Pain in America

Pain-conscious Americans rely on pills to ease their pain because they lack knowledge on what causes pain and how to eliminate it; this has doctors worried. Over 90% of pain is caused by mental health, daily habits, and our surroundings. Some of the causes of pain include tension, stress, worry, boredom, frustration, suppressed rage, lack of sleep, over-eating, poor diet, lack of exercise, and stale air. To eliminate most pain, get rid of the abuse and causes. Try exercising more, get a good sleep, and eat healthy.

Doctors are troubled that their offices are crowded with people who think something is dreadful wrong with them when it's only a "temporary indisposition or a psychogenic" pain. Most pains do not need to be eased with pills.

A summary of an essay " A Summary of Pain in America" by Trung Nguyen, October 2004.

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