I was on Miralax for two years straight). Severe anemia. Hashimoto’s.

I finally had enough. I started changing my diet. That was over five years ago. Then we began working on my son’s diet, four years ago. And the improvement in our health and quality of life has been enormous.

Without intending to, I started dedicating my life to sharing what I had learned, to informing others of the truths that are being withheld from us, and hopefully helping them gain independence from slavery to the pharmaceutical industry. Because that’s what their goal is... a lifetime customer / SLAVE.

I’m so beyond thankful to have broken free from that system, and that fear-based mindset.

Knowing the truth is empowering. Our bodies are capable. We have been designed to intelligently adapt, detoxify, and neutralize pathogens when we provide ourselves the proper fuel and rest.

So, this is why I do what I do.

And while one person may not change the world, I am here today because others came before me. As more and more people learn the truth and start breaking free, it will become an unstoppable tidal wave of epic proportions. So don’t give up.


November 2004 is forever etched in the memory of Ben Zeller, Sr. Ten days after his son received his measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) and Chickenpox vaccines his father and mother noted changes in Lil Ben's behavior. His appetite was off, he was sleeping more, and he no longer played appropriately with his toys. On Nov. 27, 2004 while Father was changing his son's diaper, he noticed that the baby's eyes did not look right. Ben was lifeless when his father lifted him.
Zeller called Emergency Rescue and his neighbor, a registered nurse, who came to the Zeller's home and revived Lil Ben. An Emergency Medical Service (EMS) team arrived and took Ben to a nearby hospital. In these first frantic moments that foreshadowed Ben's painful future, Zeller had a realization: the MMR vaccine that Ben had received 10 days prior was the cause of his seizure.

The Zellers were sent home from the hospital on the night of Ben's first seizure with Motrin. They were told Ben's fever and seizures were adverse effects of his vaccination. But the trips to the emergency room continued throughout that week. Zeller brought his son to the hospital several times as a result of recurring 5-30 seizures per day.

In December, Ben was admitted to a hospital in Miami, where he would stay for 11 days. “They did an MRI,” says Zeller, “and they found that his brain was degenerating. The seizures became worse. He would have 10, 20, and then 30 in one day, all within one month.” The Zellers were told repeatedly that Ben was suffering from a genetic disorder, but all genetic testing came back with inconclusive results.

The Vaccine Court Case

Israeli Zeller Family decided to sue the United States Federal Government, United States Department of Justice and United States Human Health Services in Washington D.C. in Vaccine Court and U.S. Federal Claims Court ruled in favor of compensation for the Zeller family in July 2008. The Zeller family was one of the largest settlements in Vaccine court's history.

Ultimately the court highlighted the fact that Ben had been progressing and was neurologically stable until he received the MMR vaccine. (Judge) Special Master Richard Abell noted that if regression had been occurring prior to the vaccination, there would be mention of it in the thorough documentation that was presented to the court. “The first note of regression noted in the medical records appears to be from December of 2004,” read the entitlement ruling, “following the vaccination, the initial seizure ten days subsequent, and the bout of successive seizures in early December. The medical progress notes from 17 December 2004 include a description of Benjamin's 'developmental regression and seizures.'”The court also found that neurodegeneration was not taking place prior to the vaccination, as Wiznitzer postulated. . “If not but for the administration of the vaccines, Ben would not have suffered brain damage and seizures”

The United States Government in 1988 with the United Stated Human Health Services and United States Justice Department enacted a law called Vaccine Injury Act. Ben Zeller Sr. advises everyone before receiving vaccines” educate before you vaccinate” to understand the true risk and benefits.

This is my child... this is only part of his story
My oldest son once had a reaction to amoxicillin before when he was about 2 years old.

He was recently vaccinated and almost instantly came down with an earache.
Being an uniformed mama, I gave him the amoxicillin that his doctor said was basically the only thing approved for his age despite knowing that I, myself, his mother, was deathly allergic to amoxicillin.

Within days he broke out in an allergic reaction. We stopped that prescription because of how bad my allergic reaction was for me, and because of how bad his allergic reaction was for him with his first time using it.

And then he came down with thrush.

Antibiotics that disturb the natural balance of microorganisms in your body can increase your risk of oral thrush.

His doctor didn't tell me that. Instead he wrote another script for thrush.
Two weeks later we went back for a script for genital thrush.

His doctor also never had me make a follow up appointment and 2 weeks later I went back for another issue, the oral thrush was still not gone so then my son was put on ANOTHER TWO prescriptions.

See what I'm getting at here.

TWO prescriptions

And when I asked his doctor to put in my sons file that he was allergic to amoxicillin...
He responded with "he doesn't need that in his file because kids out grow allergic reactions"

Of course, because you know what will happen if my child gets that prescription again. He will need another 5 scripts for other various things because you just killed his gut flora.

Not happening DOC
Not with my child!
Not ever again!

That was the last time he was vaccinated. And 6 months later I woke up saving his baby brother from the corrupt medical system.

—BreeAna Lee

My daughter 7 days after DTaP vaccine. I was only doing one injection at a time because of my fears concerning vaccines. I foolishly never made the connection between this rash and the vaccine. The worst part of this reaction is that it was followed by a 3 month cough.

Not one doctor could tell me what this rash was from. I took her to 3 different doctors. The pulmonary doctor misdiagnosed her with asthma.

When her cough cleared we knew she did not have asthma. I took her in for her DTaP booster 6 months later and same thing happened.

This time a 4 month cough that was eventually diagnosed as the RSV virus by the emergency room. We live in California. Luckily my pediatrician says this is most definitely a reaction to the vaccination and will be giving her a medical exemption. My daughter now has eczema and has to eat a special diet to help with skin issues. I am more afraid of the vaccines than I am of the diseases at this point. I eventually took her to an immunologist who also agreed this was a vaccine reaction but he couldn't tell me which component she reacted to but it was safe to give her other vaccines. No thank you! My pediatrician agrees no more vaccines for now.

