Smoking and unhealthy diet accelerate aging process


One activity far too many Americans engage in, and that significantly increases aging of all the body's tissues and organs, is smoking. Some studies have shown that smokers age at a rate twenty years beyond their chronological age. People living in developed countries also suffer from chronic, unrelieved stress, which significantly increases free-radical generation and lipid peroxidation in virtually every area of the brain, another process that dramatically increases again.

The bottom line is that, over a lifetime, our bodies endure a continual assault of free radicals and other cellular toxins. While our bodies attempt to repair as much of this damage as possible, there is always some injury that goes unrepaired or is repaired incorrectly. This unrepaired damage accumulates over a lifetime, leading to major disruptions in cell function later in life--the seemingly inevitable process of again. When our bodies produce a lot of free radicals, or we do things that increase our sensitivity to free-radical injury (e.g., consume too many simple sugars), the accumulated damage is greater and cell malfunction occurs sooner, and is more severe. In other words, we age faster.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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