Urgently looking for homeopath

Hi I am a looking for a homeopath most urgently.

I have just come out of two months in a psych ward. After a lot of stress. And just had a baby nine months ago who was born not able to fed. I watched her having to be fed nasal gastricly for five months which tore my heart apart literally.

I have a three year old who is the light of my life phos bubby.
And I assume my newborn is phos too.

I was driving an hr back and forth everday and had pediatric app. Deparment
Of community services suggested brighter futures to help which aia a so
called suppory group but found it to be the opppsite. I get chocking
sensations all my life .I cant speak my mind terrified to. I feel scared all
the time and dont kniw which way ti turn. I met a beautiful homeopath 18
yrars ago I wass given hyos which saved my life..the


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