Why Holistic Treatment is Important When Choosing an Alcohol or Drug Rehab

Choosing an alcohol or drug rehab treatment is a rather daunting challenge and one that carries a lot of weight. After all you clearly want to pick something that will be effective and fit your own personal needs. Holistic treatment is starting to gain a lot of attention and is now acting as a driving force for many people. Many luxury addiction treatment centers now build their programs around holistic treatments.

As the person seeking treatment, you obviously want to be sure you are picking the best methods possible, which is why you will want to get acquainted with what holistic treatment is, and how it can help you.

Coined an Alternate Therapy

Usually when we hear the words "alternate therapy" we think of something outside the norm and a little out there, something that doesn't necessarily work. However, many of these "alternate therapies" are now becoming incredibly mainstream. This can be said of holistic treatment. In fact, one could even argue that holistic treatment isn’t an alternate therapy at all.

What makes holistic therapy so unique is that it can be used with along with other more traditional therapies. There is no reason you have to forego one for the other. It can be seen as a supplemental therapy if the patient chooses.

What is Holistic Therapy?

So what exactly is holistic therapy? Holistic therapy takes a look at the person's health as a whole, meaning their body, mind, and spirit. Typically, you'll find the same steps and treatments as you would in a traditional plan, but then they add in the holistic element as that added layer. The idea is that the patient gets a more rounded treatment plan that looks at all aspects of their life and how their addiction affects them.

As to how many people are now turning to it, the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health released a report showing that over one third of adults in the US are now turning to this type of treatment plan.

Holistic treatment can look different for each person since it is a customized approach. Typically, it will include one or more of the following.

-Massage therapy
-Herbal medicine
-Nutritional therapy
-Neuro and biofeedback

Each of these treatments focuses on the mind, body, and spirit connection upon which holistic treatment is based on.

Does it Work?

Of course, the logical question to ask is whether or not holistic treatment works. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t any sort of body of scientific fact one can turn to regarding the effectiveness of the treatment. That doesn't mean it doesn't work though, quite the contrary.

The Psychiatric Services journal published an article that discussed how important it is for the person to feel satisfied with their treatment. If they are satisfied with the techniques and practices, it acts as a big motivator to succeed and stick with the program. The article also discussed that satisfaction with the treatment went so far as to help determine if the person would be able to maintain sobriety after the program is finished.

Part of the reason holistic treatment can offer such good results is that it’s not something the person learns to use on a temporary basis. It’s about changing that person’s lifestyle and mind set and providing them with tools they can use the rest of their life.

Take for example yoga and meditation. They will learn all the basic steps during their holistic treatment and from there they can build on it using it on a daily basis in their life. Yoga and meditation isn’t just about helping a person cope with addiction it can help a person deal with stress, anxiety, worry, depression, and so much more. It’s a life skill in that sense.

The whole goal behind holistic treatment is to treat the root of the addiction rather than just put a temporary bandage on it. It’s not about treating particular symptoms, rather the addiction as a whole. It strives to identify and then work on the reasons that the person turned to drugs.

A Personal Choice

Choosing a drug treatment/therapy program is obviously a personal choice that one must make on their own. It’s important to view holistic treatment as a supplementary treatment that can add to and enhance more traditional treatments, which could mean greater success in the short and long term for you.

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