Seeking references concerning the neuropathology of marijuana

I am seeking references concerning the neuropathologies manifested pursuant
to chronic THC ingestion.

Specifically, EnCognitive published material
( citing the studies performed by Dr.
Robert Heath (Tulane Researcher/Nobel Prizewinner) during the 1970s on
cannabis consumption in primates. Unfortunately, I have not been able to
successfully connect with any relevant matter via PubMed; and, despite
several inquiries, have received no assistance as of yet from the Tulane
School of Medicine concerning Dr. Heath's landmark work in this area. All
other web references seemingly lead to no source material.

On the basis of the scant information I have been able to unearth, I believe
the study or studies in question took place in 1974. Any help in connecting
with the relevant (journal) resources is greatly appreciated.

Thank you; and have a good day.


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