Breast-feeding healthier for mothers and babies

Advantages of long-term breast-feeding

Breast-feeding certainly is a tie between mother and baby...

Breast milk is the milk nature intended for human babies rather than cow babies, and the account of known differences in the composition of human and cow's milk now stands at over 100, by no means all of which can be ironed out in manufacturing formula milks.

--If your baby is genetically predisposed to allergies, exclusive breast-feeding will protect him/her from early exposure to "foreign" milk proteins while his digestive system grows up a little.

--Research suggests that healthy benefits of breast-feeding, even for a few weeks, may be dramatic and lifelong. Recent studies for example, suggest that it helps to optimize brain development and minimize the chances of neurological problems

--Breast milk (yours, remember, not just any body's goes on being the only milk that will be uniquely right for your baby, adjusting itself to his ae and stage and to conditions.

--Once your breast supply is established, the hormones released in nursing help to relax you and combat stress.

Your Baby & Child, Penelope Leach

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