Today, I decided to walk out on my husband who can’t see the reality or not even interested in finding out the truth behind vaccines. My 22-month daughter died on March 2018. She got her MMR vaccine at 18 months and regressed that week. She slept a lot, not playing, and had no interest in eating food. Within that week she had her first seizure that lasted for 1 hour. Two days later, a second seizure for another hour. Her 3rd seizure never stopped. She seized for 150 days non-stop and died in March. A week before her passing we were given a report stating that she had a rare genetic disorder called CARS2, which is likely pathogenic, and will not survive. Anyone could tell me that my daughter wouldn’t survive.

My question was, why this genetic disorder became a problem after her MMR vaccine. Why she didn’t get affected by genetic disorder before her vaccination. No one can answer that. Even if my daughter had a genetic disorder, then why didn’t doctors tell me vaccines aren’t for everyone. I believed the doctors and they gave her poison while I stood there thinking I’m protecting her.

My husband thinks I’m obsessed with wanting to blame vaccines but won’t do any research or listen to me. My baby was happy and smiling before she was vaccinated. Always smiling, but turned ice cold in my arms after the MMR vaccine.

Everything was going perfect we planned the pregnancy so I knew from the start. It was a very happy and healthy pregnancy, birth, everything. Birth was natural with no epidural. Four pushes she was out, and perfectly healthy.

She was simply a very happy baby always smiling never sick. She was Rolling over, trying to sit up on her own a little. Doing everything a 4 month old should be doing. Her Pediatrician even made a comment that she was above average on her motor skills.

Then she got her 4 month vaccines.

3 shots including 6 vaccines: DTaP, Hib, IPV, Rotavirus, PCV, Hep B

I could feel God tugging at me to decline them. I did. I told the nurse no. She assured me my baby was fine and would remain fine. She told me DCF could be called if any one finds out my baby isn't vaccinated, that it is medical neglect. I was so scared so I turned my back on my baby. I just looked the other way and said "fine" and she got her shots as she sat in her daddies lap. I knew in that moment I had failed her. I felt it in my gut, but I ignored it.

Within the hour our baby girl completely changed.

**She started having seizures and/or spasms.
** Screaming a horrible high pitched scream.
**She no longer smiles, coos or laughs. **Can no longer hold her head up, or sit up on her own.
**No longer rolling over.
**No longer interested in toys.
**clenching of the fists

Gradually she got worse.

**She started arching her back horribly, and trying to push her head back all the time almost touching her bottom.
**Eyes go back into her head after seconds of focusing on something, especially after a seizure or spasm.
**At times she is hypersensitive and has a spasm by just a soft rub on the face by our hands or kiss on the cheek, but not always.
**stiffness in joints, especially arms and neck.

As You can imagine we were very concerned I knew something was terribly wrong. Our worse fear had come true.
I called the doctors they said it is perfectly normal. They told me to give her Tylenol.

I took her to see her Pediatrician for her 5 month check up who said I was overprotective and that she is just teething and gassy and below average on motor skills. But wait just a month ago she was above average, that doesn't make sense. Anyways I kept asking questions regarding vaccines or anything else just knowing gas and teething isn't the cause. However he was reluctant to answer and instead said he would call me if he or any other parents had questions since I know everything.

Her 6 month appointment she was seen by a different Pediatrician. We explained all the same symptoms and concerns. She immediately picked our daughter up and checked her out feeling her head. She then immediately referred Ariella to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital. Explaining that the fontanelle (soft spot on the top of her head) had completely closed prematurely.

We immediately rushed her there. They ran a cat scan to determine the cause of the fontanelle closing. Finding that the brain had stopped growing at 4 months of age, decreased in size alittle, and she has a few cysts on her brain.
So they admitted her and the tests began.

**urine tests
** countless blood tests
**spinal tap

After 3 long days of constant testing they sent her home. Only to return 2 days later for an appointment for more tests.

**more blood
**hearing test
The next 3 weeks all we could do is pray and hope for the best, as we waited for the results.
Finally they came but it wasn't good.

Her galactocerebrosidase was low. Indicating it could possibly be Krabbe disease, or another disease similar.
Now Krabbe disease is 100% genetic. Meaning both parents have to carry the gene. As well as every one else in both of our families. It is so rare the doctors that worked her case will never see it in their life again.

They said they needed to do a DNA test to confirm it. However we had to pay out of pocket. We went down to the lab payed right then and there and got the test done.

In the meantime they are already convenienced she has it and will pass soon. Advising us to enjoy our last few days with her and to make her comfortable.

They then proscribed her gabapentin and clonidine. Claiming they are both all natural, no side effects, and I couldn't overdose her if I tried.

I researched them.

Finding out:

**of course they are not natural.
**there are serious side effects including death for both.
**they proscribed her twice the amount of gabapentin my grandfather who is an amputee is proscribed.
**clonidine is not for children under the age of 3.
**gabapentin is not for children under 12.
**both slow the heart rate.
**these two mixed eventually would have stopped her heart.

So the test results from the "DNA test" came back and turns out it wasn't the DNA test they did. It was the same test he was holding the results from when he ordered the DNA test, the test that comfirmed her galactocerebrosidase was low. They did the test twice. And now claim they can't do a DNA test on her, or us. Only the fetus if I get pregnant again.

They refuse to give us answers as to why they can't do the test now. They change the subject as quickly as possible when I say it happened within an hour of her shots. They claim there is no link to autism and vaccines. I am not questioning that link tho. My child is not autistic. My child's brain completely stopped growing, my child stopped development and lost all development she had. My child's brain shrank. And they wouldn't help me save her. They gave up on her. They tried killing her, tried stopping her heart.

They also tried putting her on hospice. After explaining to both the referring doctor and the nurse that called that we are not in the least bit interested, that we refuse to give up. They still randomly showed up and after yet again explaining we don't need the service they almost immediately started explaining the sedation process and started getting out the sedation tools, mean while my child was already sleeping. I continued to refuse it. Explaining this all started with the vaccines. Then all she cared about was rather we spoke to any attorneys. Asking us 5 times within 15 minutes in different ways. As we answered the same way each time, Stating we are only searching for doctors.

I have now discontinued going back to see them. They refuse to address the fact the vaccines caused this and We refuse to watch her die.

