is a fast-growing company focused on delivering better quality of life through scientifically validated wellness technologies. We offer quality nutritional and personal care products that help you to: Feel Great... Look Great… Live Well...

Give yourself the opportunity to discover our nutritional wellness program, and challenge yourself to get serious about improving your quality of life.

Optimal Health
Good health starts at the cellular level. When your cells are healthy, so are your glands and organs. Optimal health can be achieved when your cells function normally and communicate properly with one another.

Skin Care

knows that having healthy skin is a vital part of maintaining wellness. Defend your skin against a harsh world. Pollutants, stress and weather all take a toll on your skin. With skin care product you can protect yourself and maintain healthy, hydrated skin. Combat the outside environment with skin care product and support your skin's natural texture, beauty and elasticity.

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Wellness Management
You can directly impact your wellness levels in specific areas of your body. The products considered part of our Wellness solution promote increased health and continued support of normal system functions. Different areas of our bodies need different nutritional requirements. Whether you want a boost to your cardiovascular routine, increased nutritional in-take from vegetables or gentle support for digestive health, you can find a solution that will positively impact your life!

A Company of Destiny
Global Benefit to Humanity
Every body can benefit from better nutrition. This realization has triggered a global Wellness Revolution, and it's changing the lives of people around the world. is on the cutting edge of new technologies that provide what every body needs for optimal health.

Purpose Driven Opportunity
was founded to provide a vehicle for those who desire a "purpose driven" opportunity that addresses the two biggest concerns families everywhere face: optimizing their health and their finances. Be a part of something meaningful.

The Science of Wellness

Pollutants, questionable farming practices, stress - these factors increasingly contribute to a growing healthcare crisis. Around the world people from different cultures, backgrounds and walks of life often face the same issues - a decreasing quality of life and wellness. But there still is time to help guard yourself against these dangers.

has championed revolutionary discoveries designed to help boost your body's ability to stay healthy. Inspired by aloe vera saccharide research and the exploding field of glycobiology, developed the first glyconutritional dietary supplement, Ambrotose® complex, in 1996.

The aloe vera research showed that ingestion of a saccharide present in aloe vera gel could positively impact the immune system. The glycobiology studies showed that sugars attached to proteins on cells-glycoproteins-profoundly affect human function, including immune system function and cell-cell-recognition. Further studies went on to show that oral ingestion of certain sugars could impact glycoprotein synthesis. Polysaccharide research, particularly the interaction of these molecules with human physiology, is currently an area of intense scientific focus. Undoubtedly more understanding will be generated in the years and decades to come.

glyconutrient products apply concepts from the rapidly emerging field of glycobiology with biologically-active polysaccharide technologies. Ambrotose® complex is a blend of plant saccharides, sources of sugars designed to support glycoprotein synthesis and immune system function.

"The State of the Science"
Robert A. Sinnott, MNS, PhD

You may not be receiving these beneficial saccharides in the right amounts from the food you eat. That's where offers hope. leads the industry in glyconutrient technology around the world and strives to offer better solutions for global health.

Corporate Information
develops innovative, high-quality, proprietary, nutritional supplements, skin-care and topical products, and weight-management products that are sold in the United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Denmark, and Germany.

Worldwide, employs over 610 people, operates as a single segment and primarily sells its products through approximately 575,000 independent Associates and Members who have purchased products or packs within the last 12 months. products are focused around impacting optimal health and wellness and are based on the science of carbohydrate technology and phytochemistry. flagship patented ingredient – Ambrotose® complex is found in the majority of its products and is based on the science that certain naturally-occurring components of various plants are believed to effectively support optimal health and wellness, as well as address certain important aspects of the body's immune system.

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