I need advice on the safest medical location to heal myself

Hello. I am grateful that you are a Kevin Trudeau fan which is why I want to
request the following!!!!!! Of course if you know how to contact him directly
for his recommendations along with his trustworthy, ethical fans, that would
be even better!!!!!!

I have been tremendously victimized by the Mental Health System including
being terrorized to a retarded state of mind under their forced drugs in the
Binghamton, N.Y. Psychiatric Center where I was hostage for a little over 6
months 2 times totaling a little over a year along with being a hostage in
different Mental Health Clinics!!!! And as if that were not enough
violations, a while after being discharged from the Psych Center in a
severely depleted , self defeated state of mind, the Mental Health System,
Jewish, Catholics wanted a sexual assault on me all because they couldn't
accept my beliefs and because I was severely segregated with stress

Thus I am emphasizing requests for location choices I would be safest from
such horrific violations preferably in the farthest southern states where
there is a comfortable temperature year around, where there is a variety of
landscape (meadow land, swamp land, forest land, rocky land, desert land),
where there is bus transportation, where the land is mega-cheap!!!!!!
Also if you have recommendations for trustworthy, ethical, holistic Native
American Tribes that have not been brainwashed by government, religions that
would be greatly appreciated.

Any references you can offer to these tremendously important requests would
be most appreciated!!!!!!

Thank you.

P.S. If there is a less or more difference of safety between the location
choices, please specify!!!!


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