Chemotherapy caused ex-husband's death?

My ex-husband has just died because he was just given chemo, when he was
already too weak to eat or sit up.

He had been diognised with an aggressive lymphomia. The family was told that
the type of cancer he had did well with chemo, but that the treatment might
kill him. It did in just a few hours. The doctors refused to put in a port
to draw of fluid and send him home to live . His choice was chemo or drown
in his own flluid. He never had a chance and the
doctors should have known. He was too weak to eat or anything. He could
only lift his hands a few inches. This was before he was given chemo. I
think the doctors should be horsewhipped. Is treatment like this legal and
condoned ?

I feel like never trusting a doctor or hospital again.

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