Help for son with schizophrenia, orthomolecular medicine


I am a father whose son is presently suffering from schizophrenia, and is presently undergoing treatment in a psychiatric hospital using the antipsychotic drug "Clopixol." manufactured by Lundbeck. He is also being administered with Haleperedol and respiradone. I have seen a youtube vid of Dr Abraham Hoffer,advocating the benefits of your Orthomolecular alternative. I would like to embrace your system and treatments.

Please can you help save my sons life??? We are desperate to give him his life back, and your system of treatment looks like what we have been searching for. I will embrace your system 100% if you can offer a service.

Please respond ASAP so as to commence immediately. My son is not responding
very well at present. He has been incaserated in the Psych ward for 25days now. Cheers &Thank you sincerely.


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