Best source of Omega 3 fats?

I've read that essential fats are necessarily for a healthy brain, particularily Omega 3 fats. Fish is a good source, as I understand, but I worry abou the mercury content in fish and farmed fishes. Is there another source of obtaining Omega 3 fats other than fish?

Thank-you in advance....Barry

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Unrefined flaxseed oil.

"Many consider organic, unrefined flaxseed oil to be the answer to restoring the proper level of essential fatty acids. Flaxseed oil is unique because it contains both essential fatty acids--alpha linolenic (an omega-3 fatty acid) and linolenic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid)--in appreciable amounts Flaxseed oil is the world's richest source of omega-3 fatty acids. At a whopping 58 percent by weight, it contains over two times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as fish oils. Scientists have studied omega-3 fatty acids extensively with regard to their beneficial effects in cardiovascular disease, inflammation and allergies, and cancer.

Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements, Dr Michael T. Murray, ND

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