Milk NOT needed in diet

What about eggs and dairy in our diet?

Now, what about eggs and dairy? The solution is simple: avoid all dairy products from cows, save a small amount of butter [not margarine]. That means no cheese, milk, or ice cream. A few of my patients have actually stopped coming to me when I recommended cutting ice cream from their diets, but the truth is that humans were never meant to consume cow's milk. I know the celebrity with the milk mustache told you that your kids won't grow and your bones will snap if you don't drink a quart of the moo juice a day, but it's a lie, pure and simple. Think about it for a minute: why would humans be the only mammals on the face of earth that need to drink milk after waning? Especially another animal's milk? Elephants, who research a healthy weight of five tons without snapping in two, manage to avoid milk. So do giraffes and rhinos.

In fact, milk is very harmful to most of us. It has even been discovered that exposing small children to milk before age two is a major cause of juvenile diabetes. The reason for this seems to be that milk proteins closely resemble the protein in the pancreatic island of Langerhans, which is responsible for manufacturing insulin. The body mistakenly attacks not only the milk protein but also the insulin cells as well--a condition we call molecular mimicry.

Despite the fact that several scientific journals have reported this finding--one as recently as 1999--there have been no media announcements to the mothers of the world to avoid giving their young children cow's milk. Why? Because of the power and influence of milk producers, the same guys who created the milk-mustache ads.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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