self-realization through meditation?

i recently saw a youtube video on meditation. does it really works, does
the self can be realized by this process. can we really reach the level of
superconciousness by this. can we attain the highest ''The Brahmin''
through this method.


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According to some research, yes.


To become Self-Actualized, one must somehow unleash

their own true nature.

( At first, the following observations require a little mental shifting to understand, but when you come to appreciate this image of how the mind works, this viewpoint is able to open an awareness and a field of wisdom that can begin to transform the way you are able to see everything else from now on. ...

Or not, depending on your own sentiments. )

So, what is the Self ?

It is the calm, free and blissful original being that exists in every human person, before one begins to learn about the world, and before one's pure awareness begins to devolve into other fields of awareness. Some of the ways the mind devolves from its original awarenesses, come from the residual effects of one's past actions, or the affectations that come out of one's thoughts and concepts, or the distractions that come from our emotions. Some Sages claim that these devolvements are what causes the pure consciousness to turn into a lower state of mind, which is the normal, un-enlightened human mind.

These devolvements cause our perspectives to shift away from the original state of purity that we were born with, as our minds bring in new information about the world and as it slowly shifts towards a state of mind that is progressively more propelled by human preferences and distractions. This devolvement process begins at the time of conception and usually can't be stopped. It has the effect of covering up one's "ability to see what is true and real", with the "ability to only live in the imagination, which is unreal".

Many teacher-Sages, including Siddhartha, have said that, because of past actions and one's emotions, the normal human mind has learned only to function by:

(a), abstracting and dividing the objects and forms that the senses and the mind perceives; (b), then it reifies them - it gives the external things their imaginary or unreal meanings and names; (c), then the mind takes its own meanings to be true; (d), then the mind allows itself to become affected by the meanings that are being imagined; (e), and then it allows itself to attend to, or to become fully distracted by, the unreal names and meanings it had initially created for the objects and forms that it is perceiving. This all happens instead of being able to see the external things and forms with bare, undistracted attention, the way they actually are.

This is a way of saying that, while the lower human mind is functioning, the person's ego and intellect will misinterpret what it perceives, and will actually cover-over and conceal the person's awareness and direct experience of the present moment bare truth, as if it doesn't exist.

So then, with this understanding, when we ask, "what is an Actualized being?" We could answer, "an Actualized being is one who is not affected and distracted by everything he or she perceives, but is a person who sees things as they are, through the vision of the Self, which is always in a state of pure, unaffected, consciousness."

What is it like to be ACTUALIZED ?

The Actualized being is a person who has direct, experiential knowledge of their own Pure Consciousness; who is singularly aware that the field of Pure Conscious awareness is all that is relevant; and is one who is therefore able to experience and to release the unaffected, eternal sense of Freedom, Evenness, Oneness, Love, Compassion and Bliss.

The Actualized being exists alone, as "One", but is not lonely, and is in a state of being totally lit, interconnected, fully potentiated and somehow completely self-possessed, and solidly self-permeated. The Actualized being is pleased to exist just as he or she is: perfect, unaffected, and not looking for any changes. To the Actualized being, there are no objects, relations, or issues, just the awareness of the state of - “am” - which is the awareness of existence itself, alone.

The Self is an existence or presence that is fully interconnected, and is a deep state of pure consciousness that remains calm, even, free, One, and knows only bliss.
"The Self-Actualized Being" state of consciousness is attained through zen meditation techniques based on practice-generated direct experience, Theravada and Zen Mahayana Buddhism, and Raja Yoga Wisdom.

Copyright ©2007, Gerry Ewasiuk

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Re-perceiving from the point of view of the Self

Although the Self is inborn in every human being, it is important to note that only through the development of one's own Sage-like Insight and Wisdom, are we able to come to realize that to be unaffected and free, we will have to find a way to re-perceive, or to shift our perception out of the normal human mind, and back into the original viewpoint of the Self. Some kind of action or training will have to take place, before you, or anyone else, will be able to shift your perception into the viewpoint of the Self, which is the viewpoint of the Realized Being.

The Sages understand that the only safe and effective way to experience this reperception is in the practice of Insight Meditation, and the only way to begin this process is through the effective application of the procedure, or the action, of Momentary Noting. And I assure you, all of this is a lot easier to do and to practice than it is to explain, because the magic of reperception is experienced, directly, when you do the action and the practice of Momentary Noting.

Your own deep and expanded state of pure consciousness can only be entered and experienced as you practice this type of action and improve your effectiveness at it. It is not possible to experience it, or to re-perceive it, only by merely reading, studying, thinking, or listening about it.


There is another important factor that affects what a person is able to be aware of. The fact that the only things we come to know as real, can only become known through our direct experiential awareness, and not through any mental or emotional understandings that are based on what we have heard or learned from other people. For instance, there is a huge difference between believing or assuming that you "know yourself", and that of actually "knowing" your own truth through direct experience.

An example might explain it a little better: it might be possible to understand a little about what Belgian chocolate tastes like, mentally and emotionally, from what others say about it, but that understanding is nothing when compared to the actual tasting of the chocolate - at which time one finds out that there is much more to the taste and the experience of that chocolate than whatever someone else could ever have described it to be. The same is true of the sexual experience: it is impossible for words to describe the actual firsthand experiential knowledge of it.

The fact is, we cannot actually "know" anything

without first knowing the experience of it.

Everything else is just imaginary.

It's the same with the ability to know your own true nature: nothing compares with the actual direct experience of knowing the Self, which is your own deep truth. And it is possible, over a period of time, to come to know that deep truth in the present moment, with momentary concentration and through the practice-generated direct experiences possible with this learning method.

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