Liver/spleen article question

I read with interest your article: "5 foods hurting the liver". To be as
brief as possible, I have a long history (I'm a 52 year old woman) of
irritable bowel syndrome (constipation predominant alternating w/ diarrhea) &
have not had much success with traditional medicine in treating this problem.
I recently found an acupuncturist / herbalist here in Delaware, where I live
& she is treating me. Chinese diagnosis: strong liver invading weak spleen
(something like that).

My question is, I'm sort of in a "catch 22" in my
situation -- for many years, i've depended on lots of coffee in the a.m. to
get my bowels moving. I realize this is not the best solution & experience
many of the symptoms you mentioned. I do believe the coffee exacerbates the
situation, however, the alternative of not having regular bowel movements is
even worse for me to endure.

Any ideas or suggestions? As I said, I've
just started seeing this Chinese herbalist. I hope she can help me. I like
my coffee but want to cut back. I experience too much agitation and
irritability (extreme at times). I eat a healthy diet, but due to the bowel
problem, am not able to eat regular meals.

Also, I exercise regularly
(although not high intensity), but interestingly, I find it tires me out at
times, & according to your article, maybe more rest is the solution. I don't
know which came first, the emotional or the physical, but I've had emotional
problems - anxiety, depression- since I was a teenager. Am also getting help
for this. At 52, it's been a long, frustrating road to health & well being.
I wonder if I haven't worked against myself along the way. Any input would
be appreciated.


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