Searching for a Friend with schizophrenia

I have a friend who is suffering from schizophrenia - seems to be improving
and is for the moment in respite care.
This person still seems to be suffering and bewildered by "voices" -
unpleasant apparently - I have some memory of it B3 being a help - I've been
searching Patrick Holford's works - and am particularly impressed - there are
a few medical articles which I will follow up - rather I wished to give this
person hope - as they think - like the orthodox medic understanding - there
is none - I have seen an article about how someone became a lawyer- however
at the moment I am pursuing the EPA link and is it "prostaglandins" - does
this have anything to do with the Zone way of eating???

Thank you - and it is a possibility that I also have been designated at some
time with this - how true I don't know - but as far as I can tell it is not
the case - the above "person" is real - I am not that person - I suffer
apparently another "demon"
but taking my med - plus now chia - alpha linoleic whatever - makes for a
whole lot of difference - I am not sure about telling this person about chia
- however - what I was going to do was ask if there had been any food, or way
of eating that had been recommended, or if you know of any that is,- I
understand sardines 'yuck" have alot of EPA - I do not intend to recommend
supplements that the medic does not know about.

Any help offering???

Yours sincerely


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