HyperParathyroid -benign tumor

I am an American living in Uruguay, South America. I was diagnosed with
Parathyroid disease in 2011. The doctor who diagnosed me urged me to take
high doses of vitamin D, which he said would cure the Parathyroid problem.
He was wrong. It only made it worse.
I am supposed to have surgery in the near future. However, I would much
prefer to find another way to treat/cure the
benign tumor. Is there any way I can do with successfully without resorting
to surgery? How successful has homeopathy
been in this area?

I also have adrenal fatigue, Hashimoto's thyroiditis(hypothyroidism), low
IGF-1, elevated Sex Hormone Binding Globulin,
acquire cellulitis-type bacterial infections often, and a few other problems.

Thank you so much,

Jo Shays
wickswadecats@hushmail.com ;

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