From research and speaking with other doctors I have found that the vaccines could cause low levels of galactocerebrosidase also. So that answers that question. I am working on getting a DNA test to role out Krabbe. I have however gotten a DNA test done showing what meds she can and cannot have based on her DNA make up.

We have changed her diet to all organic home made baby food, a goats milk recipe referred by the doctor with added colostrum, extra virgen olive oil, unrefined coconut oil, flax seed oil, dha, black molasses, a greens mix powder, and three different mixes of herbs for brain and nervous system healing and repair, and in her morning bottle I add her probiotics and daily vitamins. We also made her a tea from fresh organic turmeric, black pepper, ginger, garlic, cilantro and whole lemon. She drank an ounce of that each day for three weeks. I did detox baths everyday for awhile but now only do it maybe once a week; epsom salt, bentonit clay, and baking soda baths. Gently brushing her body towards the heart with a soft bristle brush before each bath. I use pure organic unrefined Coconut oil for diaper cream, and add equal part extra virgen olive oil for lotion and chapped lips. I just started December 8, giving her DDR prime essential oil to repair DNA, damaged cells, and skin tissue. In the beginning of January I also started giving her an oxidation liquid to kill any microorganisms in her body. I am also using a zap machine on her, something similar to a riff machine to help heal her body and kill microorganisms in the skin tissue. And will soon start putting drips of Ozone in her ears. If You can think of anything else I could do it would be greatly appreciated.

From her father, Victor:

Im sorry friends and family. We love You all for Your support and prayers and love! However, Ariella Aisha Talha, our Angel from heaven is back in heaven now. We lost our Baby Girl to this world and life just now but her legacy, her will, and her vaccine injury story will live on. PLEASE TAKE THIS AS ARI'S LAST MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, DO NOT VACCINATE YOUR KIDS!!!! DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. SAVE YOUR KIDS' LIVES.

Sebastian Ryan Morley was a healthy boy whose life ended after routine vaccinations.

Two days after Sebastian received the vaccines for DTaP, hepatitis B, and HiB he began vomiting and suffered jaundice. After turning yellow around his mouth ,his mom took him to the doctor because he became very lethargic. She was begging for him not to die on the drive to the doctor’s office. They admitted him to St. Peter Hospital, in Olympia, where he stayed for two days.

Tests were run and it was found that Sebastian’s liver was failing. After an ultrasound showed his liver stopped swelling, they allowed him to be discharged, but warned his mother not to let him bump his head or anything, because he could bleed out.

Sebastian’s Brain Swelled and His Organs Shut Down

Sebastian was rushed to the ER at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This is where he stayed and suffered, for more than a month.

Words from his grandmother:

Towards the end of his stay, his eyes were no longer responsive and one swelled up horribly; his choke reflex was gone. I think his little brain had had enough of all the additional chemicals he received while in the hospital. Sebastian’s brain had swelled outside of his soft spot, they had no more hope for him, and they wanted to turn off the machines.

My daughter came out of that room, looked at me and said, ‘Don’t let them kill my baby, Mom.’ I had to tell her he was already gone. I watched the light die in my daughter’s eyes.

They did unplug him. He died in his mom and dad’s arms. He died on January 22, 2003, at just 8 ½ months old. Forty-two days after that well child visit, multiple organs of his shut down and his little body couldn’t fight anymore.

His cause of death listed on his death certificate is ‘Fulminant Liver Failure of Unknown Etiology,’ though the pathologist stated clearly when he wrote, ‘Because this child was vaccinated less than 24 hours prior to onset of illness, we can NOT rule out the vaccines as causative.’

This is as close anyone gets to admission that the vaccines were responsible.

A year ago today, our daughter died. My entire family lost so so much this day. I’m not asking for a moment of silence though, I’m asking for each of you to shout from the rooftops that benzodiazepines/antidepressants kill. Marissa tried to warn/spare as many people as possible of the tortures that these “meds” cause. She went to our local hospital with a panic attack and they literally poisoned her to death. This is unfortunately very common. Please please research any medication before taking it. We trusted the doctors and they killed our perfectly healthy daughter. Our granddaughter now doesn’t have her mommy.

Our lives will never be complete again. I miss every single thing about her every single moment of every single day.
—GEORGIE PARKER, August 2019

A common trajectory

Healthy at birth,
initial vaccine insult,
enhanced damage due to glutathione depletion via acetaminophen,
repeated ear infections (otitis media listed as known vaccine reaction),
antibiotics which destroy the gut and impair what is left of the immune system,
more vaccines,
more tylenol,
deeper illness results in repeated use of steroids,
regression in speech,
overwhelmed sensory response,
more vaccines,
more tylenol,
secondary infections,
rounds of steroids,
gut dysbiosis,
depleted adrenals,
loss of previous skills,
social fear,
food intolerance... ENOUGH!!

If you KNOW vaccines started this trajectory and share that information with others, you WILL be treated like garbage, sometimes by those whom you would least expect. You likely won’t be offered help and compassion because you’ve betrayed a system of beliefs just by acknowledging what happened to your child and what continues to happen to children everywhere. MANY have experienced this exact same thing. Many go on to have more children, not vaccinate, and avoid ALL of this.

What's the point in vaccinating your child if you're scared they'll catch the very thing they've been vaccinated for! The mind boggles.

You want healthy, amazing children? Don’t vaccinate them.

“They are not anti-vaccine, they’re ex-vaxxers. They wholeheartedly believed in the vaccine system until it destroyed their children’s lives.” —DEL BIGTREE, TV producer of “The Doctors”

I believe that the 200 year old vaccine scam will be exposed before this year is out. It is so blatant, and so many have suffered and died. What the medical establishment has done is unforgivable. They betrayed the Hippocratic Oath (Do No Harm) to patients.

You cannot trust modern "doctors" who are trained by the Pharmaceutical industry with your long-term health. —STEVE SMITH

I have no idea why people would trust medical doctors with health. By proxy, this is trusting pharmaceutical companies with health, which is crazy.

I became anti-vaxx after my 2 month-old daughter was pronounced healthy, injected with DTaP vaccine and died 6 hours later. The county obfuscated the cluster of “SIDS” (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by breaking up the lot and shipping it across the state. How despicable is that? I’m not the one who “profited” from murder.

