Questions about MSM study

I am very interested in your study on MSM. My husband who by the way is a
Doctor here in Chicago became depressed 1 1/2 years ago. I actually believed
he was in adrenal fatigue. His doctor placed him on many medications with no

At that time I actually thought he was having severe absorption
problems. They ended up giving him 6 treatments of ECT which lifted the
depression but 5 months later it returned. For about a year we went to many
doctors of integrative medicine and no one could figure it out. January I
flew my husband to Dr. Jonathon Wright in Washington and the first test he
ran showed that he a severe low production of HCL. Other tests showed
mineral and vitamin deficiencies along with hormonal imbalances and from what
I can understand his whole chemistry is off.

From what I am seeing I believe
leaky gut is involved and he possibly has brain inflammation also. I have
purchased MSM from Dr. Jacobs website and would like to use it. I will be
talking to Doctor Wright this week to get his opinion but I am also very
interested in yours and think my husband would be a great participant in this
program. I am also quite interested in Fulvic acid and would love to hear
your thought on that.

My daughter and I are quite desperate to help my
husband. Oscar sleeps 16 hours a day and is not the same person anymore.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


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