Naturalopist, Naturalopists, Naturalopic


Naturalopist, noun

1. One who believes in universal knowledge and collective wisdom as a basis for her or his moral guidelines and belief system; naturalist; spiritualist.

2. One who embraces the 20 Naturalopic Precepts as a guideline for a worldview; acknowledges the law of cause and effect.

3. One who adopts preeminent ideologies and philosophies regardless of their origin; objective mindset.

Naturalopy, noun

1. The philosophy of adopting universal knowledge and collective wisdom from historical and contemporary sources to form a belief system.

2. The Naturalopist belief system, founded on the shared knowledge and experiences of Humanity; modern philosophy; natural philosophy.

Naturalopic, adjective

Of or relating to the precepts of Naturalopy; collective knowledge, objectivity,
cause and effect, empirical evidence, spirituality, transparency, natural
philosophy, Nature; equality before the Law, beneficial to Humanity.

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