3.5 years ago - at my daughter’s 4 year well-child visit is when it began.

Started out as a normal appointment. Weight, height & everything else you expect. Then it came time for her vaccinations. Something I knew she was dreading... so I held her in a big momma hug as she cried, just a little, through her 4 injections (DTap, MMR, IPV & flu) - she did great! I told her what a big girl she was as we walked into the pediatricians personal office to talk about her growth chart (she has always been a little small). Doctor handed her a lollipop, told her she was very brave & turned to talk to me. Not even 10 seconds later - about 2 minutes after reviewing her shots... my daughter began losing consciousness, falling out of the seat next to me. The doctor hurriedly scooped her up & ran with her to an exam room. Checked her heart rate & made sure she was breathing normally. She was totally passed out. Nervously the doctor looked at me and said “she just really worked herself up getting the shots... she will be fine...”

“REALLY!?” I thought to myself... “I thought she had done so well! She cries more over me saying no to more ice cream than she did these shots!” But who was I to question a medical professional! So she began to stir & eventually was able to get up & walk to our car. She fell asleep on the drive home which was unusual - but the doctor SAID drowsiness could be a side effect. So I didn’t worry. Then we got home. She began projectile vomiting everywhere! So I called to the doctor & she said “oh - she must’ve just been ill before coming in today!” Okay. That makes sense. She was acting totally fine at her appointment until the shots... but maybe she did have a bug! Who am I to question a medical professional?

I tucked her into bed hoping she would feel much better when she woke up. She had eaten Cheerios, an apple & a string cheese earlier in the day - her usual foods as she has always been a VERY picky eater & sticks to what she knows she likes. I asked my mom to pick up some pedialyte for us when she got off work.

About an hour into her nap I went to go check on her. I opened the door into the dark bedroom door & softly called out to her & asked how she was feeling.

“Mommy I can’t get up. I’m sick.”

“I know, love... just keep resting.”

“No mommy... I really can’t move!”

I turned on the bedroom light and ran over to her. She was covered in hives covering every inch of her body!!! She could barely move & could barely talk. I called her pediatrician in a panic & was told to take her straight to the ER.

After lots of Benadryl, a steroid shot & a lengthy hospital visit... the conclusion was: she must’ve eaten something she was allergic to. The allergy was internal. It MUST be something new she ate.


I can tell you exactly what she ate every day this past week and I can PROMISE you that she didn’t just “try” something without me noticing! I can barely get her to try a Ritz cracker or a green bean! She hasn’t eaten anything that she hasn’t had a million times (and continued to eat a million times since!)

I got scolded by the doctor as well as the nurse for even suggesting that it could be her vaccinations. Like I was a complete idiot for even having that thought cross my mind. “Absolutely no connection.” “Standard food allergy.”

So what about her passing or at the office...? “She must’ve been crying too hard.

But she was so lethargic... “again, she worked herself up.”

The vomiting was so intense... “could’ve been the food allergy...”

She has eaten Cheerios, apples & cheese SO MANY TIMES... why would now... “sometimes allergies develop spontaneously.”

I felt defeated. I knew it was the vaccinations. I KNEW IT. Everything in my mom heart & mom head knew exactly what had happened to her. But I was rejected over and over by the people who I was trusting with her LIFE. (You guys, they were so rude.)

And as soon as she was better... I left the hospital & told her she would never have to get a shot again.

My bright, now 7 year old girl, deal with stomach issues, sensitivities to texture & sounds, struggles with anxiety & a now very understandable fear of needles.

She is overall happy & healthy - hasn’t had a reaction since.
In the past 4.5 years she has eaten thousands of Cheerios, eaten countless apples & devoured many a string cheese. No issues.

She has also avoided every single booster & flu shot in that time... despite the shaking heads of nurses & doctors.

But I know my kid.
And she had a severe reaction to vaccinations.

So. Call me crazy. I’ll own that title. Because I am
CRAZY protective when it comes to my kids.

Anti-vaccination movement in the early 1900s. The first vaccine (smallpox) was introduced in 1796. The first major anti-vaccination movements began in the early 1850s, after enough parents had learned about the injuries and deaths caused by vaccines.

Mandatory vaccination is simply all depopulation. Clearly all the ingredients: aluminum, mercury, aborted fetal cells, formaldehyde, squalene, polysorbate-80, fluoride, the soft metals, are all a a toxic brew targeted at the reproductive system and the nervous system. The target tissue of these agents reveal their purpose and intention.

It is harsh to say this, but, it is very much the case that Natural Selection is using vaccination to remove the stupid and gullible gene from our population. The fact that parents do it to their own children greatly increases the effectiveness of the program.

Vaccine companies know and hide the fact that vaccines cause autism. After age 3 , kids get autism from their vaccines. Instant brain damage and suffering. Vaccine manufacturers are so evil, they decided to change the vaccine schedule to make sure one week old babies would get brain injured thru Hep B vaccine. That way, parents can’t say at age 3 vaccines caused autism. Now, the week they are born, they are giving babies a vaccine so babies will be injured right away and they can say see, they were born that way. Can you say evil scum felons. Hep B , to stop sexually transmitted diseases. What mother or father lets their 1 week year old baby have sex with a prostitute. This is getting sick. People, start educating.

We stand for all Americans, and fight the most dangerous industry this world has ever known: The Pharmaceutical Industry.
—DEL BIGTREE, producer, activist

Vaccine injury is not rare, it's just rarely reported.

Never blindly trust your child's safety to the people in the medical field. Never let them out of your sight. Question everything.

Do not assume that they know what is best for your child or care about what is best for your child. If they cannot connect the dots from a child receiving a vaccine and within hours or days or minutes they're having seizures and dying or all sorts of other medical problems, then they are either incompetent and brainwashed or they are bought.

What are doctors in America?
The third leading cause of death!

What are ALL Vaccines?


