Free Vaccination Books. History of Vaccination: The Truth in 25 Books


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1. The Poisoned Needle.epub7.95 MB
2. A century of vaccination and what it teaches.epub10.79 MB
3. Vaccination--Proved Useless and dangerous.epub6.61 MB
4. Vaccination-Its Fallacies and Evils.epub6.59 MB
5. Compulsory vaccination-a crime against the school child.epub7.25 MB
6. Truth about vaccination and immunization.epub6.61 MB
7. Leicester-Sanitation vs vaccination.epub12.13 MB
8. Vaccination Question.epub6.78 MB
9. Vaccination a delusion.epub8.32 MB
10. Vaccination a Curse and a Menace to Personal Liberty.epub7.85 MB
11. Evils of vaccination.epub6.85 MB
12. Vaccination question in the light of modern experience.epub8.72 MB
13. Jenner and Vaccination-A strange chapter of medical history.epub7.7 MB
14. Horrors of vaccination-exposed and illustrated.epub8.74 MB
15. Story of a great delusion.epub9.09 MB
16.Vital-statistics-1940_1960.pdf147.46 MB
17. Mandatory vacccination plan-1976.epub7.31 MB
18. The fraud of vaccination.epub7.43 MB
19. Vaccination a Curse.epub7.19 MB
20. Vaccination-a medical fallacy.epub6.79 MB
21.Dream and Lie of Louis Pasteur.epub7.74 MB
22. The vaccination problem.epub6.73 MB
23. Fallacy of vaccination.epub7 MB
24. Case against vaccination.epub6.98 MB
25. Catalogue of anti-vaccination literature.epub7.62 MB
26. Vaccines--The Biggest Medical Fraud in History.epub9.68 MB
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