Kambô medicine cancer treatment

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they offer them a new natural medicine used by the natives of the Amazon for
thousands of years ago to cure cancer

Kambô medicine has been used by many tribes in the Amazon basin for
thousands of years. In 1930?s it was first discovered by westerners. Since
then there has been research being conducted on the use of this medicine.
Hundreds of active bio peptides (small chains of protein-forming amino acids)
are present in the Phyllomedusa bicolor and there are also various kinds of
Phyllomedusas – depending on the origin.

This has led to many issues of bio-piracy and quick desires of pharmaceutical
companies to make money and do their research. Because of its nearly
“miraculous” curing potential a lot of the information about this
research isn’t public. The venom of this frog (and others in its category)
have been found to help with:

Cancer, aids, depression, Alzheimer’s, sleeping disturbances, digestive
issues, allergies, Parkinson’s, heart conditions, infertility in women, and
many more.

It is also a very potent antibiotic (dermaseptins) and a pain killer with the
40 times stronger than morphine - dermorphins compounds.

contact: perubiotech@gmail.com

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