From Nurses, Doctors, and Scientists

“If they are so confident about vaccines why should they be afraid of a public discussion? I have spent my whole working life (57 years) studying vaccines for people and domestic animals. My take on this subject is that no vaccine has been proven to be safe and effective as required by law.” —Dr. Shiv Chopra, B.V.S., A.H., M.Sc., PhD, Fellow of the World Health Organization, former senior scientist at Health Canada

“Herd immunity ONLY applies to natural immunity for a wild virus that has manifested and resolved.” —Jorge Araujo, former Merck scientist, 1997-2004

I’ve been an ER (Emergency Room) nurse for 12 years and every SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) case had a “well visit” within 72 hours of their death. Every single one.

“If you put a vaccine in my child, I’ll kill you!” —Dr. Sebi (Alfredo D. Bowman), herbalist

“For the first time in history, children are less healthy than the generation before them. They’re not just a little worse off, they are precipitously worse off, physically, emotionally, educationally, and developmentally.” —Dr. Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD

You cannot be pro-science and be pro-vaccine. Vaccine science is pseudoscience. Vaccine science is tobacco science 2.0. Vaccine science is full of fraud, corruption, and deception. The industries, agencies, and people that promote vaccine pseudoscience as justification for unjustifiable subversion of human rights must confront the reality that they have gone too far. Their desperate attempts to coerce and mandate vaccines betrays the illegitimacy of their science. Time to bring an end to this intolerable attempt to have their way with our children. It is time to form the line across which they will not pass. We are our children’s last line of defense.
—DR. JIM MEEHAN, MD, medical journal editor

Some days I feel a darkness. I feel cynical and think, let them hurt and learn the hard way. What’s it matter anyway. People are in such a deep slumber. Then I remember the children. They are innocent. Parents are running off of fear and weakness. Babies and children are innocent. They didn’t ask to come here to this fallen world. So I continue to educate.

Working in the hospital. I always knew the flu and pneumonia vaccines were a farce. I worked on cardiac units. The patient population I received ranged from fresh strokes, heart attacks, COPD etc. These humans were very sick, their brains, hearts and lungs had critical health detriments. Many patients had comorbidites such as cancer as well.

I’m telling you, these units, specific to to monitoring cardiac, never took a second glance at anything other than diabetes (keeping it under control through monitoring and insulin). They didn’t manage the cancer or take it into consideration. Cardiologists and neurologists rounded on the units and focused solely on their specialty, never viewing the body as a whole. These patients ate relatively the same foods (which were all not organic, GMO, mutant meals), they received the same admission screening. Every admission entered into the computer asked if the patient had had a flu vaccine. Imagine that? Patients who’s hearts, lungs or brains were compromised, their body already putting up a fight... receiving flu vaccines and sometimes the pneumonia vaccine as well. The system (admission to pharmacy to unit) thinks that it's best within 24 hours of entering the hospital to inject a lethargic, demented, stroke patient with a toxic concoction filled with viruses, heavy metals, animal DNA, aborted male and female DNA, retrovirus/parasites/yeast contaminants, carcinogens......

Another admission question, “Is the patient 55 years or older and never received a pneumonia vaccine?” Based on the answers clicked, both vaccines will be delivered to the floor to be injected into these patients by the nurse. Their is a standing automatic order for vaccines. Meaning the nurse can click and order them without making a call to the doctor and that’s what they do, click and order based off the computer systems that prompt them to do so. Most are sheep, blindly following the orders of the computer system and their “superiors” who follow the “superiors” above them (pHARMa). Most patients, which as mentioned, have multiple comorbidities, are demented or lethargic upon arrival.

I don’t FOWKING understand the madness. I’ve stared into the blue eyes of a younger man as we both knew his time had run out! He was sick, a nurse on a previous shift vaccinated him and he went downhill rapidly. Nobody made these connections, nobody, except for me. I knew he was going to die. I tried to get him upgraded to the cardiac ICU and based on a series of circumstances he didn’t make it to the unit fast enough. He died, going through the doors of the Cardiac ICU. He never should have died, just like so many others that are dying daily. All ages. From vaccines, often times they are the trigger or the tipping point. We live in a world of a one track mind! The medical establishment aka the deathcare system doesn’t look at bodies as a whole, they look at individual systems with limiting ability to see outside of what they have been indoctrinated to see.

Why are we still vaccinating, let alone vaccinating patients that are so sick that they are on continuous cardiac monitoring and a slew of other drips to stabilize their status (to keep them alive)?! Why are we giving the flu vaccine or pneumonia vaccine to someone that is immune compromised (cancer). Why would we stimulate their systems with cancer causing ingredients, bog it down with heavy metals, throw in some animal and aborted human dna, contaminants?

The system has failed us and will continue to unless you educate yourself. Unless you wake up. If you don’t believe me, dive in and do the research. I can’t and will not do it for you. I’ll tell you the deal, it’s up to you whether you want to dig further and protect you and your family.

I am not anti vaccine.

No, I am not.

I am anti all the ways they have sold our children’s health in the name of dollars, while still trying to call vaccines life saving. They are not anymore. At some terrible point they got greedy. And now we pay the price.

I am anti the cheap and dirty ingredients, the fillers, the animal and human by products, the mercury, the formaldehyde. The additives. The preservatives. The chemicals injected into babies in 2 cc syringes in the name of “immunity”.

I am anti the physician kick backs, the extra dollars in their pockets for filling our children’s bodies with toxic junk, while not even knowing themselves what’s in these shots, not bothering to know, brainwashed and blind sighted. Or worse, knowing and injecting child after child, anyway.

I am anti Big Pharma, laughing all the way to the bank, their tireless campaigns, their dark monopoly, their sneaky, shady ploys, the cover ups. I am anti getting sick from their “medications” and then in a twisted cycle relying on the same industry that poisons us, to “heal” us. I am anti all the disease propaganda in the name of creating new chemicals, the fear mongering, the endless ways they have stolen our babies and lined their pockets with the tears of parents regret.

I am anti all the backlash I receive when I speak out, laughed at when I can cite references and studies and mostly the ones fighting to the death are the least educated themselves, parroting the same tired lines lacking in logic. I am anti being told my children cant have play dates until they are “caught up”, like they are some dirty Petri dishes of tetanus and hepatitis and chicken pox.

