MSG possible cause of brain damage

...glutamate [derived mostly from MSG (monosodium glutamate) in foods] is a powerful brain toxin when released in higher concentrations than the brain can utilize. Glutamate levels around these neurons rise quickly, and they begin to fire impulses very rapidly, exhausting themselves and eventually dying. Glutamate from these dead and dying neurons and astrocytes seeps into the surrounding normal brain, causing more brain cells to die. Soon, the area of brain death is many times larger than the zone supplied by the artery. The only reason the process doesn't continue to spread is that in areas with normal blood flow the excess glutamate is carried away.

When released in large concentrations, glutamate greatly increases free-radical production leading to further injury to the brain, blood vessels, and the blood-brain barrier. The blood-brain barrier keeps excess glutamate from the blood stream out of the brain, and this is especially critical during a stroke or any brain injury,.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that could save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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