DCA cancer treatment question

I contacted Harneet Kaur@co and was told that DCA CAN shrink my tumor as well
as manage my pain they would highly suggest that I get on the therapy as soon
as possible I have a 7 cm schwannoma tumor the size of a golf ball growing
from my left lung raping its self around my spine I have another dot tumor in
my right lung I also have diabetes high bloodpreshcer high cholesterol and my
left kidney was only working at 45per cent this was all diagnosed on 16/10/12

I have seen many surgeons but to know a Vail and still wating for answers I
have been told that ma tumor are non misalignment but after such a long time
waiting I feel as if I am go I g off my head and my daily pain is just
harendus if DCA could help me how much would I have to take it and for how
long and would I be able to take DCA with my other medications? I would be
very grateful for your in put and help


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