I am anti opening my Facebook to another baby, every hour, another vaccine injured child, the autism, the neurological issues. The SIDS, the life threatening allergies. I am anti parents having to grieve their children and then be faced by audiences with disbelief and doubt, criticism and contempt. I am anti children ripped away from loving arms and homes. I am anti paralyzed teenagers. I am anti the deaths, too many deaths, hours and days and weeks after.

Anti vaccine? No.

I am anti what it has become, this tainted industry, that claims to keep us healthy when our “health” is the least of their concerns. I am anti this industry that only profits the sicker its customers become.

I am anti no one wanting to open their eyes.

* "As an E.R. nurse, I have seen the cover up. Where do you think kids go when they have a vaccine reaction? They go to the E.R. They come to me. I cannot even begin to guess how many times over the years I have seen vaccine reactions come through my E.R. Without any exaggeration, it has to be counted in hundreds. Sometimes it seemed like it was one or two cases in a single shift, every shift, for weeks. Then I would get a lull, and I wouldn't catch one for a week or two, then I'd catch another case per night for a couple weeks. This was common.

* Once, I was training a nursing student, about to graduate, on their E.R. experience rotation in nursing school. This student and I floated up to triage to cover the triage nurse for a break. I was quizzing them on what to ask and look for as a triage nurse on pediatric kids that came through. I made a point about asking about immunizations right out the gates.

* The student was puzzled, and asked why, and I told the student because we see vaccine reactions every day and its their job to catch it, alert the doctor and the parents, and report it to VAERS. Some higher power apparently smiled on my attempt to open the eyes of another nurse I guess, because not even ten minutes later, a woman brought her child up to the counter. Sudden onset super high fever and lethargy. I asked if the child was up to date on vaccination. The mother replied he had them just a few hours ago.

* I glanced at the student, who looked shocked and looked back at me in disbelief. I nodded, told them to remember this, and then took the mom and her child to finish the triage in back. When I was done I came back and sat down with the student, and asked what he learned that night so far. The first response: "What I was told about vaccines wasn't true". I couldn't have said it better. That student is going to go on to be like me, advocating for his patients with his eyes wide open.

* The cases almost always presented similarly, and often no one else connected it. The child comes in with either a fever approaching 105, or seizures, or lethargy/can't wake up, or sudden overwhelming sickness, screaming that won't stop, spasms, GI inclusion, etc. And one of the first questions I would ask as triage nurse, was, are they current on
their vaccinations?

* It's a safe question that nobody sees coming, and nobody understands the true impact of. Parents (and co-workers) usually just think I'm trying to rule out the vaccine preventable diseases, when in fact, I am looking to see how recently they were vaccinated to determine if this is a vaccine reaction. Too often I heard a parent say something akin to "Yes they are current, the pediatrician caught up their vaccines this morning during their check up, and the pediatrician said they were in perfect health!" If I had a dollar for every time I'd heard that, I could fly to Europe for free.

* But here's the more disturbing part...

* For all the cases I've seen, I have NEVER seen any medical provider report them to VAERS. I have filed VAERS reports. But I am the ONLY nurse I have EVER met that files VAERS reports. I also have NEVER met a doctor that filed a VAERS report.

* Mind you, I have served in multiple hospitals across multiple states, alongside probably well over a hundred doctors and probably 300-400+ nurses. I've worked in big hospitals (San Francisco Bay Area Metro 40 bed ER, Las Vegas NV Metro 44 bed ER) and small hospitals (Rural access 2 bed ER, remote community 4 bed ER) and everything in between. When I say NEVER, I mean NEVER.

* I have even made a point of sitting in the most prominent spot at the nurses station filling out a VAERS report to make sure as many people saw me doing it as possible to generate the expected "what are you doing" responses to get that dialog going with people. And in every case, if a nurse approached me, their response was "I've never done that" or "i didn't know we could do that" or, worse "What is VAERS?" which was actually the most common response.

* The response from doctors? Silence. Absolute total refusal to engage in discussion or to even acknowledge what I was doing or what VAERS was.

* The big take away from that? VAERS is WOEFULLY under reported. I am PROOF of that. The number one place parents bring their kids in the event of a vaccine reaction is the E.R., and as an E.R. staffer, I have NEVER met anyone who filed one, in spite of seeing hundreds of cases of obvious vaccine associated harm come through. What does that say about reported numbers?

* The CDC/HHS admits that VAERS is under-reported, and probably only representative of 1/10th the actual number of injuries. I contest that, and from personal experience, I would say the numbers in VAERS are more like 1/1000th the actual numbers, not 1/10th.

* And the final part of that, is that I have, first hand, seen blatant cover ups from doctors. I have seen falsification of medical records and documentation via intentional omission. I have challenged doctors who refused to put in the chart that the child was vaccinated 4 hours ago and was in perfect health, and now suddenly they are non-responsive, seizing, febrile at 105, and that labs, LP, and imaging confirms cerebral edema/encephalitis. I reminded the doctor as they are writing their report that the child was vaccinated mere hours before.

* And at the end, there is total omission of this fact, and the physician pass-off notes state encephalitis of unknown origin. I ask the doctor if they will file a VAERS report, and they argue that this has nothing to do with it, its purely coincidental, and nothing should be filed, they are safe and effective. I remind them that VAERS is a reporting body for ANY symptoms that are contemporaneous to vaccination, whether causation is believed to be associated or not, and I get the dismissal that they are not filing it because it has nothing to do with it. No one brings it up to the parents.

* It's this giant rug-sweep that happens, and any mention of the vaccination is systematically removed or withheld from the record. A perfect example of this, was an ambulance crew that came in with a pass-off report that included the fact the child had been vaccinated only hours prior to onset of symptoms. The physician made sure this pass-off sheet disappeared mysteriously and could not get filed with the patient medical record.

* So yes, I have seen the vaccine damage cover up first hand. I know that it is intentional and active in the medical community. I know that it is happening. And on top of total denial of any association, and total cover up, they also refuse to report to VAERS which is supposed to be reported to for ANYTHING that is even in NO WAY SUSPECTED to be associated with the vaccine. This is a systemic suppression of information and statistics.

