What the mother eats affects baby's health

Now let us take a hypothetical case, on that is repeated millions of times in this country. Before a mother-to-be even realizes she is pregnant, her diet is that of the typical American and includes carbonated drinks, coffee or tea made with tap water, highly processed foods, regular consumption of red meats (usually seared over a hot flame), and plenty of french fries and snack foods cooked in either hydrogenated or polyunsaturated vegetable oil. Throughout this time, the baby's cells are struggling to form by dividing and moving in a dance of life that quickly begins to resemble the shape of a baby in the making.

At this stage, the new baby is totally dependent on its mother for nutrition, which is delivered through a highly complex blood exchange system within the placenta. What the mother eats eventually ends up in the baby's blood stream, but, as we shall see later, not in the same concentrations. So all of this junk food, filled with numerous additives, bad fats, toxic amino acids, pesticides and toxic metals, flows into the tissues of the baby, not only depriving the baby of needed nutrients, but actually poisoning the developing cells.

Health and Nutrition Secrets (that can save your life), Dr Russell L. Blaylock, MD

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