The business of ADHD

In the early 1990s, psychiatric hospitals and addiction centers paid over $500 million dollars in Federal fines to settle charges of profiteering and diagnostic fraud in recruiting patients with generous mental health insurance. I know from personal experience as a therapist of cases where hospitals have gone to court to get temporary custody of a child with a "profitable" insurance policy, against the parents' wishes, and kept the child on drugs until the policy lapsed. In one case the child died before her parents could rescue her. This case is now in litigation. In some states the schools now have court-sanctioned authority to test children for ADD against their parents' wishes and can force these new found "ADD children" to take Ritalin. Similar court-sanctioned testing for depression with mandated use of Prozac may not be far behind.

Depression is a Choice: Winning the Battle Without Drugs, A.B. Curtiss

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