* And yes, in the cases described above, I did approach the parents, and I did tell them about VAERS, and I did start a case for them and file a report. I did force the issue through my charting, although it will most likely be buried and overlooked. I have experienced the corruption and suppression of the truth in the medical community about vaccines first hand from the provider perspective. It does happen. Every day."

My journey from a pro-vaxxer to an ex-vaxxer

Joni Beth Waldroup & Eric Waldroup
March 5, 2019

I see your cartoons and your posts about people who are questioning vaccines. I was you, just a little over 3 years ago. I saw it as a black and white issue with no room for debate. I thought ugly thoughts and said my opinion plainly. I thought I had read the science, which of course was me reading abstracts of a handful of industry-funded, cherry-picked studies that did not contain true inert placebos. I read the CNN articles. I looked at the CDC website. I knew what the WHO was. There was absolutely no possible way in my mind that getting vaccines involved risks that really needed to be considered.

Then my beautiful daughter, Rosie, regressed into autism slowly, incrementally, and profoundly. I denied that vaccines played a role. I just couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. After a significant decline following a flu shot, I asked the nurse, awkwardly... “Rosie really tanked after her flu shot. I don’t want to be one of those people, but could there be something to that?” The nurse took a deep breath, and very diplomatically said, “Vaccines create an immune response in the body and if her immune system was poor or struggling, it could affect her negatively.”

Say what?! Enter doubt. Rosie’s immune system was terrible. She had loads of ear infections and antibiotics and even contracted the rare Epiglottitis 2 months previously, (which was supposed to be covered by her HIB vaccine—fail.)

Rosie was due for a booster shot at that appointment and even my super mainstream doctor agreed we should pause her vaccinations. I decided to go home and do my research and make sure I felt confident continuing on the recommended schedule.

I then began to slowly eat humble pie. If you would like to grab of a cup of coffee with me one day, I would spell out what my journey of discovery has been like—how it was retrospectively quite obvious that Rosie was negatively impacted after at least 2 and maybe 3 sets of her vaccinations. When your child is regressing, it’s difficult to know what you are looking at in the moment. Who would ever be expectantly watching for their child to lose skills?? You just one day realize that your child can’t do something anymore. I wasn’t looking for something to blame. The evidence was undeniable.

I would not tell you what to do, but I would share the broader scope of the suppressed science that is available regarding vaccines (and the lack thereof). I would inform you of the unbelievable level of corruption involved in our government agencies (Did you know that the CDC owns vaccine patents?). I would point to the latest research involving how exactly it’s been proven that there is a mechanism whereby vaccines create immune activation events (really their whole purpose) and that some cases (How many? We don’t know yet!) of autism can be triggered by immune activation events in the brain.

Did you know that families have been compensated in vaccine court for vaccine injuries that resulted in autism? Did you know that in 1986 vaccine manufacturers were falling apart due to lawsuits for injury and the government acted to take away your right to sue the pharmaceutical companies directly? You have to petition the government for compensation (funded by a tax you pay on every vaccine), in a process where Department of Justice attorneys rake families over the coals. Did you know that a lawsuit has been won against Health and Human Services, finding that the HHS failed to conduct ANY of the biannual vaccine safety reports required by this same act? Did you know that the vaccine schedule has exploded to 72 recommended doses by the age of 18? There’s no liability, so of course the schedule exploded. I had no idea.

To say the science is settled is ridiculous. Nothing is settled in science, especially when the number of doses of vaccines is continually increasing. Autism rates are now shown to be as high as 1 in 36. Don’t tell me vaccines can’t trigger autism or regression without telling me what does. Genetics can only account for a predisposition and a tiny subset of autism. Our family is currently part of a huge autism genetics study and they continue to come up empty. What a waste! Your autism, or your child’s autism may not have been caused or triggered by vaccines, but it’s unfair to whitewash countless people’s experiences of regression, side effects, and even death. It’s happening at frightening numbers, and you probably don’t know about it because mothers are scared to share these stories to a hateful public. And I will share with you that we don’t all blame one vaccine. How could we, when our children usually receive multiple vaccinations at once? I will remind you that only one vaccine has been studied in relation to autism: MMR. The “definitive” study on it was called out by a whistleblower for an illegal manipulation of data. Just today, an INDUSTRY-FUNDED study was released out of Denmark, which didn’t even have a true representation of the current autism rates in the study sample. It’s garbage, but you see the headline and you feel relieved, right?

I’ll also share with you that this long term study was released in a timely manner on the night before a senate hearing on vaccines with the potential to make philosophical/religious vaccine exemptions burdensome or taken away altogether.

Let me make this clear for you: The federal government is tossing around the idea of mandating medical procedures (vaccines) that are poorly studied and produced by manufacturers that have zero liability. Are you okay with the government mandating that I have Rosie continue to get vaccinations, given her history? Medical exemptions are not easy to come by if you are thinking she should be covered with that. Should she be sacrificed for what you may believe is the greater good? Should the government be allowed to make such mandates? Is this communist China?

You ask...what about herd immunity? In terms of the hot-button measles, the scientific community used to believe one shot provided lifelong immunity. Then they realized some people didn’t even develop antibodies, so a booster was added to “clean up” the ones that didn’t have a good uptake the first time. Now they know that immunity wanes over time. When was your last booster? If you didn’t have a natural case of the measles, it is very likely that you, yourself, are no longer immune and not contributing to the “herd”. Are your children’s teachers up to date? The custodians? The cafeteria workers? The visiting parents? Again, likely no. But you can’t transmit what you don’t have, so we’re doing okay. People seem to think the unvaccinated are in some way harboring communicable diseases all the time.

Herd immunity is also based on research of how natural immunity can work. Vaccine-derived herd immunity is wishful thinking.

The pharma-bought media want you to believe that I get all my information from Google and social media. I have read more than my fair share of books, there are many Pubmed articles online, and Google Scholar is fairly adequate for me to have access to studies. Would you respect my opinion more if I trekked over to the medical library and read the same things there?

As for social media—thank God for a platform that allows families with stories like ours to find each other.

