Scottish Thyroid/Adrenal Petition PE01463

Writing to congratulate you on your article, and perhaps the connection with
the information below.

Myself, along with two other Scottish ladies are petitioning the Scottish
Government, regarding Thyroid/Adrenal conditions. PE01463 (Links below).

We wanted to raise the awareness of the inadequate testing and treatment of
conditions relating to these conditions. Particularly the failure of the
medical profession to recognise the CONVERSION OF- INACTIVE T4 TO THE ACTIVE
T3 Thyroid hormones, and also the importance of having ample cortisol to help
this conversion. This along with testing for adequate nutrients would go a
long way to solving many medical conditions.

Tomorrow the 16th April, we are back to parliament to get their decision on
whether they are moving our petition forward, as you will see from the video
below, we have already given our evidence. I draw your attention to my
mistake in giving my evidence, by saying inacative (T3) to active T3 instead
of inactive( T4 )to active T3. Nerves got the better of me as it was
recorded live. We have had massive support from many professionals around
the world, and the Scottish Parliamnet are taking it serious.
Kind regards
Sandra - (Scottish Thyroid Petition) facebook page

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