Allergic to MSG, Free glutamic acid questions

I am very sensitive to MSG - free glutamic acid -- and am wondering if there
are any protein or green supplements that are okay for me. The processing
of protein frees up the glutamic acid so I am concerned about using protein
powders even those made from peas, hemp, etc. as well as any type of green
powder that uses barley grass juice or oat grass juice, etc. Also what is
the glutamic acid content in spirulina, chorella, and kelp?

In addition, I am wondering if the processing - canning - of canned sardines and salmon
frees the glutamic acid and if this is a problem. Also what about "whole
food vitamins" made by fermentation/yeast processes? And then there are
digestive enzymes and amino acid supplements?

I have severe grand mal seizures and need to avoid free glutamic acid. I am
have afraid to eat!

Would really appreciate your thoughts and response to
my concerns. I would be ever so grateful.

Thank you. Kayla

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