Coming back to your posts—your flippant posting of cartoons and bullying of people who question vaccines is hurtful to families of vaccine injured children. You are entitled to post or say what you want of course, but you need to know that thousands of families grieve what they saw happen to their babies. The pharma-bought media stabs us, and your posts feel like a twisting of the knife.

I’m not mad. How could you know about all of this as you’re given the mainstream mantra of “vaccines are safe and effective”?

I know you probably didn’t mean to hurt feelings and that you fear for your own children and the possibility of them contracting an illness. IT’S UNFAIR THAT WELL-MEANING PARENTS ARE BEING PITTED AGAINST WELL-MEANING PARENTS.

We need to know the true benefit/risk ratio of all things we may choose to inject in our bodies so we can make conscientious decisions. We don’t have enough information. It’s a fair question to ask: Are we trading short term illnesses (in whatever severity that may be) for chronic long term neurological disorders (and possibly so many other ailments).

Please don’t ask me on Facebook to provide all the science it’s taken me literally 3 years to sift through. I will not enter a “here’s my study”, “I don’t like your study” war. If you are genuinely curious, and I hope you are, I recommend J.B. Handley’s book: “How to End the Autism Epidemic” as a starting point. I ask you to read beyond study abstracts and CNN headlines.

I don’t mean to be arrogant in my beliefs. I don’t have all the answers. I just know that the Lord wouldn’t let me rest in silence.

Vaccines Cause Lyme Disease

Biologists tested 24 draws out of a DTaP (tetanus combo) vaccine. The analysis showed things like 21 different un-identified parasite eggs, Lyme spirochetes, fungus and more “goodies” that should NOT be in vax. This is also why not everyone has the same reaction to a vac. It is like playing Russian Roulette... not sure what you might get “lucky” with.


THEY HAVE BASICALLY BEEN ROBBED OF THEIR ENERGY AND THEIR HEALTH. Their Hopes and Dreams have been shattered by the constant pain, exhaustion and illness they face every day.

They have had to give up careers, taking their children on trips, travel, and many other things both emotional and of them has probably never been around a tick in her life. Her idea of a good hike is a bad parking space in the Parking Lot at the Mall. Another one is from Minneapolis - downtown- a town where ticks are never seen in the wintertime which is when she came down with it... seen, even though she does like to go on long walks (on the city sidewalks, not the tick infested trails outside of the city). Yet both of them have been struck down by this terrible disease. I know both of them think vaccines will make you HEALTHY and get them on a regular basis.

They are some of the unhealthiest people I know. I don't even have the heart to tell them where they probably got the Lyme Disease that is slowly and painfully killing them-they are just two of the many who are ignored by doctors or get worse with doctors treatment plans that are dangerous band-aids... it all makes sense! Sick people are BIG BUCKS FOR BIG PHARMA !

The more you know...

I was once pro-vaccine until my children were vaccine injured

I was adamantly pro-vaccine prior to my sons reaction. I mocked others for not choosing to protect their children from " vaccine preventable illnesses." I had a Paul Moffitt book on my nightstand, that promised me vaccines were 100% safe and effective. That a baby could receive 10,000 vaccines at once and have no reaction whatsoever because they are essentially inert.

I took my son in late to get his 18 months vaccinations. I was 9 months pregnant and believed my doctor when they told me that I needed to vaccinate my son before I brought my newborn home. Out of fear I decided to get him "caught up." He received his 18-month vaccinations plus the next round due at the same time. He was 25 months old.

Two nurses helped us that day. One of the nurses was hesitant to give all of these vaccines at once to a child that was showing minor cold symptoms. But the other nurse assured me that I was making the right choice. I agreed for my son to receive the DTaP, MMR, HiB and polio vaccines. He also received the flu vaccine and the varicella / chicken pox vaccine though I did not agree/sign for those. (6 injections total.)

After receiving his vaccines my son immediately went limp and lifeless. The nurse that showed hesitancy began to apologize and was pulled out of the room by her co-worker. The other nurse came back and rushed us out of the office. I was told this is a normal vaccine reaction and I should give my son Tylenol and he'll be just fine after some rest. He was not fine.

My son had his first seizure less then 45 minutes afterwards. I called the doctor's office and was told that this is a normal vaccine reaction and only a febrile seizure and he will be fine. He was not fine. -At this point my son did not have a fever. (A febrile seizure is a seizure due to fever.)

I continued to monitor him, he continue to have seizures. I called the doctor's office repeatedly and they repeatedly assured that he's fine. He was not fine.

By the next day he started running fevers so high that the digital thermometers were not able to record it. It simply registered "too high." The doctor's office told me that my thermometer must be broken.

I bought 5 different thermometers that day. Despite being on both Motrin and Tylenol his temperature rose to 105.

My son was in the emergency room repeatedly that week. Having seizure after seizure and spiking dangerously high fevers.

At the peak of this my son was admitted to the hospital with a fever of 106.7 despite being on fever reducing meds, wrapped in a silver blanket, covered with ice and having IVs in both of his arms in attempts to bring his fever down. He was not fine he was fighting for his life.

My son who was 25months old had been progressing and acquiring skills at an above average rate. He had motor skills and language skills. Smiling, laughing and telling jokes.

He regressed lost all acquired skills. Began grunting and pointing instead of talking. Stopped eating normal foods. Toe walking and other sensory problems. He refused to sleep in a bed, I slept with him on the floor for weeks. He was different. My son was gone.

My son now has epilepsy, sensory processing disorder and ASD.

Later after having 6 children:

My children all got measles, mumps and chickenpox in the same year.

First was measles, it was a fever followed by a mild rash that lasted about a week. They played, laughed and carry carried on like children to do. Being pampered by their mother with popsicles and ice cream. It was mild and uneventful.

Mumps was next. About 3-4 months later. High fever, for a day or two. Stinky sore throats, and chipmunk swollen faces. Even though mumps was a more uncomfortable experience for my children. They still remember the time fondly of the week they got to eat nothing but popsicles and ice cream.

Chicken pox happen next, it was so mild in my household. We were unsure if it really was chickenpox until it was confirmed that other children in our neighborhood actually had chickenpox at the same time. My children all had only 5-10 spots.

In my experience the illnesses were less harmful then the vaccines.

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