Schizophrenia questions

I'm a schizophrenic from the UK. I was recently told that i have acute schizophrenia most likely i am fascinated by the prospect of orthomolecular practice i have actually been eating organic foods read loads on natural treatments and read stuff about fish oil niacin and others i am obsessed with recovery and find this devastating because recently my symptoms have gotten worse whenever i envision any act of violence it doesn't mean i am violent

It is just a stalking thought like a forbidden fruit which is such a scary issue my brain just lusts to think about it and it's very hard to control stuff has helped and i've had my ups and downs like when i modified my diet the voices faded but i want to see you and get my act into full gear because i have been slacking slihtly by eating very bad things like chocolate and junk so i'm willing to fly to canada from the uk to see you


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