Natural Ways to Suppress Your Appetite

Most people don’t come to realise that they have been regularly overeating at mealtime until they get on the scale. When you’re eating a delicious meal, it is hard to differentiate between being satisfied and being stuffed. Coming up with natural ways to suppress your appetite will not only make you feel empowered, it will give you a marked advantage. The best appetite suppressant for you depends on personal preferences, but here are a few tips to help you suppress your appetite naturally.

Load Up on Liquids

If you’ve ever sat down to enjoy a meal with a tall beverage at hand, you know all too well how easy it is to become full just by consuming a drink. In fact, this is a reason why many parents limit the amount of liquid their children drink during mealtimes in an effort to prevent them from spoiling their appetites. For those wanting to naturally suppress their appetite, drinking lots of liquids can be of help. Try drinking a good amount of water prior to eating to see if you get fuller sooner.

Start Working Out

Though working out may seem like it would have the opposite effect on your appetite, exercise can actually do wonders for out of control appetites. The next time you feel like you need to eat, go for a run or lift some weights. Exercising vigorously won’t just distract you, it will trigger your brain into thinking that it’s not hungry anymore. Lifting weights works just as well as getting a good cardiovascular workout, so remember to switch it up.

Eat Spicy Foods

If you enjoy hot peppers and food with a bit of kick, you’ll be pleased to learn that spicy foods won’t spoil your healthy eating plans. You’ll eat less food and be more easily satisfied if you splurge on spicy foods that contain cayenne pepper and other hot ingredients. As an added bonus, cayenne pepper increases metabolic rates, so you can get a veritable workout in simply by adding some spice to your life.

Get an Early Start

Waking up earlier in the day, then going for a job and consuming a balanced breakfast can shift the way your body craves foods. Giving your body the fuel that it needs early in the day can lead to fewer and less severe food cravings toward the end of the day. Research shows that early risers who eat breakfast can go longer between meals without feeling like they are depriving themselves of food.

You might tell yourself that you’re not hungry and ignore the sound of your poor stomach as it churns and grumbles, but eventually you will be unable to deny yourself of balanced sustenance. Don’t try to curb your appetite in an extreme way, but instead slowly eat less by suppressing your urges with these creative appetite suppressants. Staying active will help the time go by faster and give your appetite suppressing strategies ample time to prove useful. Remember that starving yourself is not ideal if you are looking to lose weight, but appetite suppression is about using common sense when you’ve previously been letting your stomach take control.

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