smallflower hairy willow herb question

i live in chicago il USA
can yuou look on and find me how to buy this so I can make tea?

a freind had went to 17 skin doctors... diagnosed with ringwomr and other things... finally they said scabies or parasite... her Entire face was RED... she owes about 100,000 dollars... anyways... my mom seems to be going through the smae issue... said ringwomr... ahtletes foot...but it just keeps spreading... growing....

my freind by accident was just told from somoene in europe (poland) to drink the smallflower hairy willowherb.. and she did.. and she is cured.. her face now looks normal. I htink she had to wash with sulfur soap too...
i did research online and other than prostate ... i do not see anyting for this herb to deal with scabies, parasites, or ringworm.... but I need to buy the herb online as no health food store even carries it or heard of it here in chicago. If it worked for her after years of suffering and visiting 17 experts then I want my mom to try it. I thikn she has candida and maybe need an test for candidiasis or intestinala candida.
Let me know if you can recommend which one to buy on amazon


Also if you by chance know of a doctor, herbalist, or natural healer in chicago or chicagoland areas please let me know so my mom can go

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