ITALIAN woman is seeking for "HOLISTIC FAMILY" in UK ...thank you!!

My name is Patrizia Lucchetti Torresan, I'm Italian and I have gained
professional experiences in Publishing Holistic.

I always been certain that the Sound has extraordinary healing abilities and
that the ancients knew them perfectly, but have gradually fallen into
oblivion due to the prevalence of a systematic science and reasoning that,

although it has defeated many superstitions,

has relegated the whole intuitive learning experience into pure speculative
experimental plans.

It is therefore necessary to reconcile aspects of Yin and Yang integrating
Philosophical knowledge science of the ancient Eastern culture with modern
Western culture.

From primordial Pilot-Mother quantum vibration,

the whole creation sprang in the three energy plans:

material, mental and spiritual

in order to maintain communication in the entire Cosmos

from single DNA to huge galaxies, reaching nowadays the definition

of " Holographic Design" and "Entanglement"

to which the different functions of life is nothing more than a

of the Hindu Philosophical Cosmic Dance of God Shiva, playing to create,
maintain and inhibit, destroy virtue of unstoppable evolution ...

His dance is nothing more than the production of multi-forms

sound-mandala thickened

in the matter from the visible to the invisible dark.

I wish I could enter in the sector of Publishing Holistic abroad

in order to improve

my English and to widen the field of job search.

The ideal scene for me would be to find an accommodation with a family

who is already working in these sectors:

publishers, associations, colleges, therapeutic, holistic practitioners.

I will be able to collaborate in simple tasks such as Au pair, proof-reading,

research material,handling correspondence between Italy and foreign
Countries,collaborator, and more ...

I look forward for a response that is able to accept my desire and will help
me in finding a glimmer, an opportunity, a suggestion

and any good thing in this regard.

Thanking you in advance for your attention, I send you my best wishes.

Best Regards


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