Access to cancer link broken

Hi, I am putting together a presentation on breast cancer I’ll be giving in
three months (so nervous!). As part of my research I visited recently with
87-year-old Barbara at her nursing home to interview her on her cancer
experiences and related health events.

She is a big proponent of seniors’ health awareness and works in her
facility's technology center. As I interviewed her she did some research and
found your website...

Information access is important to her and she was troubled to see that you
have a broken link on this page here: .
You cite but it's gone. We spent a moment or two and
found an alternative here:

She also shared some other cancer resources that I hadn't seen before so I
thought I'd pass those along too - would any work to include on your site? If
so, they are yours:

Cancer Statistics and Facts

Alcohol and Increased Breast Cancer Risk Factors Clinical Trials

Locate an Oncology Specialist

Staying Healthy - American Cancer Society

I’d love to be able to tell her that you’ve updated the link - I know it
would please her to see your site updated. I've got another visit with her
scheduled in two weeks!


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